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Alien Confessions

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I am an artist, and I love drawing alien men, I find them very attractive, and I don't think I will ever be 100% happy in a relationship because I find regular humanoids boring. (Yautjas hot)

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I have been messing with people. But am i wrong? I never put it all together till recently. For at least 20 yrs i´ve had random people approach me & say I'm a Star Child; nordic alien; descended from egyptian pharoah; weird stuff. My dad actually rejected me because i had blond hair & strange eyes at birth.
Now I'll admit; i have some odditys that are hard to explain, but can be explained scientifically. My eyes: they are very rare & beautiful. My entire life people notice them. Ive been told they are magic, star eyes, etc. Ive had people ask if i can see the future; turn into a werewolf; etc. No; i can not. They are just unique eyes that collect extra light & seem to change colors & glow to some people in some situations. They do help me see better in near darkness than most people can. But give me headaches in bright light; so you don't want them.
Yes; a lot more butterflies used to land on me than most; but thats just because i emit a sweet smell when i sweat; & i sweat a lot. They can detect the smell & extra salt. They land on me for salt.

A lot of birds land on me. I have a very large (Gene Simmons) tounge that can bend in any direction. I'm good at mimicking animal sounds such as birds. Like a duck call works on mallards; my calls works on some birds. Yes; some uncalled birds have landed on me; i think i release an unusual pharamone when i sweat. It seems to attract nice animals. But its also my sweet demeanor. I release pharamones more than normal and they react.

When aggressive animals get near i get aggressive. My muscles start swelling up. My adreniline flies up like someone on steriods. That must cause different pharamone releases that threaten animals. I'm built like a gorilla. I get into combat mode. As a boy a large dog tried to attack me. I messed it up bad. It left missing stuff. So animals pick up on that if aggressive. A 270 muscle man can scare many animals. But not say a bear.

Yes; i had a photographic memory; was tested a genius unofficially twice; & autistic. That doesn't make me alien or magical, just smart.
Yes; a lot of women like me & ask me out. I used to look like a movie star; was built like a super hero; dressed well; drove cool cars; wore good cologne; am well endowed; am very sweet but scare other men; am protective of females & kids; & prefer to hang out with females. I'm what women wish they had in many cases. Not an alien.

So why mess with people on some sites? I'm hoping to help them. If you believe in fake stuff & it brings you happiness then thats fine; but if it hurts you then you need kindness to help you get over it.

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I’m very annoyed. My family now all claim to have been abducted by aliens.
I’ve never believed in aliens; big foot, or ghosts. As a kid I lived by base. I saw what’s now called a Tic Tac. I thought it was secret USA craft. Next I had vivid dreams with alien greys. Thing is no one ever heard of them back then that I know of. We certainly had not.
Well Pentagon confirm the Navy Tic Tac video. I touched & studied one hovering by our home. I’ve always mocked weird stuff. Well now I wonder. Since I’m now listening I’m hearing endless stories from my family. My grandpa; engineer vet; thought he was abducted; dad design early satellites thought he was abducted. As did his siblings; my cousins; my sister.
We are a high IQ military Christian family. Most are. O nonsense people. Yet we have all this. Cousin claims shot at alien trying to get him as teen. I had weird vivid dreams where I thought aliens tried to abduct me & I fought with them & escaped.
Weird people have walked up & told me I’m a star child; that they see me glowing; that my eyes glow. My family just set & talked about how they believed I used to see in future. They’d say I’d tell them something would happen & then it did. Such as I predicted a wreck. Described it. Made someone get out of car. Then the wreck happened. That is true. I’m sure all can be explained by science. But they said ok; so your saying you never made blankets glow & stuff. Well. I’ll admit that if there was a storm near us I could shock people. Some blankets did have weird electrical flow on them in dark if I was in room. But there must be a scientific explanation. The only thing I will concede is I saw a flying craft that could do amazing things. And fly at least 4,000 mph in 70’s.
My dad told my sister we were part alien or something. That we are here to teach. That people like us are furthering humans if they will listen.
Here’s the weirdest thing. I’ve almost died twice. I thought I went to Heaven & talked to Jesus. He told me secrets. Now that I’m finally talking about this stuff some of them claimed the same. Such as my dad. They went to Heaven. Were told secrets. Came back. WTF?
But they listed about 100 times when I told people things before they happened such as the Shuttle Explosion. I said it would blow up if they didn’t cancel the launch. I predicted 9/11 about a yr in advance. And how it would happen. That’s true. But I’m smart. Just good guesses.
I pointed out things don’t happen a lot of times. They said that’s because you change it. You make people stay home; so different stuff. Leave later. Well that’s true. I do that. So if you see future; & keep people from doing something; then it doesn’t happen: did you change it, or are you full of crap?
Aaahhhhggggg. I wish they’d quit talk about this stuff. How can UFOs & aliens be real. How could we really be part alien. They say I couldn’t be abducted because I’m more advanced than rest of my family. So I was able to defeat the aliens. This is bull chit man.
If you get enough people together that believe in stupid crap; they will take anything & turn it into bull chit to support their goofy beliefs. Science can explain all my odd stuff. The UFO was just a USA craft. I sure wish I knew why the Pentagon said those videos were real. Now my family made me admit I saw one; now they are trying to suck me into their group paranoia. I am not going down the rabbit hole with them. I believe in science; not alien greys.
They said what if one shows up in your room now. Well; I got a present waiting. I’m too old for this silliness.

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Am i going insane? I'm autistic. They once put me on some meds that made me loopy. When i watched TV it was like the TV was talking to me. I thought i was going nuts. Everything was strange. Then i realized it was the meds. So i quit taking them & my head cleared. Turns out the TV was talking to me. You know how some TV shows are preaching or trying to sell you something or ask you to donate. In these shows they are talk to a camara. There you go. They were talking to me. So the meds made me hallucinate to an extent. I'd never had that happen. But i also had a guilt complex.
Thats where you want to be guilty. So while on the meds i had been admitting to things that were not true. They knew that, but it made no sense. Well. I was beat a lot as a kid till i admit to things adults & other kids had actually done. For example. If they stole something & got caught they blamed me. I had to tell the person, it was me, i stole it. Then i took the punishment. Even though i did nothing wrong.
So on the meds i remembered things people did to me or others. I then said it was me & blamed myself. Anyways; once off meds i stopped doing that.
I have a photographic memory. I'm autistic. As a kid i had to lie. The adults changed their stories & i had to repeat the new lies. On & on. So i would. I learned to tell yarns. What i would do is tell the truth; then add some bull crap. This way i had told a truth; but could deny it. But to avoid getting in trouble with my nutty family or whoever; i would also tell whoppers. Thats when i told an obvious load of crap.
One of my kids picked up on it. Dad i know when your lying. If you repeat something its true; otherwise its made up. So she had figured me out. She was filtering out my stories. When certain things kept being repeated she knew it was real. But i then told her you still have a problem. I never tell anyone the whole story. I always only give you a taste. Then keep all the details & rest of the facts to myself. I had no choice as a kid.
So right before this pandemic i got a divorce & nearly died. So I'm very depressed. But not on meds that affect me. So no hallucinating. That only happened the once.
When the pandemic hit i felt sorrow for my fellow citizens. So i played a game. I took the truth & tweeked it. Told my real beliefs; but altered things to get a desired outcome. Basically i was trying to get different people i contacted to work together; or do the right thing. Trying to get different political partt politicians to do things from the other side. Whatever. Basically i wanted the best for all of you.
Its a pandemic. I was afraid if i didnt that our country would have riots & more deaths. I love all good life. But i don't love evil. Aggressive dogs; evil humans, i don't like them. So i encouraged good things to happen; but i challenged & called out those doing bad. I'm still doing it. I was trying to avoid what we now have in the streets; riots. The media causes them. Yes; they use real things that make you mad or sad; then the media spins it; & tries to get a desired outcome.
Politicians; actors; TV evangelists; they all do it. How to get you to vote for them; send your money; believe they care; whatever.
So ive played them. Tell them what needs to happen; but make them think its for their own good. Will them re-elected; whatever. Make a repub support health care. Make a dem support our military. Whatever.
Ive also tried to reach the trouble makers. The one on the far extremes who write stories & tell half truths. They want their extreme views supported & believed. The lemmings on either fringe fall for it. For example; these riots. A man was basically hunted down for tresspassing. Another was choked out for fake $ as he begged for life. In neither case had the killer planned to kill, but they did. In neither case was the victim without fault, but a minor transgression should not lead to death. So I'm trying to get people from each side to see that. Peace exists in the middle. I'm trying to pull all of you towards the middle for your collective good.
These marches were OK at first; same with the media coverage. But once the goal was accomplished; the perpertrators arrested & charged; the media & marches needed to back off. To get whats best for the whole. But they are not. As a result innocent people are being harmed; looting & arson are occuring as the criminals & anarchists use these tragedies for their own purposes. So I'm trying to limit that.
Some in the media want one or the other politician elected. They are using a tragedy to influence outcomes. This is causing great tragedy just to try to trick lemmings into voting one way or the other.
We now have store owners trying to save thier lifes work; as low lives try to destroy it. They are attacking the store owners. Then the extremists reporters are trying to blame the store owners. Innocent cops are being attacked; & again, the extremists in media are trying to justify that.
We have to charge guilty cops. But we also have to charge guilty criminals who attack cops. Some will say we don't need cops. OK; then we are left with the wild west. I used to be able to shoot a quarter at 400 yds. I could run & shoot a moving target. I have special forces in my family. Hunters. Do you really want to go wild west with us? Because you will not like the outcome. This is why we need cops & laws. They keep criminals in check; & keep people like us from hunting our own justice. Make sense? Me personnally; I'm very passive. I forgive almost anything. But at a certain point; we all will fight back. We can't just lay down & die. We are watching that play out on TV. Cops are trying to show restraint; store owners are trying to save all they have. Criminals are trying to harm innocent cops & store owners.
Lost in this are the good people. There are kind people out there in those protests. They are just asking why was a man who tresspassed & maybe stole some copper hunted down & killed by non-cops? Why was a man who used fake money choked to death? I get the community watch. Ive lived in bad neighborhoods. But that stopped when they chased hI'm & got out with guns. He had not broken into an occupied house; not physically harmed; or been on their property. So they over reacted & it led to his death.
I know cops have a job. I know drug using criminals can act innocent; & then try to kill you. Happened to me once. Almost got me killed. I was dealing with a work release nut on PCBs who was convicted of trying to kill an old lady. I didnt know that till later. I was attacked. I won. He begged for mercy. I let him up & tried to leave. He tried to kill me. I beat him again. Others convinced me to let him go. He then tried to kill someone else. Before trying to kill me he had been trying to kill someone else. So cops never know if thats what they are driving up on.
However; this man was subdued with multi cops present. I think the crowd yelling at the cop is partially why he never let up. They triggered his fight or flight; he wasnt letting up because they were trying to demand it & filming him. Whatever the cause; maybe they just distracted the cop. Maybe he turned evil. I don't know. I do know a man died for a stupid reason.
Well; in the midst of me trying to help all of you work together; along comes the pentagon saying the Tic Tac UFO videos are real. What? I thought they had been faked or altered. This means we either have very advanced tech. I used to work in the space industry. What i watched is so beyond rockets & jets. Maybe you didnt ever draw blue prints; make a 100 in Pysics; or build things that enter space. But i did. This is mind boggling.
Well heres what has me questioning my own sanity as ive been playing the fringes trying to get yall to love each other & work together. I saw a Tic Tac. It was the 70's. I lived literally by a military base. Me & about 12 adults stood feet from it. They were shocked & scared. I was curious & studied it. I'm autistic. Was told I'm a genius. And had a photographic memory.
What i saw up close is the same type of craft the Navy calls a Tic Tac. All you see is a heat sig. I saw the real craft. Studied it.
But i thought it was a real US secret craft. The adults thought it alien. I laughed at them.
Then people called the news. The news ran a show on how abductions may be real. I then had weird dreams. I just laughed all these yrs. The scared adults & TV stuff caused my subconcious have two funky dreams. The dreams faded as i jumped up & tried to flee. It was weird dreams right? Or is that how aliens abduct people? Ive never & still don't believe in that. Yet i had weird dreams; but got away in mine.
So now ive been thinking if UFOs are real; are abductions? Are these crazy peoples stories sometimes real? Did i just think i was dreaming. Were whats now grays really in my room trying to get me & i escaped? I think it was dreams; but scientifically i have to accept it may be real. Mine probably a dream; maybe theirs are real. Being autustic i need provable things. I don't believe in ghosts & magic & bigfoot.
So; I'm watching this alien stuff & trying to decide is other stuff real? This led me to the men in black.
Don't laugh. When i was a boy a man tried to talk to me. I wouldnt go; so he tried to abduct me. He came back. I messed him uo for life. Fuck him. I should have finished him. Because he came back & tried to kill me. I then moved.
It happened the same yr i saw the Tic Tac. I never linked it together. He was dressed in dark colors; mostly black. Even a black car. But it was nothing like the crap you read in the stories or see in movies. I always thought it was just a perv on drugs. We had a lot of child mollesters & nuts on drugs grabbing kids in the 60's & 70's. So now i have to consider; was it related, was he a man in black? Wow. He was the scariest part of my whole life. Ive never been able to deal with having fought that basterd.
Then i stumbled across star children. You wont believe me; but ive had people just walk up over the last 20 yrs & tell me I'm a star child; nordic alien, crazy stuff. Witnesses have seen it happen. I always thought it was crazy people. But its happened multi times. So. Weird people watch these shows & believe it. But why approach me? Well; women have always approached me for some reason. Kids always mostly liked me. Nice animals. But more than normal. Animals just following me; landind on me; mean animals afraid of me. Everyone goes thru that stuff. It just happened to me a lot more often; to the point people would notice & ask why. Same for babies reaching for me; toddlers following me around; pretty women walking up & talking to me. I always figured its cause i was cute; am nice, & maybe put out pharamones. All of that stopped in recent yrs after i nearly died.
Then theres all the weird people who have told me my eyes glow. That has happened 100's of times. My dad denied me because of my eyes. But i don't see my eyes glowing; nor do most. I think its just because i have very odd eyes that seem to change colors & reflect light oddly.
But; i can not deny two experiences. I can explain one. As a tiny boy i was saved. Weird thing. My body stayed; but my conciousness seemed to go to Heaven. I talked to a long haired man in a robe. He told me why i was here. My conciousness returned. And i had a quiet voice in me. Obvi some will say Jesus & others I'm lying. I don't know. Some will say my self concious; others Holy Spirit. Rather than try convince you my faith is real. Let's stick to science. My brain did something there. I didnt see dellusions in real life. No magic. But i did change. I went from thinking it was ok to hunt; to feeling sorry for animals. I suddendly had a quiet voice telling me right from wrong. I suddenly had an understanding of what the Bible meant. And had always had an earie understanding of space even before this. I was four. I had no TV; no one spent time with me. I rarely had ever left house. I'd spent over a yr locked in a room alone. I'd never been to Church. My family despised Christians. So where did i learn so much about faith; & how did i know things about space that science is just starting to suspect? Advanced brain? I'm sure theres a scientific explanation. I just haven't tried to figure it out; because it saved me. Thinking the Holy Ghost is what speaks to me is how i endured a hard life. I really believe i went to Heaven; talked to Jesus; & have the Holy Spirit in me. That doesn't mean i do. But it is why i saved lives; protected people; & forgave. So it made me a better person. So that can't be bad.
As a teen i nearly died. My body was basically temporarily dead. My conciousness returned to Heaven. I saw kind people i had met who were gone; the mean people i didnt; i was surprised some i expected to be there were not. I once again talked with whom Christians call Jesus; & chose to return. Obvi. that could be my sub-concious on the edge of death, or real if you believe in an afterlife. You the reader decide. I can't prove it either way. I know people witnessed the event & thought me & another person dead. They came back first. They were frieghtened & hysterical & they tried to run & hide. This was a very cruel person. They told me theh saw something really bad; but didnt want to talk about it. I saw something wonderful. Maybe they felt they would goto Hell when they die? I know this person was a very evil person. Also a drug user. So who knows.
Well. I don't know. I do know i wish i had never seen that Tic Tac as a kid. I wish those videos had never been leaked. I wish the Navy & now Pentagon had never confirmed the videos are real. Because now while dealing with poverty; a suppressed immune system; a divorce; my kids having issues because I'm not in their lives; worrying if the virus will kill me or my loved ones; worrying if me or my family will be killed by these crazy loons in the streets taking advantage of marches to riot & kill. I was attacked back in the Rodney King riots. I lived in an all black area & didnt see race. But too many around me saw my red skin as white & hated me for it. I didnt even know about the riots until i was in one. I had to beat the fucking hell out of people to live. I picked up a 240 lb man & slung him around like a rag doll because he tried to kill me. I had to run from a large mob charging after me. I had to change colleges; neighborhoods; & job. Eventually all that hate passed & i felt safe again. My kids have diverse friends. But wirh this starting up again; i have to start watching who is around me. As a mixed person with my sweet black nephew in the room beside me; i don't like having to scan people to see if they seem threatening. However; i was almost killed; called racist names & threatened in school/work/restaurants/shopping/neighborhoods. My black friends avoided me because other blacks may be mad or attack them. I was hated by some who had never met me. They threatened to kill me. Most didnt take part; but they didnt speak out against it. When it was over months later some of my ex-friends tried to approach me. So did my ex-roommate. They tried to explain they had to stick with their people. I couldnt understand how a stranger in the street meant more to them than a person who used to set & watch movies; laugh; joke; play sports; eat; & laugh with them. But; I'm autistic; I'm used to that. So i just moved & joined a white community. I never felt like part of them either; I'm mixed & autistic, but at least they were not trying to kill me, breaking in my car & home, calling me racist names, & threatening me & my tiny nieces & sister just because we had lighter skin. After grocery shopping i was surrounded by 6 males, one with a gun, i was holding a tiny girl in one hand, & the hand of another. The gunman threatened to kill us if we didnt move. They didnt want us in their part of town. So we moved. People try to blame one race for this. Being mixed race & autistic i can't pick a side. I'm just a Christian. I'm going to Heaven. But my skin is lighter than some; & that makes me the enemy to some. Racism cuts both ways. Every race has haters within it. So try to stay safe: now we have to worry about wearing a mask; 6 ft; bankruptcy; possible homelessness; & if a mob of loons will suddenly try to kill us.

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Right before he died my dad told my sis she wasn’t his. He’d denied me & spoiled her her entire life. He wrote her out of the will. DNA proved I was his; but he left me out too. DNA seems to have proved she’s not.
He looked Spanish; as did the other man my mom simultaneously dated. That was her dad it seems. I look like Thor size & all. I look like a super hero movie star. That’s why he thought I wasn’t his.
Anyways; she used to do drugs with my aunt. She believes in crazy alien stuff. She thinks I’m a star child. So I’m feeding into her illusions to make her happy. But I’ve never seen aliens. I’m pretending I did. I really did see & touch what the Navy is calling a Tic Tac. It really can fly 4,000 mph soundless & stop in midair. I used to work in the space industry. I think it’s a high tech drone the Nazis started. We lived by a base. Our family helped start the space industry. We are a military family with pilots & special forces members.
I was like a shadow in the woods. You would never have wanted to tangle with me. But I’m not alien hybrid or super hero. I’m just descended from knights; very smart; & had great DNA. Sadly I think those drugs screwed up her & my aunts heads. I used to me jealous my dad loved her & rejected her. But at the end his brother told him the DNA results. She isn’t his it seems. He rejected her & it broke her heart. So I’ll pretend I’m a star child if it makes her calmer. She’s lost her job due to the pandemic. I’ve also started pretending more on threads that I’m a star child. I realize something. These people are mentally damaged. They need to believe they are special or that aliens are watching over them. So I’ll feed into that if it helps calm them. I’ve had odd people tell me I’m a star child ever since this alien culture started ramping up about 20 yrs ago. I’m just going to pretend & go along with it during the pandemic. If it calms people to think an advanced star child is here on earth then why not. But I’m just an old guy dying.

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Are UFOs real. I’ve never believed in them or anything stupid like ghosts. I’m exceedingly scientific. I need proof. Bigfoot is possible, but would be an ape. I need proof to believe though. Same for aliens.
Here’s the problem. I saw a Tic Tac long ago. Studied it. Touched it. I thought it was just a secret craft from the military base I lived beside. My very advanced mind; after looking in and studying the craft, could explain it to myself. So it just seemed like high tech.
Then the Navy releases these videos. I see another Tic Tac. Yes. It can do all that in real life. Those videos are not faked. The question is, why are they showing me this now?
My theory. Too many people have phone cameras. Internet. They can’t just hide it. So they misdirect.
Look, a UFO. We don’t know what it is either. We shall call it a PPO (made that up). Now; when we say he look at this; they just say yeah, we don’t know either.
Now they have released more UFO “proof”. Yet it proves nothing. See; how can I now believe them. Media can be faked. Look at movies. So at this point I’d have to see aliens to believe it.
Here’s why I can’t let this go. After I saw that thing I had this weird dream. In the dream I thought I was awake. But with me were greys. This is long ago before Close Encounters was made. I’d never heard of greys.
My neighbors who saw that craft with me swore it was a UFO. One lady still claimed she was abducted years later when we talked.
The local reporters warned us about sightings and possible abductions. Crop circles around the world. Was nuts. Then it all just passed and I laughed about it.
There’s two issues that make me scratch my head though. I worked in the space industry. I never saw anything even close to the tech I saw in that Tic Tac. It’s power source was amazing.
Then there’s that dream. How do you dream make believe stuff while you seem to be awake? They seemed pretty real. Other than walking thru walls and talking in my mind. When they left I was still awake. How did my mind do that? I never did that again. Crazy.
I’d watch scary movies. Id dream of scary monsters. But I’d wake up. Why did I dream of short weak creatures that just talked to me?
They were very impressed by me in my dream. We talked about space and what humans need to do. Nothing exciting. Why would I dream of that?
Still. It was just a dream. When I finally forced my mind to fully wake up, they were gone. So I’m still convinced I dreamed that. My mind just really tried to make it real, & couldn’t. I wonder if that power source caused that? I stood by it a long time.
So I still don’t believe in this stuff. I just wish our government wouldn’t mess with us. They told us it was all BS all these years. Now they claim it’s real. Well if what I saw was an alien craft; instead of a secret craft; does that mean space aliens really walked thru my wall and chatted with me? I’m too old for this mess.

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I think the caronavirus pandemic; divorce, anerisms, & isolatuon are messing up my head.
As an autistic boy i felt alone in the world. My dad refused me my entire life, saying he couldnt have a retard. My mom refused to set by me & abandined me for being retarded. I endured massive abuse.
I dreamed of being a knight & Captain America. I would let others hurt me; but protected others. I'd stand between victims & bullies. If attacked i quit being autistic for a moment. Its like God was using me to help others. I used only just enough force to get the attacker to stop & leave us alone.
I was amazed to discover real knights still exhist. There are actually people who worship God & dress up like knights. Thats cool. Like big kids. They raise money for Christian children.
However; theres one group who still goes to defend Holy Land it seems. Like the Crusaders. They protect Christians & Jews. They put their faith first & risk their lives to protect others like cops & soldiers. But I'm passive. I would have no problem trying to save another; ive saved lives, but i couldnt arm myself & put myself in a dangerous situation. Death doesn't scare me. But i have no desire to harm others. So i understand something about myself. I chose in my mind to pattern myself after Captain America but not King Arthur. One was defense only. The other had an offensive weapon also. So I'm a contradiction: i love the military & cops; but couldnt be one because I'd have to use deadly force, & thats not me.
As for aliens. I saw a secret US craft as a kid by a military base. I dreamed about aliens after that. I concede aliens are possible; but i just can't accept the Navy videos are alien; they have to be US secret tech.

#knights   #aliens   #caronavirus   #pandemic  

Stupid UFOs and aliens. Why do they keep insisting these UFOs are real? If they are real then aliens are real. I saw one of those Tic tacs. I studied it. Experimented on it. I thought it was a secret craft. How can it be aliens? They told me I made it up. People think your crazy if you say you saw one.
So I said I made it up. I made up other crazy stuff. Then I tried to forget it.
Now they show us videos. Have pilots talk about them. Uuggg. You mothers fuckers. I see the stupid thing. Study it. I’m told you can’t see it. They don’t exist. Your crazy.
So I assume it’s a secret craft. I say I made it up so I don’t look crazy. I make up other crazy stories. Now I’m just a joker.
Now the same mother fuckers tell me it’s real. Look at this. Here’s the videos. Here’s some pilots to talk about it. Go fuck yourselves. I had to make myself look crazy cause you said it couldn’t exist. Now you say it exists. Makes me cuss.
You may wonder why I’m so mad. Well I convinced myself it was a secret man made craft. But if it’s aliens then that means the rest of the stuff is real doesn’t it? I don’t want that to be real.
So aliens were really looking for me? Why me? They talked to me? I went to another dimension? Fuck that. I want no part of it.
I read the news to keep up with Covid. Instead I keep hearing aliens are real. Mother fuckers. If they are real then why have they claimed otherwise all these years?

#ufo   #aliens   #greys  

Are UFO's real? Am i alian altered? This whole stuff seems stupid to me; but I'll humor it. Most in this story sere very honest people who wouldnt lie, didnt drink, didnt use drugs. If did I'll note so. Pre anerisms i was super smart & built rockets. Unofficial tested twice as genius. Test as genius as kid too. Hated grammer. Loved math & science.

Dad & uncle designed parts for satellites. Cousins determine why early rockets fail. On and on. Odd thing is i never knew them. Grew up away from them. Basically an orphan. Yet end up in space industry. Very attractive women drawn to me. Moms family convinced could sometimes see forward in my own future. I not believe that. I was very strong.

Here goes. I just read where Pentagon claims Navy UFO footage real. I come from military family with ancient roots. Air Force; Army Ranger; vets from every American war including Revolutionary; Generals; lords; knights; you get it. One of those pedigree war families with lots of links to other ancient families of lords due to them marry each other.
One object was called a Tic Tac. I saw one. More on that. My sister (will lie; did smoke pot; only one in story) was walk in woods. Saw bright object. Gets hazy in mind. Wake up hrs later in bed wearing coat & shoes. Hanging off at weird angle. Mom screaming at her. Mom been looking for her for hrs. How the hell did she get in house.

About 70-80 yrs ago on a mountain in area with no electricity. Gpa was engineer. He & entire large fsmily wake & go watch a hovering light emitting object hover for 30 mins. Start rise & fly off fast. Cousins, uncles all had crazy encounter stories. These are high intellect very successful Christians who don't lie, do drugs, or drink. My moms family does all that bed stuff; & tell tale tales (but these people from dads family don't). One cousin sees alien like creature near house. Arms long as legs. He try shoot it but it runs up hill fast, grabbing trees with arms to help go faster.
I just heard all these stories last couple days. My story happened long time ago when i never met most these people & never heard the stories. I kept my story secret.

Carter just elected. I live in nearest subdivision to where first rockets tested and supposed secret testing occurring. I see what Navy is now call Tic Tac one night. Adults thought UFO & afraid. I think crazy balloon or secret NASA or military object. Hover near ground. I pere inside. I was amazilingly smart kid. Talking to adults i felt like i was talking to chimps. Hard for me slow mind and simplify ideas enough for them understand. I could try explain what i saw inside but would take a book and only real smart people really grasp it. Amazing if i am right. Had photographic memory so can rewatch & its like it just happened yesterday. I did some tests. Wild. I realize if these scared adults are right it was luring us out. I was very good hunter. I was so good at tracking and night hunting i amazed nam vets who saw lots combat. They'd never seen anyone like me. I also fished a lot. Seemed like the light was bait. Come look at me. Like when I'd use lure for fish. So i went in & watched. Let them get took if they right & its UFO. I actually laughed at them. They were in shock. Some cried. One kept screaming. But i was a brave kid who would night hunt deep in woods alone. I didnt scare easy. Also i was very athletic & used to beat up much older kids in fights. Everyone thought I'd be a college football star if could stop falling (had odd birth defect, if lost focus could fall at times. But by this point I'd mostly conquered that).
Well i keep look out. I look down for second, look up & gone. I run out. They are all amazed. They claim it start rise and then just fly off fast as lightning. I laugh at them. Back then stars were clear there. I look for stars blocked out thinking light off. Had great eyesight. Couldnt find it. Should have been moving darkness blocking stars. Was no wind. It made no sound when i stood under it. I test outside. Easily push in & reshape self. If i saw what i thought i saw inside you would not believe me. I still don't want to talk about. I told no one then cause seemed crazy. Was no wind so if balloon who it blow off. How had it drop down between poles & trees & set still, then rise without hit stuff. I ran around & got bike. Nothing over anything. Went up on hill. Nowhere. How the hell?
Well that aint the best worst part. Ive never really admitted truth of this. Still wont tell details. Even if i tried I'd have write long book. I could scientifically explain what i saw. But still can not believe. I just don't believe in this stuff.
Well i either had the craziest dream two nights in a row or alians tried to abduct me. I still don't believe in this stuff. Heres what i think. I was not conciously scared. In fact i laughed at the adults. But my subconcious mind must have been scared and concocted this mess. A very vivid dream. I will continue thinking of it as a dream. But I'll give a brief description of what i somehow dreamed while awake.
Well I'd dream when watch scary movie. Wake up yelling. Get a whipping. But hadnt did that couple yrs. So was asleep. Something wake me. Standing in my room are two glowing short alien greys. I'd never heard of them. I thought aliens would look like stuff in old movies. I wasnt into alien movies. Seemed stupid. Later i watched Close Encounters. The short ones would be sort of close.
I jump up & run out screaming. Next night i pretend sleep & wait like I'm hunt a deer. Watch them enter thru wall. I jump up & run into one & run off sceaming. I could tell you the details but who the hell would believe it. I mean if you saw bigfoot no one would believe so youd look like fool if tell.
Well if this was a dream it was craziest dream ever had. I'm not sure how my mind woke from no dream. Superinposed a dream into waking reality. Allowed me to physically feel impact in dream to point where i was knocked sideways and alien got knocked on its ass. Or i could still see a dream object while glancing at and listening to step dad. If he had just walk forward and look instead of look down and tell me going to whip ass I'd know. Or if I'd walked out and saw it fly off myself.
Well if the dream was real i could explain how esp works; they walk thru walls and dissapear. But i refuse to believe that was real. Had to be some sort of wild stress induced dream. The flying object was real. I could describe it in great scientific detail but i can't explain it. You would not believe what i thought inside. Youd have to have intellect to grasp it. So I'll just say some wild assed balloon. I have never told anyone what i thought i saw inside beyond the light show. Amazing. But you must be careful what say or seem insane.
Weird thing. My Army Ranger step dad believes. His dad designed stuff for space. I talk about Pentagon release. Sister on phone tell about her abduction had kept secret; then tells me about all the weird stuff our family claimed experienced on dads side. Never knew that. These people are/were these annoying serious honest people who are so honest can't even have fun. Only thing dad would watch on TV was news & when old Church.

As child i figured out very complex science concepts. Modern science just catching up on a little of it. Anerisms took care that. I thought figured out how to time travel forward, but as kid kept get paddled for argue school books were wrong & trying explain my theories. I could give more exs. But heres question after watch some these things i used laugh at such as Ancient Aliens. (Does toilet paper prove aliens visited ancient man, ancient alien experts say yes. Come on. At some point you have to say no). So my point is this; if all true (not counting my dream), does that mean alians are generationally studying my dads family? Are we so smart because they DNA altered our genetic tree. Or; are they studying my family because we are so smart. In my family lineage is infact correct; were they studying warriors in my family.
All this stuff seems nuts to me. I'll accept i saw a wild object in the air; but that doesn't mean it was alian. I'll admit it looked a lot like the Pentagons Navy Tic Tac. But I'm going to conclude my dream like experiences were in fact dreams. I can't speak for my relatives stories; i wasnt there & didnt see it.

It does seem crazy right? A UFO near my house is hard enough to accept; but greys walking thru my walls is just too much. I can't accept that really happened. Had to be a dream.

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I want to fuck a blue-skinned woman.
Very strange I know and I don't know why but there is just something about them. This is what happens when you are locked away in your room, left to play Halo, Mass effect and Overwatch games.

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UFOs. Why is the government releasing videos claiming these things are real? It’s really causing issues with a disabled child I know. How do I tell the child it’s make believe if the government claims it’s real?
I believe this is all smoke & mirrors to hide our tech. Paid people lying. Warped lenses. Drones. Faked digital footage. On & on. Keep our tech secret. But what about those who are harmed by buying into this pile of crap?

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I believe that one day the world is going to end because of aliens who infiltrate us and kill us as soon as they learned everything they now. I am sure they are already living among us and that they are watching us.
I am writing this because no one wants to listen and everyone keeps laughing. But the day will come! Remember my words. And I will be the one who will help the aliens destroy all of you.

#revenge   #crazy   #aliens   #apocalypse   #confession  

Skinwalker Ranch. These scientists are in for a surprise. I also saw a Tic Tac. I’m also smart. Decided I’d study it. Try to climb in.
See they think it’s OK. They will visit the ranch. Then go home. Uh huh.
I laugh my butt off. They may have light bending armor. Walk thru walls. Oh just wait. They have a lot more stuff. Can do a lot more stuff.
These scientists may find out these beings can become fascinated. Leave that ranch. Follow you around. Mess with you.
Portals? Ha. It’s wilder than that.
These scientists are so curious. Uh huh. Let’s see how they act if the beings decide to start chatting with them. Take them to another dimension. You don’t want the answers.
It’s like watching high IQ idiots fall down the same rabbit hole I did. Well at least I can watch some other morons as foolish as me.
Get ready for paranoia and weird stuff. It never ends if they find you interesting.
I can’t wait to see the next episode. Let’s see if one of them at some point decides they want to fight one. Oh I tried that. That doesn’t work. Like fighting an invisible super hero. Oh I want to see that episode. See if they do better than I did. Just don’t get caught alone.

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From about age 2 I had very advanced ideas about space. Ideas that science is just now catching up to. Most that no one else has even come up with yet.
I would tell people I was sent here to help. That I wasn’t from here. I was just in this body.
No one would listen. So I shut up. I feel like a very advanced being living among people who want to hurt each other and me.
Does everyone secretly feel that way?
I grew tired of trying to interact. I’m just waiting to die.
Has this happened to anyone else?
Weird people my whole life have walked up and told me I glow. My eyes glow. That I’m a star child. Crazy stuff. I’ve started looking into it. I don’t believe it. I just wander why so many people see something in me I don’t see.
People around me are convinced I have done impossible things. Again. They didn’t seem impossible to me. I think people want to believe in stuff.
I don’t see it that way. I feel like a freak and failure. I just want to stick around till my very normal kids who aren’t like me get older. Then I want to go back home. I don’t like it here. People are too mean.
It’s a pandemic. I’m poor and sick. One of my kids is very sick. Now the government chooses this moment tontell me aliens are real.
Mother truckers. I saw a dang Tic Tac. They claimed there were no UFOs. So I assumed it was a secret craft. So are they now lying just to fake us out again? Is it really just a secret craft or not?
Sorry. But I’d like to know if I really talked to dang aliens. Because if I did I should have wrote a book about it before I had aneurisms.
So did I dream that stuff like I convinced myself I did. Or did greys walk thru my walls & talk to me?
Why were they so fascinated with me if they are real?
Am I really from somewhere else? Will I really go back there when this body dies?
It’s all so weird. See I remember an entire life. Choosing to come here to try to help humans. Being hurt. Getting very frustrated and annoyed. For over 20 yrs I’ve just been on auto pilot. I gave up on this world. Humans are just too violent and mean. I’m just trying to raise good kids to make this world a little better. Then I’m going back home.
I’ve always wondered do we all secretly feel that way. Do all of you remember a life in another world too? Do you remember wanting to go back there when you were one and two years old like I did? Do you also understand space and other dimensions? Do you also feel like your trapped in a world you wish you hadn’t came to?
See. I could never figure it out. If I’m crazy how did I know about advanced science and the Bible at age two? How did I know about things in science they are just now preposing?
I need to go back to sleep. I wish the government would quit releasing all this UFO stuff. They told us they are fake. Made me think I just saw a secret craft instead of an alien one. Made me think I must have just dreamed that whole crazy aliens talking to me stuff.
Now during a pandemic they say guess what. Here’s some videos. We don’t know what the heck this is. What? Your supposed to know. You said it was fake.
So which is it? Did dang aliens want to talk to me. Or did I have weird dreams. Did I really touch a UFO. Or did I really touch one of your secret drones?
I’ll tell you this. I wish I’d never went outside. Never touched that thing.
You know I moved back there. One of those same adults from back then still lived there. They were all scared crapless back then. Only I was brace enough to study it and look inside.
That lady would walk around saying UFOs were real. So I told her I remember you. I was the kid that looked inside. She remembered me. She got so scared. She claimed they took her. She screamed and ran from me. Every time she saw me she’d run inside and lock the door.
If they are real why did they take her but only talk to me?
If they are real don’t be overly impressed by them. They are just beings with advanced toys. They don’t have all the answers either.
I do have the answers. But no one would listen to me.
You know this whole stuff was better when I thought it was just a secret UFO craft. Just weird dreams. And I was just a very smart kid with a wild imagination.
They just had to release those videos.
I sure am glad my kids are just kids. I tested them. They don’t know what I’m talking about either.
I’ll say this. If I’m right, all of you need to start being nicer, stop hurting the most innocent among you. You may think if you don’t get caught you get away with it. Everything is seen and remembered.
These special needs people can make it back a lot easier than you. They are more innocent. When you hurt them you are really hurting yourself. You will answer for it.
Don’t listen to preachers who spread hate. God doesn’t hate gay people. That preacher does. He spreads hate because deep inside he wonders if he’s gay. He can’t accept that he may be. So he hates those who admit they are.
If a preacher condemns others he’s really condemning himself. Only Jesus gets to judge.
These wicked people push sweet children to suicide with their own bull crap. Don’t listen to them. I’m not gay. But if you are, God made you that way.

I’m going back to sleep. I wish they’d quit sneaking all these UFO stories into the news.

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During Covid I’ve used online as therapy. I mix in so much bull crap no one could ever pull out the truth. It also allows me to tell the truth. I really did see a Tic Tac. I may have talked to aliens and went to another dimension. How can you tell for certain? Beings that walk thru walls. Talk in your head. Annoy the shit out of you doing weird shit. Fucking light bending armor. You wonder if your sane. Animals that died in weird ways.
Even when other people around me heard or saw stuff, I’d act like I didn’t. Fuck them. I wasn’t going to a looney bend. You simply either don’t admit such things, or your a loon. Screw that.
I’ll admit the Tic Tac only because the Navy did. I am not talking about freaking grey’s walking thru my wall and talking to me.
Admit it. Even with the Navy videos you think I’m lying or crazy.
That’s why I love the Secret of Skinwalker Ranch on the History channel. Real scientists seeing some of the same crap as me. I can watch them scratch their head. It boggles the mind.
You could say I’m full of shit. Sure. Maybe. But I was paid to design buildings in high school. I worked in the space industry. I’m not a fool. I know nano tech and stuff when I see it.

Back to jokes.

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UFOs. I’m not happy the government is now releasing all these videos and documents. All these years they said UFOs were not real.
I saw and touched a Tic Tac. I studied it. They are real. I thought it was a secret craft.
Then I had the dang dreams. If all this crap is real the government needs to tell us. Did I really have greys walking thru my walls. Did I really set and talk with them. Or was it just dreams?
I’m too old for this crap. If aliens are real then people should have listened to me back then.
F it. I’m sticking to sports.

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I lie to people on sites all over the net. I do it to try to teach people not to believe In stupidity; to mess with people; for fun; & to be mischievous. I really did see what I think was a strange balloon by a base. The adults said it was UFO. But I tested it. It was a balloon. They said it started rising then disappeared. That just means the light went off as it rose.
Sadly I really did fight a crazy man. He found me alone & tried to grab me. I hurt him & escaped. He came back & tried to kill me. I barely escaped. Then I moved.

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