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My wife and I haven't had sex for a while, not since she went through the change of life. Last night I went through the washing basket and found on top a pair of silky black panties she'd stripped out of an hour earlier. I'd noticed before that when she's been out for drinks with the girls, her panties always seem to exude a strong smell of pee mixed with what I assume is her pussy juices. Turning her panties inside out there appeared to be a wet spot on the crotch and lifting the crotch towards my nose, I was rewarded with a strong smell of pee mixed with the perfume of her pussy. This immediately turned my on and I was soon stroking my cock as I inhaled deeply filling my senses with her unique sexy smell. I took her bra out of the basket and pulling back the foreskin of my cock, wrapped my cock in the lacy fabric and began stroking quickly getting faster and faster as the lace teased the head of my cock. I started inhaling faster and deeper as I stroked and sniffed like a wild animal and as I was about to cum, I slid my tongue onto the panty crotch where my tongue immediately detected the sharp taste of her pee. Within a few seconds I came and came very hard. I don't do this very often, but when I do I always relish the smell and taste she leaves for me.

#tongue   #bra  

My wife's best friend left her purse on our table and her phone was on top. I grabbed her phone and started looking through the photos she had on it. To my surprise she had Nude photos of me on it!? 5 of them my wife took but 3 of them I did not recall. It looks like I may have been sleeping. In one of them she is posing inches away from my erection with her mouth open like she is about to suck it. I'm dying to know how she got them and what the deal is! But then I would have to admit I was snooping through her phone. The thought that she was so close to my nakedness and that she kept the photos is a turn on.

#nude   #photos   #naked   #oral   #sex  

31/F/Newly single

This was weird and unexpected but was so, so hot:

Last August I’d developed some ovarian cysts. They did an intravaginal ultrasound/sonogram, and it wasn’t a big deal.

At a recheck in January, another intravaginal ultrasound, again - not a big deal.

I went back in May prior to an IUD placement and it was at their other office building. The ultrasound tech was curvy/overweight, late 20’s with long, curly, brown hair and big full breasts. She had the lights down really low in the exam room, and talked in a low, warm, comforting voice.

She left the room for me to undress and get into the gown, then came back in to do the exam. I was on my back with my knees bent, legs slightly spread, and she sat to my right - facing me/the computer, with her right hand using the ultrasound wand inside me (hard and phallic-shaped). It felt so intimate, her warm breast was pushed into my leg as she reached around it, moving the wand inside me. Several times she asked quietly if I was doing okay - I was more than okay! I was so incredibly turned on, I needed it to end but at the same time didn’t want it to.

The exam took maybe 12-15 minutes, where the other ones had only taken about 5. She kept repositioning the wand to get the pictures she needed, perfectly hitting my g-spot. I had my eyes closed for much of it, as the visual of her boobs pressed into me, with her hand between my legs was just too much. I was truly concerned I might orgasm.

I went home and masturbated, and enjoy thinking back on that exam. If I ever have to go back for rechecks I’m going to request that office location.

#masturbation   #sex   #doctor   #exam   #sex   #sexual   #orgasm   #hot   #inappropriate   #horny   #bisexual   #females   #boobs   #vagina   #lust  

I can't keep my clothes on. I particularly like it when I get stripped by a group of boys. No one has forced themselves on me but they do hold me down, look and touch. Afterwards I walk around naked. Boys like me now.

#naked   #boys   #touch  

I had a consensual BDSM relationship for 8 years with a very toxic woman. She had a bag full of toys and bondage gear. When things ended she humiliated and tormented me before the “revenge porn” laws really kicked in where I live. I still think about the sex we had nearly every day. I would let her torture me again...

#toxic   #bdsm  

I am looking at a magazine I have hidden since I was in my early teens. It is a gay magazine, young men naked, young men engaging in homo sex. It's been with me for a long time, whenever I need to masturbate I use it for inspiration. The magazine contains a photograph or two of me, one with me holding and sucking a cock, and the other is me with a cock in my ass. That's why I keep the magazine.

A few months ago during the summer I hired this young man to help me clear brush out of the backyard. He was fit, and tall and slim and wore shorts and no shirt. It brought back memories of when I was young like him, slim and in shorts. I have a swimming pool in my back yard and after the hot workout clearing brush and all I invited him to take a dip. I stripped down to nothing and invited him to do the same and we swam around in the cool water and he held onto the edge of pool and got up close to him and my cock found its way in his ass.

I was in chest deep water so I could stand, he hung onto the edge and I gave it my best, until the glory moment when I came. Cumming like that into a hot young man is always the best, you really empty your balls. I took him inside, up to the bedroom and showed him my magazine and asked him if I could take some photographs of him and he posed for me. I am an amateur photographer, but digital makes it so much easier. We exchanged poses, and he took the camera and caught me with his cock in my mouth and i got a really nice photograph of my cock in his ass, magazine quality.

I paid him well, for the help with the brush and his tight ass and him letting me suck on his hard cock. Young men do get hard, hard like you can't get when you get up in years like I am now.

#gay   #sex   #photographs  

My best friend has been fucking me since we were young. Im married now and I still lay naked on my belly on his bed with him on top of me. I just love how it feels when he cums inside my ass, the way cum oozes out when he pulls out is heavenly!

#gay   #gaybff   #gayconfessions   #bottom  

I think the only thing that kept me from doing something very violent was that my cousin\brother was right there and he's seen his mom be beaten enough already.

#imabadperson   #imhorrible   #whatstoppedme   #welp  

I have been very naughty. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day in the South-East of England and I was at home alone, so I decided to do a bit of sunbathing. So I put my fairly small bikini on and I went to the bottom of our garden just outside our summer house and started sunbathing. After a while my next door neighbour, a man in his 60s poked his head over the fence and asked me how I was and if I fancied a nice cold drink. I said yes and he soon appeared with a tray containing a jug of lemonade and two glasses. It was ice-cold and delicious.
I told him that I was just about to go topless (which was lie) when he put his head over the fence and laughing I said he should have waited for a few minutes. He said he couldn't believe how bad his luck was but never mind and with that he reached behind me and pulled my bikini tie open and pulled my top off.
I thought I should have been shocked but I wasn't, we just lazed around chatting for a while, me with my ample breasts on display and him being very cool about it. It's a nice day out there today and I just know I am going to go out and sunbathe topless again and this time with my very tiny bottom on. In fact it is so tiny that I have just had a little tidy up down there.
But I am so frightened that my husband will find out.

#sunbathe   #topless  

I've posted here in the past. Love women but other than analingus and sucking their toes it's platonic only. My tiny penis is good for urinating and 2 finger masturbation. Not penetration. I'm fortunate that I can ejaculate with no erection. My real weakness is servicing cocks to a swallowed completion. Prefer straight dominants, fat pigs, or manipulative young males who see my closet status as a vulnerability. So yes, I'm a closet faggot. I do have a fascination about being out to curious women. Knowing a few have my closet door key and I can't retrieve it. My name, state, and compromising photos. Intoxicating and scary. 63 as of this posting. But still very mobile and still very queer. Wish I could out myself to a select few. Risky but a need.

#florida   #fort   #walton   #beach   #closet   #queer   #sub   #beta   #faggot   #tinypenis   #key   #exposed  

I lie to people on sites all over the net. I do it to try to teach people not to believe In stupidity; to mess with people; for fun; & to be mischievous. I really did see what I think was a strange balloon by a base. The adults said it was UFO. But I tested it. It was a balloon. They said it started rising then disappeared. That just means the light went off as it rose.
Sadly I really did fight a crazy man. He found me alone & tried to grab me. I hurt him & escaped. He came back & tried to kill me. I barely escaped. Then I moved.

#abductor   #balloon   #ufo   #alien  

Honestly when I (19/f) am horny, even I have no idea what I'll be into. I genuinely think I'm so desperate that I will do just about anything right now to get fucked, by anyone at all. Last night got weird, though, even for me.
So I was coming home from a spring break trip and we stopped halfway. This whole trip I've been thinking how much I want someone, anyone, to just fuck me silly. Everywhere I went, I must have pictured myself in so many different positions, on top, against the wall, from behind...and in tonnes of places, too. I was travelling with someone, though, who would have freaked if I'd gone off anywhere, and they're not someone I can tell, "Sorry, but that dick/pussy/etc was calling to me." Add that to my crippling self-esteem issues and you've got the recipe for Not Getting Laid.
Maybe I was overcome by heat, hormones, and exhaustion all at once, but I was indulging myself in some fairly typical porn for me, nothing really wild, when I got this crazy the hotel bathroom. Okay, I masturbate in the shower all the time, I'm especially crazy for penetration. But as I was getting started, I just really wanted to get /off/, you know? Just a really good orgasm, I hadn't climaxed all week. But there was no place in this shared room to do it comfortably; the rest of it was just too open to hope she wouldn't wake up, and the counters were impossible to use. I'm impatient and don't use my fingers often. Then I thought of the toilet.
I've briefly considered some of the more...questionable kinks, before. Never acted on it. Still, here were these permeating thoughts...about how many times this hotel toilet has been touched. Not just by me, it's been touched by men and women of all sizes and shapes, who knows what's happened to it? Men have probably cum on this toilet, right here....
It was dark in there, thankfully. Don't know if I could have looked at myself humping a fucking toilet, and going crazy over it. But I did. And I kept doing it. It was amazing, the orgasm was fantastic.
Today as we finished going home I thought of almost nothing but stopping at a convenience store and doing the same thing. Like the 7/11 single stalls locked with a key in the back, not having been washed as much? I don't mean anything crazy (I get it's dangerous putting my vagina anywhere near something so bacteria-filled), but man, I just couldn't stop. We did finally stop somewhere, but the bathrooms didn't lock and they'd just been cleaned and smelled like bleach. I almost did it anyway but was thankful I didn't when someone else walked in.
I feel like I've calmed down a little from the high, but I'm still thinking about it. I think I've unlocked yet another kink that's going to never be shared--it's fucking disgusting, even to me; I'm just that horny. I just wish there were more videos of women or men doing the same....

#toilet   #masturbation   #humping   #sex   #kinks  

Once at 17, I didn't know what I was thinking at the time, I did something I regret. I got home from school, took my backpack to the bedroom and met my dad. I greet him and he tells me to go say hello to my mom who is in the kitchen. I go there and find her on her back washing her dishes.

I hug her from behind her, putting my arms around her neck. Suddenly she grabs my hands and rests her butt on my pelvis, rubbing on top. I feel the pressure of the penis on one buttock to the other. I get hard. My mother's head turns to my side with her "eyes closed" and she brings her lips to mine. I feel her mouth move, as if she wanted to make out. She lets me go. All the while she didn't open her eyes. She brings her look back to the sink and exclaims Dad's name. At that moment I realized that she had mistaken me for someone else, but I was still in a state of shock ... and excitement. Instinctively, with one hand I touch her bottom softly and then I immediately go back to my room.

Since that day I have never hugged my mother, without letting her know that I am her son. I regret that I had to have that kind of experience with my mom, but at least it hasn't happened anymore. Now I understand why my parents never divorced.

#mom   #kissing   #buttock   #mistake  

I am a very heavy person and I always have been and I really like to change but I guess not strong enough? Because I still keep doing what I am doing without thinking about the consequences. I am eating and eating and stuffing my face and I am so fat but I cannot change it. I am not strong enough or something I guess and I love food I mean LOVE FOOD. I could never go on a diet and sports does not work for me either. I guess I might be just too lazy but I am still waiting on the motivation to turn my life around but it just does not come you know.

#fat   #weight   #food   #eating   #gluttony  

My wife (Emma) arranged a surprise party for my 35th birthday. She had many friends and family over. I admit that I got fairly intoxicated but I don't think I got to the point of obnoxious. When we finally got into bed she asked me to tell her a fantasy of mine. She had previously given me a boudoir photo shoot that was fairly tame. The last few pictures were of her nude and I enjoyed knowing another man had taken the pictures and got to see her naked.
My fantasy was to have another photo shoot only this one would start off with her nude and go from there. Fast forward to the next weekend and we had our college busy over to watch a football game. Jim was an amateur photographer and has entered some contest with some of his photos. He even has done a couple weddings for friends and the results were outstanding.
Emma asked me if I would mind discussing the photo shoot with him to get his ideas. Jim not only had some great ideas but offered to do the shooting free of charge. He asked me to write out several ideas of shots I would like her to pose in.
I wanted some close ups of all her best parts plus a couple photos outdoors. I also wanted some in public with the possibility of getting caught.
We arranged a hotel outside our town for the following weekend. Emma told me she was nervous about being naked around our friend and also excited about it. We traveled to our hotel and she wore no bra or panties so she would not have lines on her skin.
We get to the hotel and Jim begins setting up his equipment. Emma goes into the bedroom to change while I help set up the living room. Emma walks out of the bedroom to join us. I thought she might have on a towel or bathrobe but she walks out nude with complete confidence. She did bring a couple bottles of wine and was well into the first one.
Emma does a modeling turn around and asks us what do you think. Jim tells her she has an amazing rack and a very photogenic ass I admit I was hard watching her show off.
Jim takes close ups of her tits, her ass and her pussy. I ask her to sit or lay down and spread her lips. It is very evident she is wet. I ask her to turn over and show off her asshole. She complies with zero complaints.
I go get a dildo out of our suitcase and hand it to her. With no encouragement she starts pleasuring herself. I can her Jim's camera clicking.
She brings herself to completion and I am shocked how vocal she is. By now she is into her second bottle of wine and slightly slurring her words.
Emma walks over to the window and opens the blinds. We are on the first floor and anybody could look in. Jim arranges her to sit on the window ledge and he takes several more shots. I don't think anyone saw her but the risk was exciting.
Emma finally gets dressed in some loose sweats and we take her to a nature trail close by. As soon as we find ourselves alone, she stripes again and we put her in various poses. Jogging down the trail, sitting on a stump, smelling a wildflower.
We hear some voices coming our direction and Emma quickly gets dressed. Within just a few seconds, two young men walk into the scene. Jim tells them we are doing a photo shoot. And asks if one or both would mind taking a picture with Emma. Both of the guys say "no problem."
I wish I had a video of their faces when she took her clothes off. We put the first guy in an embrace with Emma where she was facing him while he squeezed her ass. The second stranger she pressed her ass against his crotch while he cupped her breast.
She hugged both guys and then got dressed. They seemed disappointed but we figured they would live.
We returned to the hotel and drank and smoked the rest of the night. We returned home and Jim printed all the pictures and put them in an album for us. I asked him what his favorite picture was and it was one where Emma was bending over showing off her ass and wet pussy.
I asked him to print an extra copy and sent it home for his pleasure later.
This fantasy is fulfilled!

#boudoir   #photo   #shoot  

I am embarrased of myself, I am addicted to the gym because I’m too short that i look like my girls little brother, I have Tourette, and I shake like a chicken so just because people bully me in the past, I insult humiliate and use, women that are weak than me, I don’t choose equal opponents because I am a really chicken.

I confess us guys have been ripted off as i tryed on lingerie or women's clothing and I began to enjoy it and i didn't want to stop wearing lingerie and women's clothing. I would like to upload a couple of pictures to so my new black leather skirt

I'm addicted to butter

#additon   #food  

I write poems and short stories. I even have a dream diary.

I'm a 27 years old guy living at his parents place...


I have always loved to masturbate. The way I do it is differently though so I feel like a freak and like no one will want to date me once they hear what I do. I like to get a necklace and put each string on either side of my clit and pull up the strings so that is rubs up and down my clit. I also get a brush handle and rub lotion all over it before pushing it into my asshole. I then stand up and hump the side of my chair until I release. At the end of it I am a sweaty tired mess. I am a nasty girl.

#masturbation   #stoner   #confession   #kinky  

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