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Secret Confessions

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ugh I don't know who to tell. I'm in love with a guy. he's so sweet and caring. we have plenty in common and he respects me. I want to tell him how I feel but I'm afraid of making our friendship awkward

#love   #secret   #friends  

I live in a house with 6 kids and two adults. I'm 17 years old and I manage to masturbate roughly once every second day. When it was just mum and I, I would get off at least twice a day. It's hard, but hot damn, I love touching myself. The only downside is that I always have to be quick because we don't have locks on our doors.

#masturbation   #secret   #exhibitionist  

I'm traveling with my parents to visit family. I'm gonna try to get a dildo through the tsa checkpoint. Tsa won't care I'm sure. I'm scared my parents will see it though.

#sexy   #secret   #guilt  

I am a married women of 34. I have two children and have lived conservative life. I have been married for 12 years and met my husband who is a reason in our church and 14 year older than me. I was a virgin in when we married and have no experience of any one else. I am home all day looking after children. I recently saw my neighbour naked through his window. This played on my mind all day. I have into temptation and spied on his window the next morning. I am ashamed to say that I masturbated at the excitement and anticipation of seeing him again but he was not naked. I feel guilty and as though I have betrayed my husband I have never masturbated before we it's a sin. I am now living in guilt and frustration as I can not stop feeling I want to do it agian.

#ashamed   #guilty   #secret  

I pretend to be a doctor to get some dates. I'm unemployed.

#doctor   #date   #woman   #unemployed   #lie   #secret  

I am an exhibitionist that is sexually active and about to turn 15. I found sex at an early age. My parents noticed and although they didn't give me a dildo, they did teach me it was ok as long as I kept it private. Without their knowledge, I now have a boyfriend and cannot get enough, and it is next to impossible to keep it private. Confession stories don't tell me how to keep it a secret and they don't tell me how to go about being a star, but the stories can make me horny and give me ideas. I want to read about what it takes to be a porn star. I love that I could get paid for what I live for, showing my body and doing sex. So how to get in this profession? I search and no instructions.

#frustrated   #porn   #sex   #secret   #private   #horny   #famous   #profession  

I’m a happily married straight acting, suburban father of two 36yo. However I am a closet bi and for 9 years starting when I was 19, I had a secret sexual affair with a male friend of my parents.

He was 48 and was married with two daughters. I was attracted to girls but had been really curious about guys. He was also kind of inappropriate with me starting around 16. Little things like slapping my ass or putting his leg against mine if we sat next together when they were over for dinner. As it continued, he got bolder and bolder and one day when everyone else was outside in the yard, he try’s to kiss me and I let him and we make out for 5 minutes.

He asked if I wanted to hang out with him again and we would pick me up when he could and drive us over to a secluded wooded area and we would have sex in his minivan. If my parents are sisters we’re away, he would come over and we’d have sex at my parents. I got my own place when I was 23 and began booking up at my place all the time. We slowed down eventually and stopped completely once I met my now wife.

I don’t act on my bi urges anymore but I definitely think about my dads bud often.


About 2 years ago my husband read my journal and I cant forgive him for it or move past it. By reading my journal, he thought I was having an affair, I wasn't. I was online getting counseling and the person that was my counselor and he left to move to England and I was devastated. I felt abandoned by my counselor. I am angry because he read it, took pictures of it, shared my most intimate thoughts with my son. I cant forgive that either. I am grateful that my son realized how wrong it was for his father to share my written, private word. Fast forward to today, He does not support my desire to do other things, he will sabotage me by, stating he has to work, give me that pitiful look.
He is a man that does not like to be alone. He has no friends and slowly but surely, ran my friends way.
Anytime I wanted to go out, it was never a thing of have fun it was, almost like he was upset that I was going out with my friends. Since the incident of my journal and the way he shredded my, I have no desire to be married to him anymore. I will not have sex with him, because I hate the thought of him touching me.
I smile but have serious distain for him. This man does not deserve me at all and I don't want him and the moment I get enough money to leave, I will.

#betrayal   #husband   #hate   #journal   #secret   #betrayed   #confessed  

My dad gets hed up about the fact that he can't bring one of our empty crates back because there's one bottle missing. I am not telling him that this bottle is lying under my bed and I am just too lazy to get it.

#crate   #bottle   #dad   #secret   #confession  

I've recently discovered showing a butt plug but my ass really turns me on I am not gay but I'm into anal sex.
I would love another man to take me from behind.

#secretconfession   #anal   #plug  

So a little over 2 years ago my cousin showed me this girl she thought I might like, I thought the girl was cute but at the time just didn’t really want a relationship or anything. I did secretly follow the girl on a burner account I had and just casually would check on her if she popped up, I’d watch her stories or look at her posts. because I found her pretty hot if I’m honest. But she ended up getting a boyfriend and I kinda just forgot about her. Flash 2 years to the present and I was on that burner account when I see a post from her come up. Just a pic of her. I immediately thought wow she’s still so hot. I want to follow her on my main account and message her and see if I can’t get anything going with her. The issue is if she told my cousin or my cousin found out I’d be looked at as weird. I’d get questions like “how did you know her name” or “how did I randomly find her account” I’d rather just text the girl without anyone knowing. I wonder if that’s possible or if somehow word will get to my cousin that I am texting her friend. They aren’t that close but still. I’ll be exposed as the weird stalker guy I sometimes am.

#secret   #stalker   #crush   #instagram   #cute   #girl  

I confess that the same is happening to me like to everyone else... I don't to work!

#work   #lazy   #confess   #secret  

For his birthday, I gave my boyfriend a poem I wrote two years ago. This poem wass supposed to be for my ex boyfriend.

#laziness   #birthday   #confession   #poem   #boyfriend   #secret  

I'm in love with this guy for over a year now... but there are two problems. For one, he has a girlfriend and for two, he's the best friend of my boyfriend.

#love   #problem   #girlfriend   #best   #friend   #boyfriend   #secret  

Started a fight with my girlfriend because I didn't want to spend the night with her. She planned it all. She wanted to cuddle, watch TV and relax. No sex, just boring couple stuff.
Now I can play GTA V with my bros tonight.

#secret   #lie  

I crashed the car of my grandpa.

#car   #grandpa   #crash   #accident   #confession   #secret  

i have a crave of cunnilingus. i like neat clean shaved pussy. i have enjoyed cunnilingus with 4 girls up till now. i get crazy down there and man, its not just licking. i suck pluck eat and consume every drip of it. i make them mad as they raise their waist off the mattress. i never let go until the girl moans n cums again n again. i did that to my maid too and she thinks i m the best man a girl would want

#cunnilingus   #girls   #secret  

I just had sex with my boyfriend and I simulated an orgasm.

#orgasm   #fake   #sex   #boyfriend   #secret  

I'm going to jump right to it. I exchanged photos with my best friends husband.
He was wanting to know what I look like naked so I showed him and I was curious to see what his junk looked like.
Well it didn't stop there he was saying how he wanted to do sexual stuff with me. I wasn't going that far. Even before all that he swore he wouldn't tell anyone. But here I am with my best friend not talking to me and don't even wanna try to hear my side of things. Her husband didn't even mention the fact he was talking about having sex with me! I'm lost about how to fix this.

#sexting   #adultery   #relationship   #cheating   #husband   #secret   #naked   #nudes   #confession  

I lie so much, i can't stop and i do it every day. I lie about school work, friends my secret drinking habit that i try to beat, but i can't. I want to stop lying but it just feels natural and i sometimes don't even catch myself when i do it until it is done. I always get in trouble but i never care.... uggg i feel so bad about it and i know it is wrong.

#lying   #school   #work   #secret  

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