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I Confessions

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I hate my grandma!! I don't know why but I guess I'm the only grandchild who doesn't call her his grandma and who likes the grandmother of his grilfriend more than his own.

#hate   #grandmother   #grandchild  

I threw up (out of my window) directly on a parking car. Yeah, I was pretty drunk and I ate pretty disgusting stuff before I got sick. I stunk like hell. Fortunately, the car was gone the next day...

#car   #drunk   #food   #window  

I think youtube should stop gangstalking videos because all they do is gang up on each other after asking for help this tony targeted in los angeles asked for someone to record him saying he wouldn't kill himself , if any one out there cared so I did and then wrote to him and said I had recorded it trying to offer support. he should not have his email on his youtube account and I believe most of the TI's on youtube are fakers and liars and scammers creative their own drama for attention and its all a scam and then they turn around and abuse you. So he threatened a legal action against me and I said I am sorry he took if so offensively as I did what he had asked but youtube really should be put a stop to all these cat fights of still human, candy who I tried to listen to her as well and she takes everything aggressive auguring with her relatives on youtube and I can now see why my mother says youtube is just a sick place for mental cases and mad insane people drama fantasising up their lives and its self torture to be on here. Wayne Morris wanted me to start a youtube and was insulted when I wouldn't. These men are just coward bullies who need have never had enough sucking on their mothers titty as children and never learnt to grow up and are just literally attention whores. you tube needs to stop this. it is going on in the vegan community with durianrider and freely still, its going on with tarot and make up and also TI hate filled animals are just mentally ill people anyway. I don't think one of them is real. It also went on between hailey reese and loey lane and andrew tmi and brittney crab etc ghost hunting so it seems to me they are all fighting animals. and youtube is just allowing the abuse and its the devils play ground. I threated to leave before when a call for an uprising did. and my mother is right , youtube is just self abuse going on it.

#youtube   #needs   #to   #stop   #it  

Im a 15M and im bi. I love sucking cock. I dream of having 100 dick around me jerking. I love being cummed on and in my ass!

#cum   #young   #bi   #bj   #cock  

Living in fantasy land. I know a guy who wants his wife’s kids gone. He’s getting old & in poor health care. He votes republican but doesn’t realize he’s fixing to be too old to work. He’s fixing to see what it’s like to be extremely poor.
He was mocking someone for trying to keep an old car running. He has a nice but high mile car. He’s got a home with his wife.
his son in law used to help them. Only reason they got & could afford a home. Helped pay their rent before that. Provided the $ for their used cars for yrs.
When his or his wife’s cars break down; both are disabled. How does he expect new ones?
He will soon discover it’s hard to fix s home with Medicare checks. He is trying to push away her kids who live in and around them. He has no kids. Who does he think will take care of them when they get bad?
It amazes me.
Best part. He tries to push her kids away. He was adopted. You’d think he’d appreciate poverty, & that her son is the only reason he has a home in his old age.


I've been in love with one of my friends for maybe like...3 years? I'm not sure. I only just realized it a few months ago. I guess it's kind of stupid since I've never met her irl but she's shown me pictures of her. I'm demi so personality attracts me way way more than looks so I'm not sure how long this has been going on without me noticing my feelings. I have anxiety and I'm really paranoid so I could never confess. But even if I were brave enough, a year ago she met a girl we'll call Bella. She talks about Bella all the time, and they aren't really official, but my friend's feelings are mutual. Me and my friend used to talk a lot but we stopped for a while. When we began talking again she came to me to vent very often. I think this is when I started to slowly realize my feelings. I guess I felt like I was an important part in her life; And for a little while, I think I was. But then we started to drift away again. She stopped mentioning me in her feeds and over time she stopped coming to me to vent. She talked more about Bella and made other friends. I am no longer the person she goes to when feeling sad or when she wants to talk to someone. I feel like I'm only important to her when she feels alone or is in a critical state. I'm not sure if I was ever anything to her, and it's all I think about at night. I feel sick and my head hurts. I'll be honest, I am afraid that I will never love myself enough to love someone else. I am the friend people usually come to when they need to vent something out, and I often just say "I'm fine, I don't need to vent. Thank you for asking though." if they ask if I need to vent anything out. That's not true. I need to vent this out, I want to vent this out. Because these feelings can't be healthy. The way I feel actually sick when I think about love can not be healthy. I tell everyone I haven't ever really crushed on anyone. But I'm lying, and I think everyone is starting to see through it. My facade is slowly fading away and I am terrified for what will happen when I can't do it anymore; When I mess up and something accidentally comes out. I try to see the best in life, I am trying so hard to keep going with this act but I don't know how much longer I can go on for. She talks with words like "dearie", "love" and always added an "I love you" or a "

#gay   #love  

i don't believe this

#unbelief   #people   #myself   #commas   #waffles  

I am an orphan. I was one when my parents died so I always lived with my aunt and uncle. They were my only family but it didn't feel like other families I knew. When I came out as bisexual to them they said it was just a phase and I would get over it. It made me feel like shit and it drew an even bigger gap in my relationship with my aunt and uncle. I was going out with this guy and one day we decided to take it to my place. No one was home so I guided him to my ant and uncle's room. We fucked like crazy on their bed and we came all over their bed, multiple times. To this day I don't think they know but they fact I do makes me happy and turned on

#sex   #bisexual   #revenge   #pride  

I have a taboo crush. I fantasize about her when i masturbate.

#taboo   #sex   #masturbation  

I (18m) am sexually and romantically attracted to my neighbor (39m). I see him almost every other day and I can’t help the way I feel when I see him, his smile, his beautiful beard and his body I can’t help but feel butterflies. I know that I will never ever be able to get him. But I want him to know how much I love him.

#gay   #neighbor   #lust   #crush   #olderman  

My mother told me the last time I got really really really drunk, I came home and pissed behind my bedroom door. She saw me but didn't hold me back! The next day she told me off and now she always makes fun of me for that. :(

#mom   #drunk   #piss   #door  

i've been in love with my best friend for 3 1/2 years.
i'm female. shes female.
met her 5 years ago in college. apartently we went to the same school, same class. she transfered shortly after i went into homeschooling; we didn't get on for the first year.
second year, we became friends. it was 6 months in i think, i'd developed a crush. shortly after i realised it was love.
when college finished that year, i made sure to stay in contact. i'm terrible at holding realtionships, but for her i'd do my best. luckily she is simular in the way she doesn't need constant contact.
we meet up once a month. some skyping inbetween, since we live far apart.

reason i haven't told her? well apart from the fact i don't want to damage our friendship and make it awkward. she's a devote christian. she's very much straight and won't have sex until marriage. i'm also a virgin, not as self concious about it thanks to her.
so basicaly, i have no chance.
she doesn't even know i'm bisexual.

i wish i could get rid of this love i feel. i think about her some nights when masterbating. another thing she doesn't do. i want to get close to her and show her how nice it feels. give her her first orgasm. fondle and lick her breasts.
i want to hug and kiss her as a couple as we play video games and watch tv.
i want to marry her. i want to have kids with her. either inseminated or adopted.

*sigh* maybe i'll tell her one day, when we are in our 30's and married to different people .

#crush   #bisexual   #christian   #masterbation   #secret  

A few months ago I accidentally ran over our cat leaving the house. I didn’t have the heart to tell my wife so I lied and I’ve felt terrible since.

#embarrassed   #regret   #grief   #cat   #wife   #family   #coward   #confession   #secret  

I confess I wish my ex girlfriends mother was dead. She’s a schizo. She practiced black magic, she has no teeth because she pulled them all out. Something witches do. And she’s a terrible person, who’s not even a real mother. I wish I never met her. But goddamned formalities and politeness ends up with me dealing with some stupid..I hate her.

#stupid   #witchcraft   #bs   #bad  

I am 16 with several boyfriends of the past, but intercourse only once. I am fixated on a man with lots of experience, but not sure how old to go. I am thinking to double my age and have him be 32, but what if he's a dud? So far they are all frauds and don't know how to please.

#horny   #experienced   #masturbate   #sex   #older   #duds   #boys  

I hate the people who brought me into this world. Years of suffering thru your abuse, lies, domestic battery, betrayal & hurt has left a scar on one's mind/body/soul that will never be healed. My greatest JOY would be knowing you both were knocked soo hard in your fucking heads, it erased all of the memory you had left. Knowing I will be forever forgotten & FREEEEEE from your sorry asses is a gift that cannot come to me soon enough. The JOY it would bring cannot be measured! Please, somehow, someway, forget me!!! It's my greatest wish!! Passing as strangers on the street would make me elated with a joy/freedom I could only dream about and wish for!

#annonymous   #for   #life  

I love reading people's confessions and masturbating.

#sex   #kink  

I'm a straight male (26). When I was very young, maybe 5-6 I was molested by an older female cousin. My memories are pretty vague but I remember her telling me it was a game, that she had a baby in her and the only way to get it out was for her to rub her pussy against my penis. This happened a few times. I remember she liked playing with my underage Cock and said that I had a nice one for being so young. I remember being confused when I got my first erection from her rubbing her wet pussy against my cock, covering it in her juices. finally one day she got brave and slowly lowered herself onto my adolescent bonner. She barely made it past the head when the door suddenly opened and my other cousin was standing in the doorway. She freaked out and ran to tell the adults. I remember not being allowed to play together anymore and other than the initial scolding my family has never talked about it. I think it's because of that experience that I'm unable to have healthy relationships and I'm still a virgin...

#sex   #incest   #rape   #cousin   #pussy   #virgin   #straight  

I really don’t like this girl and she’s always kind of rude to everyone, but I try to be nice to her. Today she kept on being really nosy, and later on I started trash talking her to all my friends who then starting making jokes about her and saying how stupid she is. I feel bad for being fake like that, even if I didn’t like the girl. I shouldn’t have pretended to be her friend, and I certainly shouldn’t have talked about her like that. I feel so much guilt and I wish I could go back.

#fakefriend   #fake   #gossip  

When me and my girlfriend began dating she would always talk about her exboyfriend and it started to real bother me, they dated for three years since they were in seventh all the way through their sophmore year. I have no clue why she thought talking about her sex life was cool with her new boyfriend. I didnt want to give her any troubles since she has been known to throw extreme tantrums for reasons i think are ridicoulous, if i mispelled that sorry.
Anyways I cheated on her and comeplete regret it so much I love this girl but just because she angered me I had sex with her friend Sara and got her preagnant but she got an abortion for free at the planned parenthood...

#friend   #cheat   #cheated   #love  

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