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Anger Confessions

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Yesterday, I shouted at some stranger at the cash desk of a supermarket because he accidentally jostled me. He apologized and everything but I was furious. I was never so angry in my life before, I really don't know where it came from. I insulted him and called him some terrible names.
Now I am very sorry and hope he will forgive me.

#stranger   #insult   #supermarket   #forgive   #terrible  

Im 18 and i hate myself, i always have, i was born the youngest sibling and i was always the most annoying brat in the world, I couldn’t stop myself i had no self control from irritating everyone around me, it drove my mother to the point of beating me when i was 7, recently i was diagnosed by a doctor for having manic bipolar disorder and depression, i find i can never enjoy myself in social situations, i have a girlfriend but i dont want her to be with me anymore, I’m not the person i used to be.. i never was. I just want to finish, life is just day after day of agony and pain.
I cant make sense anymore. My brain is fucked!!

#sadness   #suicide   #anger  

Don’t be so happy, I don’t really forgive people, I just pretend like it’s ok and wait for my turn to destroy them.

#anger   #irritated  

I often pretend to trip or to fall down because I crave for closeness to others. And if someone helps me, I feel very good. I used to look out for women but today I don't care as long as someone touches me.
I do have friends but I like the physical contact with strangers. And please don't get me wrong, I just "like" it, it doesn't make me horny or something.

#trip   #fall   #closeness   #help   #strangers   #touch   #confess  

I’m a very large powerful man. I’m usually very passive. But this pandemic has revealed a large number of healthy people who refuse to wear masks or practice social distancing.
I think I might start just running into them when they violate my space. Up till now I’ve tried to dodge out of the 6 foot zone. But I’m vaccinated now. Maybe I should start ruffling their feathers a little when they’re being so rude. A way of showing them they shouldn’t be intimidating others.
I don’t know. It’s against my nature. But these people are causing others to die.


I absolutely hate and despise a certain fat, disgusting, toothless slob on the internet who goes by the name "Brett Keane" and yes he tells everyone his real name in his youtube videos when he introduces himself, so I'm not doc dropping by saying it. Unfortunately, he has no problem doc dropping other people. He did that to many people years ago. The fat piece of shit has been trying to get famous on the internet for 20 years now, but he always gets caught up in petty drama with people, he lies and slanders them. If they attack him back, he pretends to be the victim and tries to get their accounts banned. Either from youtube, twitter or whatever social media he is actively using at the time.

I was nice to him and on good terms with him many years ago until he stabbed me and all his friends in the back. He would run chatrooms where people could discuss religion/politics or video games, he will be friends with you until you reveal a secret thing about yourself, then he will blast it all over the internet if you ever say something that annoys him, and he gets very easily annoyed.

He claims to have agoraphobia which is his excuse to why he lays in bed all day and wont get a job. His wife works and he treats her like shit. She even filed domestic abuse charges against him many years ago, before forgiving him and taking him back. All of this has been outed on the internet. He has become a lol cow and a dumpster fire that a popular podcast called "the drunken peasants" used to make fun of. Brett loves to talk shit publically about anyone who disagrees with him, sometimes he even slanders people by calling them pedophiles, with no fucking evidence. If you cross him he will instantly block you and then try to have your account banned. Publically he pretends to be a nice guy who gets attacked for no reason, but everyone knows that he is an evil pathetic piece of shit. Brett has been banned from YouTube and twitter many times, but always comes back with a new account, to continue his bullshit. Of course he claims that he was always banned unjustly and that he is the victim.

His new routine is pretending to be a hardcore Christian conservative trump supporter. But not long ago he was an atheist who attacked Christians. He is a fraud, always asking for donation money.

I hope he dies.

#hatred   #anger   #revenge   #hate  

I am filled with anger. Anger that is slowly bleeding away to hate.

Everyone is so fucking busy blaming and blamming each other into the dirt. Nobody either seems to or wants to understand, that regardless of your age, sex, gender identity, whatever label you proudly slap onto your chest, that we're all people just trying to get to the next fucking day.

You ever catch yourself wishing for super powers or magic? Doesn't matter how old you are, everybody does it from time to time.

Every time I come back to the same thing: Someone the entire world can rally together against. Of course it would never work and it's a fucking pipe dream, but it only fuels my fucking hate for the people around me.

I don't have high expectations. In fact they're rather simple. Survive, help others survive, get to that next sunrise, then figure it all out again, with the only ever present constant being that we, Humanity, are stuck on this goddamn dirtball TOGETHER.

But the only ones interested in saying anything like that only care about the audience they'll bring. The "clicks and the views" WOOOOO.

Fuck them.
And fuck you if you're one of them.

This will likely be buried in the sands of time. Sure maybe one or two, shit I might even get lucky and twenty whole people will see it.

But will it change anything? Will it get anyone to think? No. Because I'm either:

Alt-right because I don't agree with someone.

Alt-left because I don't agree with someone.

A Nazi, because I don't agree with someone.

Whatever fucking low budget brain label these fucksticks want to stick because I don't agree that there is one bad side and one good side.

And if you are one of those people, I just have a small, tiny, itty bitty criticism for you:




I'm going to die soon. The stress of being in this fucking world actively agitates bodily damage I've sustained and sicknesses I've suffered throughout life. I'm going to die, filled with hate for Humanity, all because these stupid fucks can't figure their shit out and that inability is going to be the fucking cause.

It's not everyone. There are those out there. The outliers. You know who you are.

And before anyone freaks the fuck out, I'm not acting out above kicking a shrubbery or two in my own yard.

These people, however much they fucking enrage me and fill me with hate and EMBARRASSMENT for being related to you on a genological level, are above wasting my time on aside making a random post on the internet nobody will fucking care about.

I don't think I deserve forgiveness.
I just want people to know.
However few.

#rambling   #dunno   #feltsadmightdeletelater  

I get mad easily at people I feel really bad it hurts them and me

#feelings   #anger   #people   #confession  

So my girlfriend and I had a long fight last night... I would go into details but I don't have the energy to type... Right now though... She's been talking too much about hurting herself... She's had a history and I've made he promise not to do that so she hasn't yet... But she keeps talking about it... I wanna hurt myself and show her how much it'll hurt me of she hurts herself... But if I do that I'll be hurting her myself... What do I do

#love   #pain   #anger  

I am married for 8 yrs and recently started fucking strangers without my husband knowing. I meet them on a site and have had sex with 7 men at hotels some more than once this past month. One week i slept with guys just this week i fucked two guys and am meeting another. I crave dick constantly i want men to have their way with me fuck me and spank me and pull my hair I cant get enough... One guy i had just met i let fuck me bareback even thou its dangerous he fucked me seven times and i had cum dripping out of me when i left he came in me so much. I want dick all the time..

#sex   #strangers   #hotels   #cum   #married  

Sometimes when I masturbate I say the name of this guy who used to be my fuck-friend. I met him when he was 19 and he was so cute and innocent. The years went past and he was still cute but no longer innocent. I loved doing it with him! Our bodies fit together so well and it was so happy and joyful. He was a pre-med student and I got married and so we didn't see one another for a few years. Around the time that my husband and I split we started seeing each other again. He had totally morphed into pretty much an asshole- he was still living at home and was over whelmed with student loans and other debt. Sex with him wasn't so mind bending anymore, he had developed a bit of mean streak and took it out on younger women- girls really. Those were the only females that still thought he was hot shit, girls barely out of high school. We kept meeting up because we were both horny and liked fucking each other. The last time I saw him he looked tired and a little sad-still living at home. The last I heard he is married and living in a house he parents own. I still think about fucking him, his cock going in and out of me hard and fast. His fingers pinching my nipples while I was riding him and about to come. The way he smelled- always so clean and fresh. And then I want him so bad, I could cry.

#lust   #masturbation   #anger  

I'm angry all the time over how arrogant and stupid my mother is. I just want to punch her in the throat. My mother blames everyone else for all her problems. She’s the one that ignores ever single warning about her fantastic life choices or who to trust. Then when things go south it’s OBVIOUSLY not her fault. Like my cousin, who is a notorious con artist AND has scammed her out of money in the past. She ignored every red flag and decided to buy a car from him. A car that she hadn’t even looked at before buying.That he insisted be paid in cash. It’s been 2 years and she hasn’t seen that car that supposedly exists. Yes, my cousin is an ass hat. However if my mother even listened to other people for once in her life she might see that she’s partially to blame. Maybe she might even make better choices in life if she paid attention to other people’s opinions and beliefs instead of living in her own world of denial and aggressive narcissism. But until that day comes, which it wont, it’s everyone else’s fault.

#family   #familyissues   #narcissism   #stupidpeople   #cantacceptblame   #neverwrong   #anger   #punchingpeople  

My mother has very unrealistic views of the world or life in general. She uneducated, loud and embarrassing. She has an opinion to everything and is very much known for declaring them to everyone who will listen. She spends a lot on money on useless crap, decorating the house with weird shit. She's not working.She has this really big tooth gap which makes her look even more stupid.She works in retail for over 30 years now and she's still not capable of dealing with costumers. She thinks she knows everything and is the best at everything. And now she thinks she needs to belittle me, because I do not want to live in this small dump she calls home. I moved to a bigger city, far far away from her and living my dream of being an architect. She thinks I am stupid to leave my hometown behind and that I will be coming back crying some day because the big city is too scary for me.Fuck you! I am so happy without you!!!I hate you. I hate you. I HATE YOU.

#hate   #anger   #mother   #mom   #mum   #confession   #movingaway   #stupid   #embarrassing   #dream   #uneducated  

I hate my life at the moment. I do not want to pursue a career. I do not want to do anything. I only want people to love me. Why can't they feel the way I do? I appreciate the people in my life so much and I get little back....

#despair   #desperate   #anger   #hate   #lonely  

I got angry. Not in the sense of intentionally harming others. But i was fighting for my life. I fought a disease that is horrible. I refused to go down. But the people around me suffered watching me.
I failed to realize my love was suffering from health concerns as well. I resented people trying to take advantage of us or harm my children.
I almost had a second chance. So close. Then it was back to fighting for my life. Ive done it for so long it is my life. Will be my life. Theres no coming back. No recovering. Only fighting to live. I have to accept there is no saving me. No one i can depend on. No doctor to solve it. No magical cures. I have to go back to where i was before i had false hope. Believe only in me. Do it my way. Live so as to serve those i love.
So i need to tie up loose ends, and move on.


It was 1st Jan 2021 i was partying with my friends in a pub and just ended up making out with a random guy whom I had met 10mins ago like wtf😩
Bt tbh the fuck was good enough😂


My little brother will start school in fall. I am angry with all my relatives and family and friends right now because everyone is telling him that he has to enjoy going to kindergarten because the fun will be over once he starts going to school.
What the fuck??? He is 5 years old! Come one guys!

#school   #brother   #angry   #anger   #relatives   #family   #kindergarten   #fun  

I am 36 and married to my husband since I was 23. I keep my body is great shape, am a natural blonde all over, including "down there". I keep myself looking as good as I can, and naturally look much younger. It's not me, it's genetics, my mother and all her sisters are in their late 50's or early 60's and look like they are 38. I had been to a cocktail party and a friend and I stopped by a well known, large hotel for a drink. She had to leave and I was left alone with my drink. I guess by sitting there alone, dressed in a cocktail dress, I gave men an idea. These two very good looking men, one in his 40's and one in the 50's started buying me drinks. I went to the bar with them. After a bit it dawned on me that they thought I was a prostitute. They also thought I was about 22 to 25, I didn't bother to correct them, on either count. I was showing a bit more leg as we talked, even giving glimpses of my see through panties, and my C cup cleavage. One of them was running his finger in my cleavage the other touching my pussy through my panties. Finally they asked . . . how much to go to the older ones suite and make myself available for the both of them.

It was the point of no return and I had no idea, so I said $ 1000 and they readily took me up on it. Now I really don't get to make money for myself, and never money in that amount. I kept wondering how they'd freak out if they knew I was married (my rings were at the Jeweler being cleaned), a mom to 2, and was a suburban typical mom who would be at a PTA meeting the next evening. I told them that for $1000 it was only one time each. With that they took me up to a huge suite, with open windows looking over the city and had me undress in front of the windows. I was very nervous, not knowing what I'd gotten myself into but I kept going, I had $ 1000 in hundred dollar bills in my purse. They actually gasped when I revealed my naked boobs to them, then again when I pulled down my panties to show my blonde haired bush. It actually felt good to be appreciated and viewed as someone sexy again. It was at that time the older one pulled out another $1,500.00 and asked me if I'd stay with them for 3 full hours, I agreed to 2.

Throughout the time with them it was a blur, I didn't even think about the fact I was cheating on my husband it was purely about sex and me feeling sexy . . . someone wanted me so badly they paid me $2,500.00 to be with me and have sex with me. I sucked the older one till he came in my mouth, the other one was next and when he got hard he laid me on the big bed and saying "I've never had a blonde haired pussy before" he plunged a much bigger cock that I'd ever had before into me and within a few strokes I was riding with him and even came. We did all kinds of positions, ending with me on top and him pulling my hips down and thrusting up inside me as he came in me. Then the next one had a turn and while he was going I sucked the other till he was hard again. The older one shot in me with his average size cock and the second was ready again. Only this time he rolled me over and pulling some cum and my own lube from my pussy to my ass, screwed me anally. He was reaching around rubbing my pussy and my tits, the older one started squeezing my tits and tweaking my nipples too. I'd not wanted to admit that it was my first time having anal, but I guess I was caught up in the complete sexiness I felt and I was willing to let him. He came in me anally, and the older one had me suck him then he pulled out and got on top of me and inserted his cock between my tits, pumped them for several minutes and shot off all over my tits, neck and face.

I asked if I could wash up a bit, and took a shower, cleaning all the cum out of me. The anal cum I got out sitting on the toilet first. Washed up, I came out naked and they had another $1000 for me and showed me pictures they'd each been taking on their phone. There I was moaning and groaning on my belly, my tits being mauled by the guy on top of me who screwed my ass. Another showed me with the cum all over me after I'd been tit fucked. I kissed them both, got dressed and asked them not to spread those around, both of them being married and in the pictures too, I really didn't worry about it much.

I went home, took another shower and my husband wanted to have sex. We did, and I came much faster than normal from remembering what I'd just done. He didn't seem to notice that I was a bit looser, and a little sloppy, though I tried to tighten up as much as possible. I had been the good wife for years, and now had sold my body to men for sex. . . and a total of $ 3,500.00 After a couple of days, I even asked my husband to do anal sex to me and he did. He didn't like it too much, but he does it every once in a while now. I guess for him it's something different too. I keep thinking of that first time when I got paid, of course the guy didn't know I was an anal virgin. Then after a few weeks I get a phone message with the pictures of me being fucked by the two of them. The older one is coming back in town and wants to see me. I agreed that I couldn't stay the weekend, but would be with him for 2 hours at a time, at least 4 times while he's in town. I will be paid $ 8,000.00 for it, more if we meet more than 4 times. He also said that a week later his friend is coming back with another partner and they'd both like to see me together.

I would never have dreamed that I'd do anything like this, but it makes me feel so sexy that men would pay this 36 year old PTA mom to have sex with them. Plus by the end of two weeks, I'll have enough money to buy the new drapes I wanted plus so much more, hell I could even buy a car. Of course I don't know how I'd explain where the money came from to my husband.

#milf   #mom   #paid  

I am married and I like to have affairs I'm on my 6 affair and he don't know I try to have hot sex not just regular so I met a few men who actually fuck me like I want it call me a whore slut I enjoy the force sex I've let these guys rape me and I love it what can I say I love pain

I really am fascinated by blood, is that weird? Sometimes I bite the base of my tongue and press until I taste blood. I’m not saying I love the taste of blood, because I don’t. This is just a repetitive habit, and other times I have liked the feeling when I pierce my thumb with the edge of a steak knife and the blood just drips and drips. Am I too dark? Is this too bad?

Then last week I made a mild slit on my nigh wrist since the knife was incredibly blunt, and I actually really like the way those scars look. And it didn’t hurt at all. I don’t know what I am.

#blood   #pain   #masochism   #hurt   #anger   #vampire   #dark   #help  

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