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Crazy Confessions

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I am 16 and know what I like. I am not a full blown exhibitionist. I just like to tease weather it be a stranger, my uncle, my stepdad, or even my neighbor. The urge increases as I get older and my moves get bolder. And when I have exposed myself, I get wet and horny. I want to remain a virgin till I am 18, but the urges get stronger and the masturbation is more frequent. I have even thought about being a porn star. I am worried what I will be like in 10 years from now.

#crazy   #wet   #horny   #exhibitionist   #masturbation  

She went to close the door when she saw it was me, but I stopped her, and said "No, listen I want apologize, that's all! Can I come in for a minute?" There was doubt and even fear in her eyes, behind the heavy lenses of her horn-rims, but she stepped back, and allowed me in. I sat where she indicated, smiled my best smile, and said "You really HATE me, don't you? Not that I blame you - I've been pretty awful over the years, I know!" She nodded stiffly, saying nothing. She was quite athletic for her sixty-five years, and self-assured with it! I was thirty years younger than her, and at least averagely attractive. "Is there a point in here, anywhere?" she asked acidly. "Okay, I'll cut to the chase! I feel the need to be punished. By you. Sounds crazy I know..." She snorted "Actually it sounds pretty damn good to me! But I don't believe you anyway! If I had you in handcuffs, I probably wouldn't believe you!" I laughed sheepishly, and said "Pity we don't have any! Maybe I could convince you!" She got up and went to a closet, pulled out a holdall, and laid it on the floor between us. "My husband was a police officer, before he died. I still have some of the stuff he carried in his unit." She upended the bag, and stuff fell onto the floor, including a pair of handcuffs! "Wanna put your money where your mouth is, Junior?" My eyes were drawn to something black, rolled-up, with a strap round it. "What's that?" I asked, unable to take my eyes off the dull shine of what looked like rubber to me. "Oh he always kept a body-bag on board - fatal accidents, you know...." She unwound it, into about seven feet of rubberized material, with a full length zipper. "Wow!" I said, "Never seen one of these for real! Just in the movies!" She stirred it with her foot. "OK. Here's the deal! I'll punish you by shutting you in there, and lecturing you on all your many shortcomings - captive audience?" Okay? No? I didn't think so! Chickenshit! You can leave now!" She got up, and began rolling the bag up again. "No, wait! I'll do it!" She handed it to me, and said I'm going to the restroom briefly. If I were you I'd undress because it'll get awful sweaty in there, real quick!" She strode out of the room, and surprised at myself, I threw off my sweats, and slid into the bag, shivering at the touch of the cool smooth rubber, as I zipped it up to about my chin. She returned, and said "Holy Shit! He fucking DID it! You must have shit for brains, junior!" She quickly slid the zipper all the way closed, and then belted something round my neck, so that the heavy material drew in tight to my face and head, and suddenly all I had was air coming through the zipper! And the zipper tag was out of reach, above the strap round my neck. It was black, rubbery-smelling, and quite scary! I couldn't think why I had done this! It was too late now though. I was helpless! "So!" she said coolly. "Let's hear your apology! It better be real good! Real convincing!": In a state of shock, and with just enough air for consciousness, I babbled stuff, and she laughed nastily.. "Some apology! I guess you do need to be punished, and loathing you like I do,, it will be a real pleasure! You have been one rude, selfish, thoughtless piece of testosterone-laden shit! It will be a REAL pleasure to humiliate the FUCK out of you, over the next few weeks! You get out of there, Mister, only when I'm satisfied you've learned some manners!" Next few WEEKS? She couldn't do that! Could she? I wasn't sure.......

#hate   #confession   #crazy  

I always objectify people at rate them. i have no empathy.


Can't believe I am posting this.....Fml
so I had been seeing this guy for a few years and I figured hey I wonder what he would think if I wanted to have a 3way. I was so so nervous to ask him about it so I waited until the weekend when we were going out with some friends. we got pretty faded and ended up at home just he and I. we started fooling around and I started sucking his Dick and he was hella horny so I figured it would be perfect to ask him. he said sure and so I got on this app for gay guys called grinder and posted a pic and immediately got a shot load of responses, even weird guys that sent gross body pics lol. well me being drunk and horny made me message back a few hot guys. I made a mistake of chatting with a guy and sending him my location and he never responded back so I figured he had crashed out or something. so I start chatting with a different guy.[hope in not going to fast this is all in the same night. ] this other guy was hot too I had never been ducked by a white guy and always wanted to take it so I gave the guy my number and my bf n I started texting him back and forth meanwhile I was still on the grinder app and starting talking to a another guy who right away caught me with the game he threw at me. I asked him if he wanted to come over and he said yeah. We had never done a 3way before and I was kinda scared to Elbe honest. well the 3rd guy I had talked to showed up and dam he was fine as fuck like his pic. I was afraid he was going to catfish me ha. we started getting naked and in my bed and sucking eachothers clocks when our doorbell rings and I am like wtf who the hell could that I answer it and its the black guy I had talked to earlier. I didnt know what to say so I let him in and just like that he picked me up and literally pulled his cock out and wow! seriously black guys are hung. well now instead of a 3way it was a 4way and so my bf n I agreed I wouldn't let them bareback me so we used condoms. I have never been fucked so hard in my life all 3 of them pretty much ran a train on me and then I wanted to get double penetrated like in a born I had seen so I tried and the black guy was too big so my bf n the white guy fucked me hard while I pretty much choked on black Dick. well then we hear a knock on the door and my bf had given the other guy we were talking to on grinder our address and he showed up and he was alright looking but he had a nice body and like the perfect nicest Dick. I let him in and omg my 3 way was a 5way. yeah I took 4 dicks that night and seriously scared me because we didn't have enough condoms and I took the guys word that they were clean and thank god they were I let all of them unload in me. I kinda felt gross afterwards and after I came I asked them to leave even though they wanted to cuddle. yeah that happebed.

#3way   #sex   #5way   #black  

I believe that one day the world is going to end because of aliens who infiltrate us and kill us as soon as they learned everything they now. I am sure they are already living among us and that they are watching us.
I am writing this because no one wants to listen and everyone keeps laughing. But the day will come! Remember my words. And I will be the one who will help the aliens destroy all of you.

#revenge   #crazy   #aliens   #apocalypse   #confession  

I shouldn't feel this way. I know that. I have no reason to. But I do. Whenever I'm with my 'friends' I feel like I'm not good enough. *Kylee is temperamental and hits me whenever I'm not good enough, like if I mock her, make a witty comment, or say or do anything the slightest bit offensive. *Sarah is just so frustrating. She doesn't know when is enough. *Tyler always- I don't even know what it is. He tries to get me angry, he just says things that get under my skin, and he never stops.
I'm going crazy. I can't even express what I'm feeling. My mind is a mess. But I'll tell you this: Every "I'm fine" or "Yeah, just tired" is a lie. Ever time I'm happy, I feel like I shouldn't be.
I hate that I have a wonderful life. I'm smart and athletic, and I always have things going on. I feel selfish for trying to die, even though I've tried before. But no one's noticed the cuts on my wrists. They're not deep, not lethal, but deep enough to scar, which is what I want. I want to live with proof that I'm stronger, because I've to hell and back enough times that I've started keeping count with cuts on my arm.
And I hate that I'm only 13.

#suicide   #crazy   #young   #breaking  

I’ve always had a big butt. Thank my mom for that. This hasn’t always been good tho. when I was 15 I was at this fair and it was getting dark and while I was alone waiting for my friends to get off a ride this old sweaty fat guy pulled me by my hips into this dark corner by the toilets. No one could see us. I was in shock and didn’t talk. He had his hand over my mouth anyways. He was grabbing my butt and calling me a bunch of weird names. He was rubbing my body and put my hand on his cock. He told me if I didn’t yell he wouldn’t hurt me. He started rubbing my ass and pussy through my tights and made me suck on his finger. It tasted so gross. He then put his cock against my ass and dry humped me against the wall until he finished I guess. Then he said sorry and ran off. I was so in shock that when my friends came back I told them I was sick and went home. Never told anyone but my best friend a year later. It was sooo creepy and crazy but I don’t let it stop me from being me.

#crazy   #story   #creep   #pedo   #gross  

My wife left me for another woman. Good for her, and me. I was tired of her constant bitching, her continued complaints about how I kept her in such miserable conditions. A four bedroom house is not enough when you are a bitch. In any event, she and her friend are having financial difficulties and she came to me and demanded that I send her money, because she was my wife.

Typical self indulged women who never grow up. I told her if I sent money over, then I could come over and take which ever woman was available and bend her to my will. The money she wants, but not the price. She took the money and told me not to come over and upset her friend, only her. Out of marital duty, she said.

#crazy   #rules  

This will sound so stupid, but I have to tell someone...
I am an adult woman (31), with an adult job and an adult life. But I still like to read fanfiction. I read all different types of fanfiction, everything I find interesting at the moment. My newest and most current obsession is about a band. I read a lot fanfiction about them the last couple of months.
But I finished one story yesterday that fucked me up.. One of the band members died at the end. It was a beautifully written story and everything, but I got so sad and I still am. As if he really died! I cried for hours and now I feel like I am grieving.

But why am I writing this... today, it was announced that the band member's sister died last night! I am so devastated for him and it breaks my heart in ways I cannot even explain. He doesn't even know I exist, that's crazy...

#crazy   #obsession   #fanfiction   #obsessed   #stories   #death   #sad   #devastated  

I have fallen in love with my ex partners friend. Myself and my ex broke up a short while ago and before we broke up I had a fling with her friend and now I can’t stop thinking about her. She is in a long term relationship and I am willing it to end, although I know it’s a bad idea and would never work. She’s an amazing yet terrible person!!!!

#unfaithful   #lostcontrol   #drivingmecrazy  

I was half crazy before the pandemic. But I may be full bore nuts now.
Not crazy enough to wear a Trump hat & walk around without a mask. Not crazy enough to go to the beach. But pretty much bat crap crazy.
No. I don’t believe in space lasers. That’s a whole other level of crazy.


everyone is saying it "queen elizabath ii has lost her marbles and brain" by the way she is milking the meghan cow for all she can and giving that thing platitudes she does not deserve. why ? people are saying that too? why? is the queen crazy??

is queen elizabeth mentally ill?? who ever allowed meghan in there has to be mentally ill. That is no royalty. Do you really expect classier smarter and elegant women who don't do tv trash shows to admire and genuflect or whatever you call it, and bow and scrape to a slut? to her as if she were the virgin mary , really? when she is hopeless.

who is a honey pot making her put her there? everyone knows she will kill the uk royal family and that is why she is there ! she has to go!
maybe its time for old liz to go too and a new stablity and that won't come from charles or william or harry.

people on tv say harry could become king, but he would have to kill william and all his children first. if william dies it would bounce down to his oldest son, not over to harry. I mean it would take a network and a bit of time to get something deep on them all, and meghan will come down first there.

#what   #was   #qe2   #thinking   #with   #meghan   #is   #she   #crazy  

Ok let's start. I really wanna hurt my ex-girlfriend, not just physically but emotionally and mentally. I want her to be sent into an asylum for being crazy and stuff.
She destroyed my life and now I wanna destroy hers... I hope she is going to read this and knows what's going to happen. I am not going to write it down because it would definitely be illegal.

#revenge   #illegal   #asylum   #crazy   #girlfriend   #confession  

I live in my own world. There are things I cannot and will not explain about how I life but I think some of you would say I am crazy and should immediately see a specialist or go straight in an asylum. I don't want to tell you in detail whats wrong with me but let me say this:
I confess to be in love with another species. Not a human being but something more wonderful.

#life   #asylum   #specialist   #crazy   #love  

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