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Despair Confessions

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I usually sleep on my right side but last light for some reason i could only get comfortable laying on my belly, so i ended up falling asleep that way. I woke up this morning to severe discomfort and quickly realized my penis had twisted up and was pushed into my body and it was fully erect aswell. I tried to pull it out but i felt as if it was locked in two direct ways. It's still like that and it won't go flacid.i'm so embarrases to go to the hospital because i don't egen know what to make of this. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before. I am really freaked out.

#penis   #injury   #weird   #bizarre   #confused   #embarassed   #humiliated   #medical   #distress   #depression   #despair   #desperate  

Just as I neared death God gave me a second shot at life.
I started changing but didn’t change fast enough.
Now everyone I love is paying a heavy price for my failure.


I'm chronically ill and the nausea from it is unbearable. It's so much worse than anything else. I can't concentrate on anything with it, I can't do anything properly, and no one understands it. I would rather be dead than feel this way for the rest of my life

#pain   #despair   #desperate   #confession   #ill  

I really want to die

#fml   #despair   #confession  

I hate my life. I have hit rock bottom. My wife of five years, together for fourteen years cheated lied and style since I met her. We divorced and now I find out she is fucking one of my buddies. He just had a baby. She broke them up. A six months later I meet this beautiful lady, we hit it off, had crazy hot frequent kinky sex, fell in love. Turns out the entire time she has been fucking other dudes from a hookup site. Just before I figure all that out she rips me off.

So I start thinking about this right. There's a trend. All my friends, buddies, even best friends, all the people I've had in my life including the two women have faded away when I can't lend money or help them out. The only people who call me ask for money or favours. I'm not rich by any means, but I share what I have.

Now I'm broke and alone. No friends left, my fucking dog doesn't even like me anymore I think. My whole life everybody who smiles at me has been laughing at me. Look at that idiot go. Moron doesn't even know I'm fucking his woman. Borrowed money off him to go party with other guys.

I'm done. People suck. I have nothing left.

#hate   #despair   #depression   #confession  

I'm freaking the fuck out, or was until I got calm enough to lay down, and I can't really explain why. Pretty sure it's about my utter loneliness that hit me recently.

#lonely   #despair   #crying  

My story and confession is a long and sad one just to warn the reader.

My story begins with prom. I had never dated anyone before asking her to go to my senior prom (male 20 before you ask yourself) and she was a freshman. We danced and were friends before prom, but I took the leap of faith at the end of the night and kissed her. Which started a year long relationship where I absolutely fell in love with her. I would have died for her if I had to, gone through any hardship the world threw at us because I accepted her for who she was and loved her regardless. (Now for the sad part)

Even before the relationship started my life dream was to join the US military. I picked the Navy which she absolutely hated because I had to leave periodically for 4 years (was what my contract was) and left for BT on Feb 4, 2015. She demanded that I write her every day but basic only allowed Saturday's. Anyway, when I hit medical, MEPS never knew I had Aspherger's Syndrome (my recruiter never sent them the files of my diagnosis as a child) and I was sent home on fraudulent enlistment on Feb 27, 2015. (now resolved and cleared through court) When I came home, no one recognized me and my family had a hard time because I was sick, fatigued, depressed, and hallucinating mildly from sleep deprivation. I stood in front of my mom for 15 minutes before she knew it was me. I got a new phone and immediately texted her expecting comfort and compassion.... All I got was the longest, saddest text of my life. She broke up with me because I "didn't love her enough to stay home," essentially. So now completely heart broken, I turn to my friends for support and learning that within a month she had turned all but 3 of my friends against me. All of which now think I'm some kind of sexist asshole who doesn't support women going to college, that I burn down schools, and think I'm a babykiller. Month down the road, I've lost my mind to depression, loneliness, and on Easter day, I find she has done the same thing to my cousins because I caught the one I trust the most talking with her about how "fun it was to watch me in agony," that it was "hilarious to watch me burn and lose my sanity." With that I fucking lost it and walked 2 miles to the rails crying the whole way, begging god to make it stop.... I watched three trains go by.... And the only reason I'm still here to type this is a total stranger dialling 911 and getting the police to talk sense into me. I was hospitalized and told I had mild PTSD, and major depression. Hate was all that remained. To this day I still hate her, have a hard time trusting others, can't make friends, hate life, and have learned to live alone. Lastly the only reason I don't let the hate consume me is that what goes around... comes around.

Thank you for listening.

#despair   #anger  

I am just so damn fucking lazy. There's something I should have done weeks ago, but I just started the process for it today. I lied about it to everyone I know and they think I got my shit together now... More or less.
I need to get my head out of my ass and start doing shit.

#despair   #lazy   #wtf   #confession   #sin  

I feel like I need to be disciplined but I am to afraid to tell anyone I can do some really bad things and get away with it

#discipline   #getaway   #despair   #bad  

For years now I puke my guts out and no one knows about it.
Everyone thinks I am fine and healthy while I hate myself, I just can't be disciplined. Everyone thinks I am happy but I am not.

#despair   #puke   #guts   #healthy   #fine   #hate   #disciplined   #confession   #happy   #secret  

I still can’t let go of my ex but I don’t even want to act like a pathetic depressed ex.It's been 2 months since we broke up and I’m still not over it but outside I’m kinda act good as chill with my friends as I even went on date with other guy after breakup to move on but still can’t get over. So I made up my mind and text him because he finally unblocked me in ig as asked him on a date like causal last date not talking about patchup and all and he said yes. Omfg I’m having finals so will be going after that.

#ex   #love   #pathetic   #date   #despair  

So I consider myself a pretty selfless, goody to shoes person. I just love helping people. But in doing so, I'm tearing away pieces of myself and giving them away. For example, I helped a friend get out if depression. But by doing so I saw my own insecurities, like I gave away my confidence to her. I feel despair. The worst part is I don't know what to choose. Happiness for myself, or helping other people.


I have no goals in life. I have no ambition. I have nothing to thrive for. I have no compassion.
I do not want to waste my life, but I do not know what do change either.
So, I guess, I am just living this blank, unassuming, boring and plain life. And that sucks big time. Why bother living?

#despair   #life   #boring   #lonely   #confession  

I hate my life at the moment. I do not want to pursue a career. I do not want to do anything. I only want people to love me. Why can't they feel the way I do? I appreciate the people in my life so much and I get little back....

#despair   #desperate   #anger   #hate   #lonely  

I was listening to a woman on the radio sing about how I broke her heart. While thinking about how I broke another woman’s heart. All the pain I caused others. I’m sorry. Why do good people love me? I’m not worth it.

#tears   #pain   #sorrow   #despair  

Self harm. Have you ever thought about it. Well please read this first. I promise you haven’t endured worse than me. Maybe as bad. Hopefully the moderators won’t block this post. I’m sure you’d rather hear about my giant penis & all the hot women I’ve had sex with, but there are people hurting, so let’s give them a few moments of our time. Every life is worth saving.
I could tell you about all the physical & sexual abuse I endured. The deaths I’ve seen. The horrors I’ve endured. But thats my burden. Lets say your a rich kid who has been spoiled rotten & wanted for nothing. So what. Your mind can make any life seem unbearable. Even for a young child. Gay. Straight. Disabled. Black. White. Boy. Girl. Undecided. Fat. Ugly. Its all just labels. Are you going to let others label you? If I did that I’d never have accomplished anything. I define me. Inside you have a soul. This world is hard. For all of us. Including you. I can’t promise you even one other person will ever love you. But you can choose to love one other person. Or a hobby. Or a good deed. You just need one purpose to give your life meaning. Pick an animal shelter. Send them a few dollars a month. Find a good charity that helps children. Send them a few dollars a month. Now; without you, a child or kitten will have less to eat each month. Or write a kind letter. Find a person in the world who needs it. Don’t put your name on it. Mail it. Now you sent a gift of love to another without any chance of repayment. You’ve now made the world a better place. For most people; with a little effort, they can get better. Exercise. Therapy. Meds. Happy music. Happy TV. A hobby. Watch sports. Any interest. Young people can usually grow up & move out of their situation.
For others a disease constantly reduces their options. They have less & less chances to change their situation. Two people can be in the exact same situation. One chooses to be miserable. The other tries to be a light for the world.
One tiny light. But with enough tiny lights the whole world can be brightened. But that can be hard. If trying to help others overwhelms you, then stop. Its OK to be selfish if thats how you can survive. Some people are here to touch millions. Others need to focus on saving one precious life, their own. I have no idea why I was here. But I’ve made some positive contributions, even if others didn’t really want me here. As I lay dying once, my final prayer was for the entire world to be spared. All souls. I have no idea how I’m still here. But I can’t live forever. Eventually my disease will win. Poverty will crush me. I’m no angel. Just somebody the world didn’t want. But I loved it anyways.
So I read about a teen who couldn’t face the world anymore. It overwhelmed him. His mom is successful. She seems to have everything. But her son couldn’t see a place for him in this world. So he left. Thats sad. Think about that even a child with health & wealth can break. If he could break, all of us could. Read the news. Look at all the lives cut short. Pray for them. Pray for the loved ones they leave behind. I would like to give his mom a hug. She wanted to follow him. But I’m just a nobody the world doesn’t notice. Hopefully someone in her life will care enough to lift her up.
But that little boy was just one light darkened too soon. Many others are going out too. People need to reach out to them “before” they are gone.
I hope some of you can read this. I can’t afford to read the stories myself, so I hope at least one person decides to fight instead of quit.
As for myself. My body seems intent on failing me. But I’m going to try something. Maybe it will help me hang around a little longer. I hate hospitals. If your problem is in your mind instead of your body, don’t be ashamed. The brain is much more complex than any other part of the body. If a leg or arm is broken do you laugh? Do you mock someone in a wheel chair. How about a little person? The blind? Well then if your disability is in your mind, its no less real than a broke arm. In fact, its much worse. The brain is very complex. Don’t be afraid to see a therapists. Take meds. Go to a hospital for help. Old age or a disease will extinguish your light eventually. No reason to speed that up.
As a child they wrote me off. Yet here I am. Your what “you” decide. Your not the labels people put on you. Don’t look to me for guidance. Look in the mirror & help that person out. They need someone to care about them. So love yourself. If you love yourself, at least one person loves you.

I spent hours writing this. At least one person cared enough to do that for you. So you must matter.



#hope   #despair   #depression   #love   #light  

I outlived my expiration date. I fought to live until a major surgery. I survived. Then I almost died. There’s no way I should have lived. Then I guess I had Covid. I had no money or way to a hospital. I just lay in a floor alone for days barely getting water and a little food.
I did all of that just to find out no one wants to talk to me. Oh I have children. But no car that reach them. No money to live near them. They love me but a disease makes it impossible for me to see them.
I wonder why God doesn’t love me. I served Him my whole life, but He doesn’t care about me.
I get so confused. I called my hospital trying to sort things out. No one knew anything. Then some woman told me off about paying my bills. I don’t owe them any money. I was just trying to find a way to see someone for less money so I could afford to stay alive. She told me off. Said she has co pays with her insurance. Well sure. But she has a job. I can barely walk.
I was just trying to explain to them that I can’t afford to pay more money like they want me too That by limiting when I can see them I can’t walk over 100 miles.


I love my boyfriend and he means the world to me but there's this other guy I think about all the time
I promised myself I'm done with him yet I find myself coming back and it's tearing me apart

#cheating   #love   #relationship   #despair  

Oh you guys do NOT understand how much I hate this fucking shit life. Gosh people annoy me so fucking much, plus I’ve got no friends. UGHHJJ I fucking hate it, you guys just don’t understand words can’t explain how much I hate life NO WORDS. The only good about life is food nothing else. UGHHHHH and I’m not going to kill myself because I still wanna eat, but that’s about all that’s hkeeping me going


hi,i am m 22
i don't know where to start. i am finding myself in a horrible situation these days. I took admission in a costly university for my graduation degree. I had spent all of the money for my fees over the years on myself and my girlfriend who does not have a clue about this. She thinks i am some rich brat. She loves me a lot and i love her.I always had thought i will make out a way out of my misery. But the problem is now my days here are going to end and i don't have a single clue for what i am going to do next. I want to support my family, i want to give everything to my girl, but all these hopes are fading away. i quit smoking 2 weeks ago, and that is the only thing i had done right in my past 5 years Now i am restless all the time.

#hopeless   #despair   #lies  

Pray and roll the dice for #despair

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