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I’ve convinced my crush to cheat on his girlfriend with me. I played with his emotions until he didn’t know who to choose, now we’re arranging to meet up. I don’t regret it.

#cheating   #noregrets  

I cheated on my boyfriend once. We have been together for seven years. It hurts me to think about it, but one more time, I ask for forgiveness and to forget it from my mind forever.

I barely knew the guy. I was 18 and I had only ever had sex with my boyfriend. I began feeling like I was missing out, that maybe I wanted to try with someone else once. I regret it. I pretend it never happened. My boyfriend started to make me dinner. I told him I was going out for a little while to get away and think. I met the guy. I didn't actually plan on going home with him, but when he showed up, he was really nice and we got along well. My boyfriend texted me a picture of the dinner he made and told me it was ready and asked if I was coming home.

I curse at myself for not going straight home. If I could rewind, I would have never left that day, I would have never contacted that guy, and I would have stayed home with my boyfriend and ate the dinner he made me.

The guy told me he would never make me do anything I didn't want to do. But I went with him anyway. I told myself I would just hang out for a little while. It had been three hours and I was debating in my head if I would do it or not. I told myself that I was already there and that I should just get it over with so I could have that experience and so I could find out if I really wanted to be with my boyfriend. I ended up having sex with the guy and by the time it was over it was past midnight. I did not even really enjoy it. The guy asked if I wanted to stay over, but he said that the only thing was that he would have to wake up early the next morning for something he had to do. I said no and he drove me home, and thank god he did!

When he was driving me home we passed by my house and I saw my boyfriend waiting outside, staring at his phone. I looked at my phone and realized that he had sent me a whole bunch of messages and calls, my mom, brother, and dad had called. I told the guy to drop me off a block away from my house and I went home.

When my boyfriend saw me walking around the corner, I could tell he had been crying. He started crying again. It broke me into a million pieces to see him that way. He was shaken and he was worried. He was so happy to see me home. He told me that he had called my mom and dad and everyone we knew, he had even called the cops. I noticed that he had not even touched the dinner that he made me, it sat cold on the stove. It hurt even more. The cops came by to ask if everything was okay and i was forced to call my mom and dad who were states away and tell them everything was okay. They had been ready to come pick me up.

At first I told my boyfriend that I had met some friends in town and that they had wanted to hang out and my phone was on silent. (that story is mainly for my family) but I ended up telling him about the guy because he had gone through my messages and saw pictures of him. I told him it was just a friend I had met and that he was gay, because he really did seem to be gay. He had been a male model but he wasn't gay. He just looked like it.

Unfortunately it didn't stop there, it happened once more when my boyfriend had gotten mad because I didn't want him to meet the guy. It lasted maybe three to five minutes so I regretted that even more. We ended up moving back to my home state of New Jersey because our jobs had failed. Once back in our home state, things got better. We should have never left. It was almost as if it never happened. But I started thinking about it again and I was sad. My boyfriend would comfort me without knowing what was really wrong.

I thought maybe he didn't know. So tonight, I told him I don't like to think about that time. And he kind of understood. It was like an unspoken agreement. I told him I loved him so much and I would never ever hurt him like that. He trusts me a lot. And I brought up that incident and I couldn't believe my ears at what he said.

I knew that he had done something similar in the beginning of our relationship and he was so guilty he cried for hours and he stopped talking to any other girls and wouldn't even go near them. That is how I am now but with all the guys.

He told me that sometimes he thinks about that time away from our home in New Jersey and that he wonders if anything did happen with me and that guy, but he told me that whenever he thinks about that time, he knew that even if anything DID happen between me and that guy, he reminds himself that I had come home to HIM and I have never gone out again. He trusts me even more now that I have gotten it out of my system and I know deep in my heart that I would never do anything like that again. If I ever think about having sex with anyone other than my boyfriend, it disgusts me. I love him so much and we plan on getting married.

I am happy once again. Other girls may be debating on doing this (please don't make this mistake if you truly love the guy you're with, but then again sometimes you have to know for sure. All I ask is that you never cheat on your husband. Because you have already made that permanent commitment.), and other girls may look at this and call me a slut. I don't care, I know who I am and what kind of person I am. I am a good person who truly had a lapse during that time and I truly know that I fucked up. I know that I will never do it again. My boyfriend and I want to get married. Some people may scoff at that, but again, I couldn't care less. Fuck 'em I say. He is happy with me and trusts me completely and I am happy with him and trust him completely. For those people who think I will probably do it again, I will prove you wrong. In fact, you already are wrong.

#cheating   #regret   #unfaithful   #promises  

This will sound so stupid, but I have to tell someone...
I am an adult woman (31), with an adult job and an adult life. But I still like to read fanfiction. I read all different types of fanfiction, everything I find interesting at the moment. My newest and most current obsession is about a band. I read a lot fanfiction about them the last couple of months.
But I finished one story yesterday that fucked me up.. One of the band members died at the end. It was a beautifully written story and everything, but I got so sad and I still am. As if he really died! I cried for hours and now I feel like I am grieving.

But why am I writing this... today, it was announced that the band member's sister died last night! I am so devastated for him and it breaks my heart in ways I cannot even explain. He doesn't even know I exist, that's crazy...

#crazy   #obsession   #fanfiction   #obsessed   #stories   #death   #sad   #devastated  

My bf and I have very boring sex and I don't think I've ever been that into him. I won't even let him play with my tits.

I've been seeing a man I've met down the gym. He's so hot and the sex is so intense and rough. I let him go to town on my tits (and let him cum all over them)

#sex   #cheating   #tits  

is that I have a sex addiction and I happened to speak to a porn star via twitter. She then came to my town and I asked to see her. She said ok, and I met her and her husband and the next thing you know, she's blowing me and then we both bang the shit out of her. Best day of my life!!

My pretty wife fucked a boyfriend of hers. i can't forgive her.

#wife   #cheating  

When the fat guy that sits besides me at work eats, it offends me. I'm always judging his food choices. I know I shouldn't because he's actually really nice, but I don't even feel guilty about it. He triggers my ED *bad* /vent

#eating   #disorders   #ed   #venting  

Im married and fucking my boss who is also married.
He is 23 years older than me.

He is developing feelings that i don't have or want (my marriage is happy just the sex is crap) but i don't want to stop cause I am enjoying it

I am bulimic. I make myself throw up and no one knows it.


I have these desires with my girlfriend, like watching her with other men, swinging, threesomes, gangbangs, orgies, bondage, MFM bi sex, but i'm scared she'll think i'm weird and leave me.

#lust   #sex   #desires   #lies   #cheating   #threesome  

My boyfriend asked me to be his girlfriend on my birthday weekend. I am his first so he is still learning how to fuck me right. He is not my first. The day he left me (its a long distance relationship) was day 3 of us together. I literally kissed him at the airport ad went to go fuck a friend from high school. On our one month anniversary (he celebrated it) I was at a tinder matches' house fucking. He believes I'm a perfect girlfriend. The only problem is he is too nice. He doesn't spank me or fuck me anally. He is learning new moves (me telling him) but I miss the days where I could get anal and be dominated like I am used to. I'm a slut. I love fucking. Hell I even slept with my best friends boyfriend and hook ups. But the mediocre is horrible. God if only he could grow a pair and fuck me hard.

#confession   #cheating   #lying  

Today, I dressed myself as death, with a scythe and a hood and walked through a nursing home.
I never had so much fun in my life before.

#death   #scythe   #hood   #nursing   #home   #fun   #life   #confess   #evil  

I have cheated on my fiance at least 50 times

Only a couple were woman, plus a few couples, but most were men and trans. Paid for sex a few times and frequently go to massage parlours for the additional services

#sex   #cheating  

I had sex with maybe 5 or 6 boyfriends of my female friends.

#sex   #cheating   #slut  

I pushed a cat down the stairs.


I am a man, married for 10 years. About 4 years ago, my wife had an affair, which lasted about 6 months. I came home one day and found her in bed with her personal trainer. I opened the door to our bedroom, and there they were. She said nothing, and i said nothing. I just left. I got in my car and drove away. as i drove i was extremely angry, and then i realized i was also very aroused. I was completely confused by this, but the more i thought about my wife having sex with this man, the more aroused i became.

I turned around and went home. I found my wife crying in the bedroom, and i just pushed her onto the bed and had the most intense and incredible sex of our lives. I could smell her sex and his aroma on her, and this just turned me on even more. After i came, i left again. I got a hotel room. The next day i told her what i felt. and told her if she was going to have sex with him anymore, we needed to talk about it.

Now my wife does have sex with other men from time to time, and i actually really love it. I am 100% faithful to her though.

#cheating   #wife   #sex  

I am in a serious relationship for two years and recently ı started to fancy someone else. I love my partner with my whole heart and ı dont want to end or damage my relationship with him. But ı cant seem to stop looking at my friend differently. We are not so close but we started to spend more time together recently. I feel so happy around him. He makes me laugh. He is not my type but there is something different about him. I told my friends about how I feel and they guessed who ı was talking about before ı even told them. They said that he acts close to me as well. They said that he sometimes flirts with me. I felt that before too but I wasnt quite sure. But he acts so cold to me sometimes and then comes and flirts with me. I feel so guilty for liking him. I told my boyfriend that ı liked being around him as a friend. But I know it is a little more than that. I dont know what to do. And also he has a girlfriend too. I cant stop thinking about him. He acts like he feels the same about me but then he acts like he doesnt know me. I am clear that ı dont want to risk my relationship but I cant seem to Shake this feeling of me.

#boyfriend   #cheater   #love   #relationship   #guilt  

Did i go to Heaven twice; or imagine it?
I'm a skeptical person. I don't believe ghosts are possible. I think big foot was the silverback gorrila. People see a deer/bear; panick; & imagine the shadow is bigfoot. Nessie was wood; & dolphins. Giant squid was real. Etc.
Ive had people tell me my eyes glow: just odd eyes. This has caused some to call me a star child. I like to mess with people to try to help teach them not to believe in crazy stuff.

But some of the signs are real. But let's face it; they ars vague. A lot of butterflys used to land on me: i emit a sweet smell when i sweat. Butterflys need the salt. A lot of kind animals liked me. Well; I'm nice. I think i emit more pharamones than most. Till recent old age i had a higher pitch very musical voice.

A lot of birds whistled at me. I have big flexible tounge; & have mimicked bird sounds for yrs. So emitting non-threatening pheremones & mimicking their sounds attract them.

Mean animals: i get very aggessive. I was 270 lb muscle man. I probably emit phaamones that send a threat to them.
In 70's i saw a Tic Tac secret US craft by a military base. You see similar craft in Navy video. Can i prove that's what it was? No; but its either that or aliens. I would need much more proof before i could believe aliens are visiting. I see some stuff on TV; but we've been faked before.
After i saw it i had weird dreams. Is it possible aliens were trying to abduct me & somehow kept me in a dream state; sure. But isnt it more likely all the scared adults outside that night with me who cried & were in shock; plus calls to the news; & the news running a show discussing possible abductions caused me to have weird vivid dreams? Let's face it; as soon as i woke up screaming & running they started dissapearing. So to me; this proves alien abuctions are the exact same; vivid dreams.

I'll grant you; having a weird guy try to abduct me months later is curious. Except i think it was months later. He was in darkish/blackish clothes; but so what. We had a ton of drug using child abductors in 70's. See: science. I believe its possible a few people who witnessed secret US craft were visited by secret agents; but so what; after WWII, who wanted a nuke war with Russia & maybe China?
So; i can use science to explain all so far; & yes i will keep messing with people to try to help them stop believing in goofy stuff.
Now for the last two; i felt like i went to Heaven twice when i nearly died. The second one is very easy; i was nearly killed. Heart stopped. I could have very easily have imagined it.

So that leaves precisely one event i can't explain with science. As a little boy when i was saved i thought my soul briefly went to Heaven. I can't explain that. I should not have known all of that; or all the stuff i knew about space at that young of age. Since I'm a Christian; & patterned my entire life after that experience, I'm sticking with it as real. That said; its possible that could be scientifically explained away, but i haven't seen a way yet. Either way; God & Jesus loves me; & I'm going to Heaven when i die.

God Bless

#heaven   #death   #afterlife   #hallucination  

I'm married and 60 years old and have been sleeping with a neighbor girl who is 19. I know it's stupid but Zoe is so damn hot and gives me anything I want including anal. My wife does not do that but Zoe does. She also likes to give me blow jobs incessently. Damn I don't want to get caught with girl too young for my son to date but I can't stop seeing her.

#teen   #cheating  

I'm a 21 year old gay male. Decent looking.
Anyway this starts all the way back in elementary school, I always felt different. I was the odd kid out and often picked on but if you were to look at me there would be no obvious reason. I was clean, looked normal but I was always off, this is when the horrible pattern started. I had met this kid, let's call him Cody, anyway we hit it off at first when school started because he was the new kid and I was a loner and we bonded over just running around at recess because neither of us liked sports (or ever were invited to play) and the swing set. As the year went on I thought everything was fine and normal, his mom even started volunteering at the school to serve snacks for the students which had given me a chance to meet his mom which I thought was great until i got pulled into the office one day. I was told that I was being suspended for harassing another student, it turns out Jake was deeply afraid of me and my vivid imagination, so afraid that he had pretended to be my friend so he wouldn't get hurt. His mom volunteered at the school to even keep an eye on me so she can see for herself what was going on. That's when I really knew something was wrong with me and what sickens me is that this exact same pattern of me finding one person and developing a dangerous fixation on them, my intent is never to harm them but I do... never physically but I'm so insecure in everything about myself. I need to pick a fight with them just to know that they care enough to argue back. I make up a sad story or suicide attempt to see how much they love me. I constantly push these boundaries to test how much they will take and if they will hurl me out of their lives too. This pattern has slowed down but not in a healthy way, ive now turned to opiates to give me that feeling of euphoria I would get when someone would say something nice to me or give me a hug. I'm up to about 160-200 mg of oxycodone use a day which I guess is enough to kill someone without a tollerance and everyday I wish I wouldn't wake up from my nod. When this isn't enough I turn to casual sex on grindr just so I can still feel sexy and desired, I never use condoms because I hope I get HIV, that'll kill me in a few years if I don't treat it hopefully. Oh I should also mention that the only person that ever loved me unconditionally no matter how bad I got died of cancer when I was 19, the same time my "fiancé" left me. He was actually pretty good at dealing with my crazy, he knew how to work around it but after losing my mom I got really bad. Wanna know what's funny? I have a high paying job! I'm really smart and manipulative so I was able to cheat a resume and land a 30$ an hour job, I just pretended I knew what was going on lol I've even bought a car recently. I have this random peaks of energy and sanity I think where I set a goal and then I work hard to acheieve it, all while hiding a drug addiction. This isn't easy to do but any addict can tell you that they'll figure something out to push them through the day. As you can see this is so haphazardly written because this is how my brain works, I'm never on a single path and do you want to know the sickest thing that torments me the most in my life? I love. I love so hard. I love everyone and everything. All I want to do is love each and every person on this earth and i know that I have enough compassion in my heart to go around to each one of you but with my deadly desire to be desired like that in return all I do is hurt anyone who crosses my path. I've stopped now. I even got on methadone to start saving up a chunk of money for my family and entered the methadone clinic who dose me every morning before work, then I go to my office, milk the fuck out of the clock, go home, pop some xanax or whatever drug I can get my hands on because I have stockpiled fake pee for the UA's and pass the fuck out. On my days off it's just a blur of some type of intoxication. The beauty of this is, I'm no longer harming anyone, I tell my family I'm just dedicated to my career and they believe me because they see the new diesel (used 2011) Ford Dually I bought. I'm not in emotional pain for the lack of not having human interactions. My account is growing slowly but since I don't pay rent I can put almost half my monthly income into savings. I've written a list of the names of all the people I've hurt and for each name is a letter telling them everything that's beautiful about them. In 6 more months (if my body can hold up to my downers at night and daytime stimulants) I'll leave on a positive note with my dads debt paid off and my brother a newer truck which he should be able to make the payments on with the way I got the loan set up. Fuck you guys I'm so sorry I've failed you all. I was supposed to be the one to take every tear and change it for you... there has never been a time when my compassion didn't bring joy to someone's face, in fact that's the only thing that's kept me here this long. Kill me if you want and can find out who posted this, it would help. Today is January 7th.. late July and the toxic creature that has infected our existence as a species will enter the void of nothingness. Damnit, I was supposed to be something so beneficial. Anyway, bye babes. You have my love - mine is not to reason why, yours is not to make reply for I am to do and die.

#insanity   #death   #suicide   #fear   #addiction   #abandonment   #loss  

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