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Job Confessions

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I was 19 and a groomsman in a buddies wedding and the flower girl was a teen ager at 15.She was dressed up very cute in a very poofy,white,short sleeve,above the knees,flower girl dress with a veil,white gloves,lace anklets and white mary jane shoes.I was really taken aback by how little girlish she looked!During the wedding dance,her and i danced and she was so sweet and nice and innocent.I started talking to her and soon we slipped out of the dance hall and found a class room that was empty and went in.I told her how cute she looked and she was flattered and then we started kissing.A few minutes later,i put my hand under the back of her dress,and to my surprise,she was wearing cloth baby diapers with plastic baby pants over them! I asked her why she was wearing them and she told me her mom had her wear them to make her feel little girlish for her role as the flower girl.I got very aroused and undid my pants and pulled them down and put her hand on my hard cock and she started to massage it.I then unzipped the back of her flower girl dress and pulled it off of her and dropped it to the floor.I then fully saw the baby diapers and plastic babypants and she looked somewhat like a baby! I then took her camisole off of her and she was just in her veil,and the diapers and baby pants.I pushed her to her knees and thrust my hard cock into her mouth and told her to suck it.After a couple of minutes,i held her head with both of my hands and thrust her head back and forth,shoving my cock as far down her throat as i could.I kept it up,and a few minutes later i came in her mouth,and she gagged and coughed and i forced her to swallow my whole load.She then sucked me some more and then i was done! I helped her put her camisole back on then her dress,and we went back to the dance.I was heartless i know and have regrets about making her give me the blowjob and know it must have been humiliating for her to do it,especially wearing the cloth diapers and plastic babypants!

#flowergirl   #diapers   #blowjob  

Ever since my girlfriend Brittany went and watched "50 shades of grey" with her girlfriend Sara, she has been gradually sissifying me. She now has me wearing panties daily, of her choosing. She has me dressing as a French Maid 2 to 3 times per week at home and serving her. She has her friend Sara come over and I have to serve both of them. She recently made me learn a song and dance routine so I could perform "boogie woogie bugle boy of company B" for her and Sara. But she had changed a lot of the words. So the chorus said "I'm the cock-gobbling slurpy slut of Mistress Brittany". I am pretty sure Brittany is grooming me for some bi-action. So embarrassing!!!

#barry   #blowjob   #mistress  

I am visiting my parents of the holidays and I got here a week ago.
Last weekend I decided to you to a club and meet some old friends I haven't seen in a while.
I got there early and decided to get drunk at the bar while waiting.
After a short while, this girl from high school ( I am now in college) came to me and started chatting me up.
Back then, I was madly in love with her but she just used me for rides and money and booze.
She broke my heart.
After some talking she confessed to me that she had serious financial problems and that she didn't knew how to pay for her next semester at college.
I was kinda drunk at this point, so I told her "I'll give you 200 bucks for a blow job" she considered it for maybe half a second and then agreed.
After the agreed I just took off with the words "I just wanted to see how desperate you are".
That was my revenge for breaking my heart in high school !!!

#high   #school   #crush   #revenge   #bar   #club   #drunk   #blowjob   #money   #broke   #girl   #confession   #sin  

I let guys suck my cock - and I highly recommend it to other guys everywhere.

I'm straight, married, in my mid 40's and I get blown by guys. The more I look around, the more common this seems to be, but even if not, fuck it. I was freaked out by it at first, and even a bit ashamed, but it's super convenient, and my wife isn't into sucking me off, so I've got a couple guys that I can hit up for a BJ whenever I want. The visual isn't so great, but you get used to it, and they have no problem with me playing porn. Pretty clearly, guys who love to suck dick are totally all about providing the best experience, so whatever makes it work best for me is what they want. I think this is why shit like this goes on all the time but nobody ever talks about it. It's totally hedonistic. It's all about me and getting the kind of BJ I'm in the mood for, be it a five minute quickie, or a leisurely half hour or so of getting my brains sucked out.

I probably get 4-5 BJs a month, but the great thing is, it's all up to me. There's no real relationship to worry about (though we are friendly), no drama, and if I'm not horny, I just don't go. No one's going to call me to ask where I've been or if I want to come around today. On the other hand, if I'm going through a horny phase, I could swing by every day and it would also be no big deal. It's just so straight forward! I don't have to manscape, or bring flowers, I just have to take a seat and get blown.

Oh, and do I have to point out that someone who really loves to suck dick tends to do it really well? My one guy is gay and he's all about throat action, he likes to take it deep and massage it with this throat muscles. The other guy is bi and prefers to do some crazy shit with his tongue. Both not only swallow, but love doing it. Neither wants anything more from me and they don't even try to get undressed. No drama, no commitment, no worrying about it being anything more than it actually is, just a blowjob.

Again, this all took some getting used to, but where the fuck are you going to find a woman who'll blow you whenever you want and with no hidden agenda? Honestly, it's fucking great and I highly recommend it!

#blowjob   #straight   #gay   #bisexual   #practical  

I work downtown, our offices have been open with limited personal. In my house life is bad, so I volunteer to go to the office. At the office there is a security guard, his name is Dan. He comes by once or twice a day making his rounds. On one occasion when I was the only one in the office he offered to give me a blowjob. I agreed and he jerked me off and gave me a blowjob and I came. He was happy to clean up, giving me a tongue bath and offering to come by again. Several days later I went past his station and asked how he was doing and he was businesslike and cold so I left him alone. I would like to reciprocate, I left him a note and asked what his schedule was maybe we could meet for a beer or coffee but he hasn't responded.


I'm a crossdresser, and have been for over 20 years. A few weeks ago, I met another crossdresser and we sucked each other off, the first time I ever sucked a dick. Since then, I've sucked two more, and I want more. I love it.

#sex   #crossdressing   #blowjobs  

20f - I just did my first blowjob and it ended up being with a co-worker. (I have always been the proper girl)

I work at a restaurant and after closing some of us had drinks out back. A few left and it was just me & Anzar left.

In my family my mom always said I should stick with Latinos or a white guy if he’s wealthy lol.

Well, Anzar is black and sexy lol. Anywayz while we were flirting he pulled one of my boobs out and I immediately got so weak in that moment that I pulled my other one out.

Once he pulled my skirt up I just lost it, I gave him head right in the back alley parking lot. I told him I didn’t want to go all the way he said it was ok just to keep suckin him. He eventually came on my face because I didn’t wanna swallow lol. hey I’m a rookie leave me alone lol.

#sex   #blowjob  

I am over being ashamed of what I did not do. I sat there, he sucked me. I didn't suck him.


When I was 17 a stranger in a bathroom asked if he could give me a blowjob. I was always curious so I let him and I came right away and he swallowed it all. Since then I’ve played with men and enjoy putting my cock in their mouth.

#firsttimegay   #firstblowjob   #bi   #gay  

I started a new job fairly recently. It's an office job and I have a lot of new colleagues.
Someone started calling me Dennis on my first day there. My name is not Dennis and is not even lose to Dennis.

But I am really shy and anxious when it comes to social situations, so I did not correct them when they started calling me Dennis.

It's been 3 weeks now and most of them started calling me that.
Well, I guess I am a Dennis now.

#job   #new   #wrong   #name   #correct   #work   #office   #colleagues   #anxious   #shy  

I haven't told anyone about this and I really feel the need to get it out. I was at my local strip bar, taking a piss in the urinal. I had had a few beers so was a little buzzed. I glanced over sideways and saw a black older guy, like maybe 50, taking a piss too. I'm 34 years old. I recognized this guy as someone who just had a lap dance. Apparently he was still somewhat hard because I noticed he still had a what I suspected was a partial boner. This guy was honestly hung like a horse. I couldn't stop looking. I've never ever had a gay experience but this was weird. He caught me looking and just smiled. He then said, it's ok people stare at my cock in the bathroom all the time. I kind of nervously laughed and said I didn't mean to. He again said its ok, it's a big cock. He then invited me into the bathroom stall to jerk off, as he said we were both probably horny. I said it's ok but he said he's not gay either and opened the stall door and motioned me in. He said come inside, so I did. He pulled out his huge dick and started jerking it. He told me to pull out mine but I said I didn't want to. He then put my hand on his cock. I froze and couldn't pull it away. The bathroom stall was disgusting and I wanted to leave. I thought we'd get caught too. I kept my hand on his cock and then he started moving it for me and I started jerking his cock. I started getting really turned on, probably because of the beer. He then put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me slowly to my knees. He then put his hand on my head and guided his cock into my mouth with the other hand. Well it didn't take long for him to cum and he had a very heavy load. It surprised me at first and after a couple of shots in my mouth I pulled his cock out but he kept cumming on my face and clothes. After he was done, he put his cock back in his pants, apologized for cumming in my mouth, he said it was an accident. He then left the club.
I don't know how to feel about this but I needed to tell someone, which is why I came on here. I feel used and gross and I'm not gay but I felt excited for that moment.
I've seen this guy three more times at the same club. He always waits until I go to the bathroom and then follows me in. I've done the same thing to him on each occasion. I feel used and excited at the same time. I'm very confused on this.

#sex   #bathroom   #blowjob   #gay   #cum  

I'm a middle aged black guy, father of five sons, but about two years ago I met a white guy on Craigslist. We exchanged a few emails, and agreed for me too meet him at his workplace. He worked nights, alone. I met him there and went into a dimly lit room, where he dropped his pants and briefs, and out popped a huge white cock. He sat in a chair, I dropped to my knees and sucked his dick. I never dreamed I would suck another man's cock, but there I was, stroking and sucking a big, white cock. It filled my mouth completely!

If I'm single ever again, I'm going to suck sooooo much cock. It turns me on, knowing my throat's being used, it makes me feel like an absolute cum dumpster and goddammit I want to feel that. I want to be used. Let me feel like a slut one more time...

#blowjobs   #slut   #cum   #cock  

I gave my bf the best birthday present by surprising him. We always hang out with our common friends for a drink. that night we were at a friend's place and I know one of his fantasy is me to blow him in front of his friends while we are drunk. i have always refused but this time i took out his penis and suck it. i even swallowed his load. i bet our friends, especially the guys enjoyed the show.

#blowjob   #bf   #friends   #drunk  

Mother's boyfriend took me shopping and bought everything. Changing, teasing, and showing him way too much worked. On the way home I said the least I could do was give him a blow job. I have him wrapped aroung my finger. Now I feel like such a slut when he's around. And I like the naughty feel that goes along with it. Will anything happen? I like to think so when I masturbate. Oh so horny.

#tease   #show   #slut   #nasty   #masturbate   #control   #horny   #blowjob  

My idiot sister in law got drunk at a party in June at her other sisters up in Pennsylvania. We were staying there for the weekend too for their daughters high school graduation and was flirting with her husband all night telling him that she was "gonna get you tonight!" when they went to bed later.
She got so drunk that she went in the wrong guestroom and gave me a blowjob,I had laid down because my back hurt and I was tired from the long drive, before she passed out drunk.
She's pretty, slim but is a drunk and at 33 she is starting to look older from all the boozing most likely.
She was calling me "Bill", her husbands name, and gave a helluva blowjob I have to admit.
I came in her mouth.
I didn't fuck her because she passed out but I probably would've if she'd stayed awake.
I doubt she even remembers giving the blowjob she was so drunk.
I never told my wife.

#adultery   #stupidity   #oral   #blowjob  

I have a major foot fetish. I just love sexy women's feet. Some of my family members and I went to visit family out of state. I slept on the living room couch one night and my female teen cousin on an air mattress next to me with her sexy soles right in front of me. OMFG! I tried sucking them at first. She denied me. But I think only because she was a bit shy and nervous. She already knew I loved her sexy feet. I woke up in the middle of the night. Her feet were exposed. My heart was racing but I couldn't resist. I went to town on those toes. I sucked them. Rubbed them and licked btwn her toes. They smelled so effing good. Her soles were so soft. And my dick was so hard and wet in the process. She looked to be asleep the whole time. But not sure if she woke and was secretly loving every second of it. I guess I'll never know. I wish I could have came on her feet and left it there. I want a foot job from her so bad. And I want to fuck her too and lick her butthole she's so sexy. I will remember that night for the rest of my life.

#feet   #toes   #rimjob  

A few years ago I was living in a trailer park. Straight out of high school and desperate to be on my own. There was an older man a couple of trailers down. Seemed to be a cheerful, friendly guy. He offered me a beer a couple of times when I was still underage.

One night he asked me over to help him with a small do it yourself project in his trailer. We finished that up in a few minutes and he gave me a beer. We sat on his couch and talked. Soon he had his hands on me and kept asking if he was being too forward.

As I was still a virgin, I figured a gay cherry popping was better than none at all. He gave me my best (and first) blowjob followed almost immediately by a second blowjob. I figured it was my turn so I gave him my best amateur blowjob which he seemed to enjoy despite my fumbling.

We kept getting it on a couple times a month. He had a girlfriend as well and explained sex with men didn't exclude girls. Later that year I got a girlfriend and my gay adventures tapered off. But I was always thankful he gave me a push into sex.

#blowjobs   #bisexual  

I spend a lot of time at my girlfriends house. I have gotten really close to her family since we started dating. Her mother seems to really have taken a liking to me because she is very flirty and innocent. I spend the night a lot and sleep in a separate room than my girlfriend because her parents are looking out for everyone. One morning I woke up to her coming into my room to see if I wanted anything for breakfast. I politely told her I was good and she then sat on the edge of the bed. I felt a little awkward when she did this. She asked how I slept and I told her I slept fine. She then proceeded to lift up the blanket and stare at my boner and said oh it does look like you slept fine. Without hesitation, she put her hands down my pants and grabbed my cock and slowly jerked me off. She went faster and faster until I just pulled my pants off completely and spread my legs and let her work. I was breathing heavy and she asked me if I like when she jerked me off. I softly said this feels amazing please don't stop. She leaned in and kissed me then moved toward my cock. When she got there she wrapped her lips around my shaft and gagged herself all the say down. I felt like I was going to explode then it came. Warm salty cum gushed out of my cock into her mouth and she swallowed every last ounce of it. She pulled my pants back up and asked how it was. I laid there in ecstasy unable to speak and she stood up and said that what I thought then walked out of the room and into the kitchen.


I worked as a lifeguard. Per se it's bad but today it got really bad. I got fired!! Because I fought with a stupid teenage boy who tought could annoy me the whole time and break all the rules.
Wouldn't be too bad if he hadn't lost 5 teeth and I just stood there and laughed. My hands were covered in blood.
Well, now I am jobless. Maybe I'll try to become a bouncer...

#lifeguard   #fire   #teeth   #fight   #boy   #jobless   #bouncer  

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