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One day I decided to wear a flesh toned bra underneath assort of see thru tank top with all these little sequins and rhinestones to work. It was a warm sunny morning and I decided to walk as it was only about 5/6 blocks. I had on tight black jeans and that sparkly top and was looking GOOD! Horns were tooting and this really well dressed suit type stopped sipping his coffee and said "Dayum! Woman you are hot!" I loved it! Made me feel like a 16 year old. I stuck out my chest making my 36DD look even bigger. My ego was super inflated for about a week!

#sexy   #pride  

At different times in my life I masturbated outside in semi-public areas where I could have been seen. I would take off all of my clothes and walk away, sometimes just a few feet other times a hundred feet or more. It started the summer I was fifteen. During the day I rode my bike to a nearby park. Stripped and waited while I got an erection, then masturbated to orgasm. I would get on the bike and ride home, Other times, I would go out after dark, remove my clothes and walk away from them, getting hard as I walked. I realized that when I did this, my erections were harder and my orgasms were stronger. The daytime and nighttime experiences probably numbered ten in total during that summer.

I did this only a few times in my twenties, driving to a park or walking from my apartment to get naked. I was much more aware of the risk and got much more excited. I thought of someone watching me, but I did not want that to happen. The possibility was enough to arouse me and result in long orgasms with substantial ejaculation.

There was a ten year period when I did not engage in this behavior, then I resumed it for a few months when I was 38. It was during that time that i took greater chances in spite of the risk. I would be naked longer, delaying orgasm as long as I could. Sometimes I would masturbate twice. I found myself thinking about it during the day. planning where I might go to masturbate.

At that time I began dating a woman. Mutual masturbation was part of our sex life. We would masturbate one another or watch each other masturbate. Without confessing my previous experiences, I asked her if she every did it outside. She had not, but was intrigued. For a couple of years we occasionally got naked outside and masturbated or had sex.

#outside   #naked  

I hate the states of illinois & Missouri

Illinois worst state second to missouri I loath this area. Why would i want to live in the midwest when this area has not brought me any enjoyment.

I'm not thee only individual in society who loaths these states . Lot have fled the midwest.

#hate   #hatethestateofillinois   #hatethestateofmissouri  

hi,i am m 22
i don't know where to start. i am finding myself in a horrible situation these days. I took admission in a costly university for my graduation degree. I had spent all of the money for my fees over the years on myself and my girlfriend who does not have a clue about this. She thinks i am some rich brat. She loves me a lot and i love her.I always had thought i will make out a way out of my misery. But the problem is now my days here are going to end and i don't have a single clue for what i am going to do next. I want to support my family, i want to give everything to my girl, but all these hopes are fading away. i quit smoking 2 weeks ago, and that is the only thing i had done right in my past 5 years Now i am restless all the time.

#hopeless   #despair   #lies  

There's a boy in my secondary school who is absolutely gorgeous, with green eyes and brown hair. I've been obsessed with him for over a year. I feel embarrassed to tell anyone, even my two best friends, because I'm a black female with short hair and a wide nose, and I'm quite chubby, so why would a boy like him go for a girl like me? Even worse, there is chemistry between him and my curvy Asian friend, who has long silky black hair and is gorgeous. No matter how much I try to beautify myself, I still look like a big ugly lump.

I've called the Alcoholics Anonymous and asked them which wine would match perfectly to fish.
They didn't answer me.

#evilness   #joke   #funny  

I feel lost. A year ago I was in the hospital from dka and I was in a coma for almost two weeks. My previous ex saved me from dying but also left me because of me being sick. I've always been depressed and I've always been okay with the idea of dying deep down inside. I try to push it off and try to bury myself in other people's problems so I can help them and I even help others out of depression but I can't help myself. I'm with someone very special to me but I still feel like I'm just not suppose to exist. I can't fight the feeling that I'm holding everyone back and I'm just getting in the way and that my condition is just making people feel sorry for me. I have a problem with accepting that people love me because I just can't love myself. I can't shake the feeling of needing to be gone. I can't shake feeling like no one should have saved me when I almost died. Like they should have been late and that I should have died. I just want everyone to be happy because I just can't be. I'm tearing people apart and pushing people away because I feel like I'm hurting people and I don't want to hurt anyone anymore. Why do I feel so alone when I have someone who cherishes me more then anything in the world. I don't understand why I'm like this. I can't understand why I wanna die so much but I do and I have no one I can say this to because if I do they will just call me crazy but am I so crazy to want everyone to be happy and not feel like I do? I want people to feel free to do what they want without worrying about sick me at home. I don't want to be a burden anymore even when they tell I'm not o still feel it. I know it inside that I'm just holding everyone back. That I'm hurting people like I hurt inside...I just don't wanna feel alone anymore. I don't trust myself or my thoughts alone anymore. I'm just broken....

There is this woman in our office that I just cannot stand. She is always complaining and she is really overweight. She is always complaining about the shitty office equipment and if she has nothing to say about that, she is complaining about her weight and crying loudly that she needs to lose weight. I have a sweet tooth and have always some chocolate or other sweets with me and I know started asking her if she'd like some. Of course, I am all smiles and friendly, because I only want to share my good stuff, ya know?
She always declines, but I see how she's struggling and that fills me with so much joy.
Please forgive me for my disgraceful attitude.

#fat   #colleague   #office   #complaining   #chocolate   #overweight  

One time in class the professor was super upset. A boy had just yelled at her in class, and she was clearly on edge. I muttered something under my breath and she yelled at another girl and kicked her out. The girl tried to deny it, but the professor threatened to have the police escort her out if she didn't leave immediately. This girl got thrown out of class because of me. Horrible right?! I thought of confessing that I was the culprit, but I really needed to be in class.

#college   #professor   #angry   #university  

I have a bad tendency to get violent when I'm angry and I'm scared of my self I forget who I am and what I'm doing and I blank out and don't remember anything unless I'm told what I have done and tbh it scares me not knowing what I do when I lose it I feel like I should be in a mental asylum I hate myself for getting violent

it is the birthday of a female colleague today. she is only 21, has a kid and single. Im married and have a kid too. we have always been very closed, up to the point where at some point other people were thinking we were having an affair. i bet she knows that i have a little crush on me and so does she. i gave her some sexy lingerie as a present and later, she went to the toilet to take a pic of them on her and send me. i was so aroused and i told her she was very sexy in it. she asked if i was having a boner and i told her yes. she told me to go to the mans toilet and to message. which i did.
we were pretty shy at first but we ended up sexting in the toilets. we came hard. it was so hot. now everytime i see her in the office, we have a little smile. maybe one day it will be the real thing for me and her. she is a hottie.

#unfaithful   #office   #sexting   #birthday   #lingerie  

I peed in the coffee of my boss 5 minutes ago.

#confession   #secret   #coffee   #urine   #evilness  

The wife of a new client came into my shop this am and offered to 'sweeten the deals' if I am willing to reduce the rate for them and not issue receipts.
She is a tall, large framed woman with some heft. I did ask her what she could offer in form of sweetness.
She flat out told me that she has a very large clit that is made for sex.
Take that, woman's liberation and equality activists!
A client per proxy is willing to prostitute herself to gain financial advantage.
I will take her up on her offer. She is married, not I am; she has to sort out her conscience, not me.

#client   #offers   #largeclit  

The last two weeks, I stole more office supplies and was more time on the internet than I worked.

#office   #supplies   #internet   #work   #lazy  

I jackoff multiple times a day, many times.while.driving


I fucking hate myself. I feel like life isn’t worth living anymore. I don’t care about anything or anyone anymore. Everyone’s always pushing me to date someone or find someone to love. But the truth is, I fucking hate everyone! In order to care for someone, you have to be cared for by someone else which never happened to me. Parents never loved me as a child, as a matter of fact, they see me as a disgrace to their race. I’m not really sure why I’m this way, but hate is my strongest and dominant emotion. Fuck everything! Fuck everyone! Fuck this life! And FUCK YOU!!!

#fuck   #bitch   #mofo   #cunt  

i feel cheated, depressed about no rights, no word back no phone call over lost mail and money cheque. got on to ombudsmen and parliament and no word yet. suppose i am just another complaining old bag to them, always calling complaining - they must know me well as the complainer.

college upsetting me, health worrying me- feeling dizzy a lot, never enough money lately.

I am the worst in the world if I am happy for others but people never are for me.
I get abused and I am supposed to pretend and I won't

i speak the truth. i am the worst in the world to see bad in others, like cousin off loading her kids, my aunty drinking and
don't want her ripping me off, ballet isn't their thing. I get most of the shit thrown at me, don't know if i can trust my cousin or not.
she is not a open deep conversation person. and distant. i shouldn't miss judge her. give her the benefit of the doubt?
but then roz says I could tell you more that would shock me, well please do. i want to know if it regards me or what i have missed out on.
high tea disappointing, no friends.

money worries and pets sick, i have literally had fleas in my hair, bed, clothing on the bus etc. and house messy. no one to help with everyone sick here, father too proud and stropy to allow others to come in and help clean house

I have been frauded everywhere I ever been.

#get   #me   #out   #of   #here  

I've always been an A+ student. Not once did I get a B, not even an A-. Funny story; one time my teacher entered in the wrong grade and told me about it and how I thought I got an F in the class, even though it was a mistake, I started crying my eyes out. I didn't forgive myself when I showed up late to class or turned in a homework assignment 5 minutes late. That's not why I'm writing this confession. I cheat, a lot. I am a university student with perfect grades, and the only way I can get those grades is if I cheat. I will not pass the test, even if I studied day and night for it if I don't cheat on it. That started during my second semester in college and ever since, I've been lazy and discouraged and have no will or reason to continue on with school. The thing is, I know it's wrong, and even if I ever get caught, I will not care whatsoever. But I can't stop myself. I've violeted my trust in myself. My family's and friends' trust in me. The dean of the school and all my professors who have congratulated me on my excellence.

#mistrust   #cheating   #plagiarism   #college   #student   #professors   #work  

My friend is bi and he pushed his luck touching my cock in a strip club, it upset me. After some years we were with a female friend of him. And thing get weird, they end up having sex. I saw his cock and it turns me on so much. I have small pines and his is nice long and thick. Few days later he and I were having a drink and he started to get horny and I notice his big bulky cock under his pants. I mention that I was impressed the day he fuck her friend because muñe is small. He said let me see it? And I did. He said is no that bad. I said I would like to have it like yours. He get it out and said. Do you like it? I said yes. And he said you can touché it if you want. So you can feel a bigger one than yours. I did and immediately feel like I want to suck it. I started stroking nice and slow. He lean back and closed his eyes. A dis more stroking squishing harder and he said wow it feels so good. It was all what I needed to get ahead and put my mouth in that gorgeous cock head. If feels so good and as if I had do it before naturally I was masterly sucking his cock. I felt his hands nice and gently leading my head forward to get his cook deeper in my mouth. I was so turned on that it went so deep passing my throat and felt something nice and warm going into my throat. Amazingly his cock didn't shrink as mine does when I came. I managed to swallow first time, and still so horny that I continued liking his shaft from the head all the way to his balls. He took my head to made me see him and he asked me are you gay? I said no it’s my first time and I just love your cock. He gently get me down to keep pleasing his gorgeous cock. I want sucking nice and slow and he asked me to go faster. So I did. He say I’m coming again. I knew I want to get that in my mouth. But this time I get them in the mouth instead of all the way in the throat. And feel his sperm in my mouth made cum right in my boxers. His cock reduced the size but not completely. I swallow all the cum. We took a break while he was complaining how great bj. I did his cock started getting hard again. I took another ten minutes licking his balls and shaft and of course giving great attention to the head. Until he said get it in the throat. I just suck my head all the way to make sure his head passed my throat and made him happy. Unfortunately it was the only time because he get a new girlfriend and has no tome for bisexual time. If you have a nice cock and want a great bj.

#bi   #friend   #toofar  

I caught my little sis and boyfriend screwing. It was such a weird feeling. I liked and didn't like it at the same time. They were going at it and getting into it like I have never seen or experienced. I just stood there silently and watched. Now I am so confused in so many ways and no idea what to think or do. I confess to being lost.

#horny   #bothered   #confused   #lost  

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