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I thought I was done on earth. I was very wrong. I was so wanting to eat food.
I have fought a disease for so long. It’s very unpleasant. I was told everyone is doing great.
That is so not true.
So I ate what I wanted for the first time in years. Paid a price. Went back on the diet.
I could see nothing but negative around me. No one wanted my input. I was told the world is great. Life is good. OK then.
I’ve lived a life of sacrifice for others. It was time. I was going to be selfish. Eat what I wanted till the end.
I get a call. Could you come help? I ho there to fix a simple problem. While I’m there, I get pulled into a bigger problem. I deal with that.
Then I walk in to one heck of a problem. This one boggles me. Supposed experts have failed. Now I wonder in I can live long enough to help solve this.
I so wanted to finally just eat good food. But it seems I’ll have to sacrifice until the bitter end.

#resurection   #wanted   #needed   #overwhelmed  

I am a 17 yr old female high school junior. I have heard rumors about my gym teacher, she is also my vollyball coach being a lesbian. I am so attracted to her and think about being with her all the time. I make excuses to stay after practice just so i can be near her. i pretend to have a muscle cramp just so she can massage it and her touch drives me crazy. I have gotten very touchy feely with her hoping she gets what i am up to . I have gotten a little bolder by telling her how pretty she is and complimenting her on her incredible body. I spend most nights masturbating thinking about her. She is driving me totally crazy and i'm not sure how much longer i can go before i just come right out and tell her i want to be with her. Her smile, her face, her sweet scent is what my dreams are made of. God how i want to feel her hands all over my body, feel her lips against mine. I wish she knew.

I did something so dumb but wanted to do this for helping poor kids out there. and I over spent $1,000 plus and want to spend other $700 on xmas secret santa gifts for kids for salvos because they don't have enough and I am on a disability pension and I feel so stupid I did this but I want to. I do care. I wish someone could help me raise some money to help fund my idea. Its not for me but for the kids out there. I just want to let them know someone cares. if you start a go fund me on chemist page I would appreciate it. I am doing products kids can use like shampoos, hand wipes, body sprays and lip balms, toothpaste and toothbrushes etc.

am I a loser dickhead or what? !

fuck xmas and being poor I am sick of it. I poor but I want to help. so go figure it out.

#with   #scratches   #of   #rash   #and   #infection   #i   #want   #to   #still   #help   #others  

We were getting out of the pool at the same time and I accidentally ran my hand cross my best friends ass and across her pussi. It was a freaky but legit accident. She said nothing so I think she didn't even realize. But me, I cannot stop thinking how it felt and what a turn on. I was instantly aroused and I have masturbated for a week now, just thinking how I want to do it again. I have never touched a girl before, even accidentally. For the past week, I think of her more than my boyfriend. Now I am curious, can accidents be good, I think I may want more touching on her. I am so horny. And the older I get, the more I want sex.

#girl   #brush   #wrong   #touch   #accident   #straight   #curious   #want   #liked   #imagination   #horny  

OMG I am so feeling more normal after reading other only straight women having thoughts and ideas of having sex with another girl. For me, my hunger began for a midwife my husband hired a few months before giving birth. I was feeling fat and unwanted until this sexy young girl pampered me. The exchange of gentle touches, sweet talk, and nudity with her put me in a new world. Nothing hardcore happened but it was extremely arousing and wetting to my new appetite for girl sex. Being up close and personal with such a fine girl left my hungry for my first pussy. Maybe that's why my birth went so easily. But sadly after about 6 months, my husband got rid of her. I still lust for her and think my husband was jealous and suspected us getting intimate. That was a year ago and I still wonder how it would have been to go all out with her. I masturbate thinking how it would be to do and have done by a hot chick as she was.

#lesbian   #pregnant   #masturbation   #foxy   #sexy   #want  

I want to be skinnier so bad

it was a hit and run kind of thing, and the friend group i was with liked the idea of me being their sacrifical dirty lamb sexually as a virgin so ugly and it was drunk and drugged rape the first night and mulling abusive relationship same guy the next time months apart and we never loved each other. we agreed to just never see each other again as he had many wife's and kids and i didn't find it good loving experience. I guess I am just really ugly and boring, and I don't care anymore. I was so ugly I was a virgin til 30. no n liked me.

i have never been a hot guys first choice.

#want   #to   #be   #a   #first   #choice  

im truly a sloth im actumally an animal not a human guys please dont take me

#sloth   #nothuman  

My wife had a company party and the motto was quiz show. There was even a quiz like the one "Who wants to be a millionaire?" and they even had telephone jokers. If she would have won, she would have gotten a week off and 500 pounds extra cash.
I was her telephone joker and she called me on the last question, if she would have known that, she would have won.
I told her the wrong answer because I don't want her to be at home that much.
She's annoying from time to time.

#motto   #quiz   #annoying  

I’ve been with my bf over 11 year, since I was 16. In 2020 I was feeling pretty neglected attention/sex wise so I started talking to guys online.. and then I ended up meeting one for a hike and sucked him off in the woods and later he fucked me senseless on a trail. Well that was so exciting to me that I wound up on tinder that night to find someone else. The next day I met up with someone new, had mind blowing sex. From there I was HOOKED! I’ve now slept with over 15 people since then, some of them multiple times. Well my best friends boyfriend slid into my dms, and my friend was upset I didn’t tell her so we don’t talk anymore.. but I still talk to her boyfriend and have plans to meet up with him once he’s able to visit where I live (they moved away). And NOW.. I’m talking to my boyfriends best friend/boss.. he liked an old picture of mine on fb randomly 2 days ago.. so I decided to shoot my shot and message him on snap. He was super flirty so I went with it and now we’ve exchanged many pictures and videos.. he’s coming by on Monday to drop off my bf’s sweatshirt while my bf is at work at his other job, and I told him he should come in to fuck me on the bed we share.. needless to say I can’t stop thinking about Monday. I’ve wanted his best friend/boss since before I even met my bf. We had a bit of a fling before my bf came along, we made out and he fingered me on a dance floor. I’ve wanted him to fuck me for at least 12 years!!!

#cheating   #sex   #wantingwhaticanthave   #boyfriendsbestfriend  

I'm 19 and know my mom doesn't want me around and didn't want me at all.

#mom   #unwanted  

I am a 17 young hot horny female. I think people are intimidated by my good looks. I haven't had a boyfriend in two years and no sex since, except daily masturbation. Well I lost it and just kissed my friend. Nothing else. But she is a girl. I want a hard prick. Maybe I'll need to start showing more body to raise interest. Or putting on some leotards and hit the gym.

#lesbian   #hard   #sex   #horny   #penis   #hot   #want   #need   #masturbation  

I don't know so I blame it on my husband. A few months after pregnancy my husband has lost his sexual drive and mine has drasticlaly increased. I am always so horny and wanting. Well, I ended up kissing my girlfriend. Now I am embarressed, but at the same time I want more. I am straight and so confused as to why I kissed her and why I am curious about having sex with her.

#blame   #husband   #girlfriend   #kiss   #want   #horny   #straight   #confused   #embarressed   #sex  

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