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Pride Confessions

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I confess that after 30 minutes on this website, I can think of no sins to confess. Could I be more arrogant?

#confession   #arrogance   #pride  

Im gay, I think me and this guy are in love with each other and I don’t know what to do and I’m not sure

#gay   #pride   #love   #confession   #secret  

I have known that I am gay for a very long time now....but still, I have not been able to be in a relationship yet. I had many sexual encounters in my life but all of them seem to fade away after the deed. Sometimes I feel like I will never get into a real relationship and that makes me both anxious and lonely but I can't even talk to anyone about this. I am not handsome or hot or attractive for that matter, so it really seems impossible to have a stable relationship. Maybe its because I have a bad personality too or maybe I am not a good person that I think I am in this situation. Anyway, It really feels great once you express it outright. Thank you.

#lbbtq   #pride  

One day I decided to wear a flesh toned bra underneath assort of see thru tank top with all these little sequins and rhinestones to work. It was a warm sunny morning and I decided to walk as it was only about 5/6 blocks. I had on tight black jeans and that sparkly top and was looking GOOD! Horns were tooting and this really well dressed suit type stopped sipping his coffee and said "Dayum! Woman you are hot!" I loved it! Made me feel like a 16 year old. I stuck out my chest making my 36DD look even bigger. My ego was super inflated for about a week!

#sexy   #pride  

I wasn't planned and I'm a family disappointment. I'm damn proud of it.

#pride   #family  

K. So I’m 13. And well I guess my parents are kinda if lgbtphobes , I donno really, I’m perfectly fine with it but my parents not so much. Wich is absurd cuz my aunt came out as bisexual and they didn’t say anything, but whatever. Anyway, for the past few months I’ve kinda been questioning my sexuality. It’s been absolutely terrifying tho. Just the thought of telling people who I am. It’s really scary. Also my school. They’re not exactly the most accepting. I have a friend who came out as bi this year and well a lot of ppl have been making fun of her wich is awful but she has so much freaking confidence but the problem is I DONT, so coming out would be terrifying cuz so many ppl have been making jokes of her and it scares me. It scares me so much I don’t think I ever want to come out. So yeah, thanks for reading. Bye

#scared   #lgbt   #pride   #gay   #bi   #homosexual  

I am an orphan. I was one when my parents died so I always lived with my aunt and uncle. They were my only family but it didn't feel like other families I knew. When I came out as bisexual to them they said it was just a phase and I would get over it. It made me feel like shit and it drew an even bigger gap in my relationship with my aunt and uncle. I was going out with this guy and one day we decided to take it to my place. No one was home so I guided him to my ant and uncle's room. We fucked like crazy on their bed and we came all over their bed, multiple times. To this day I don't think they know but they fact I do makes me happy and turned on

#sex   #bisexual   #revenge   #pride  

I also want to come out to my parents but I’m still questioning I am bisexual but I just don’t know how to tell my parents.

#sexuality   #bisexual   #comingout   #pride  

I am bisexual and I want to tell my family but my sister and mom always hate on people who are a part of lgbtq+ and it’s wrong my dad is fine with it. I don’t want to get kicked out of the house but if I say anything I will and I’m only 11 years old so yeah.

#gay   #pride   #comingout  

I am addicted to buy clothes - I am a shop-a-holic.
That's not the biggest problem for me. Everyone in my surroundings told me that I exaggerated with shopping and that I should stop. At first, I didn't believe them and kept on shopping, I did this until I was broke. Every single month.
Now I noticed it myself. But I am just to pride to admit to them that they were right. So now I keep on buying and wasting money just to show them I don't believe them.
I am just stupid, why do I do that?!

#clothes   #shopping   #addited   #pride   #lie   #money  

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