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Single Confessions

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I am a nurse, single, attractive, 33 years old. I agreed to let a guy do me once for $500.00. I hated it.

#slut   #nurse   #single  

I use two numbers. I'm on a whole new level of being a single 29 year old male(virgin).

Average looks. 6 feet tall. A little plummy.

Always being friendzoned.

I chat with these two numbers pretending to be a couple.

There. I've said it.

#depressed   #single   #alone  

My wife had trouble getting pregnant so she(we) adopt a child. A half cast girl borne with heroin addiction.
She was a handful at first but did came along nicely. She went kindergarten, now in elementary. One day I got a call from school if I could pick her up (it was mom's day to do so). I did and we came home and she was gone.
I am stuck with a nine year old girl. All kinds of thought run through my head 24/7.

#children   #young   #girls   #single   #parent   #thoughts  

I wish I could have someone special...I don't girl or boy ... I hate being single.its been awhile since I date someone :'(

#bi   #single   #alone   #lonely  

I never had a girlfriend.. or a serious girlfriend more like. I am not bad looking, I have good grades in school and I try to behave like a gentleman. There are definitely girls in my school who would like to go out with me, but those are all underneath my standard. Most are just some sleazies looking for a quick number, but I am looking for something on a long-term basis...
I don't get why I cannot find a girlfriend???

#girlfriend   #single   #lonely   #gf   #sex  

My relationship is ending I'm pretty sure but I can't let go of him , he's no good for my mental health but I love him, I see all my single friends live there life and pretty much fuck anyone and everyone , always telling stories about there wild nights , I fucking miss it but I can't and don't want to leave him

#single   #stuck   #whatdoido  

I wish ‘the one’ or the right guy would hurry up and come already. guys never seem interested in me and i feel forever alone even though i am only 21. guys never ever approach me or ask me out. i rarely also get hit on. this further makes me believe that maybe i am meant to be alone for the rest of my life. i am not fat (5'4 and 125 lbs) and i don’t think i am ugly (at least when i have makeup on).

#alone   #lonely   #single   #romance   #love  

That awkward moment when you read that one of your favorite porn stars is recently single and you get really excited for a second before all of reality bursts your second long fantasy.

#sex   #porn   #fantasy   #single   #hookup   #hookups   #pornography   #adult  

I was to pick up some rock from my friend at his place. When I got there he asked if I'd like to smoke some with him and his cute black girl friend. I agreed, so the three of us did a couple hits. The stuff making all of us horney our conversations turned to sex. It didn't take long before we all were naked. Still doing hits my friend had her suck him in front of me. He then asked me if I would like to go down on his girl. Never having any kind of sex with a black girl I was between her legs with my tongue deep in her slit and tasting how good she was. As I did he had her suck him. Stopping to take another hit, she said it was her turn to get what she wanted. Us listening, she said she wanted to see guys suck and fuck. As high as we were we both took turns sucking each others cock ( first time ever) and soon with little notice I was on my hands and knees as he pushed his hard and very large cock in my ass and fucked me as she watched until he unloaded his cum in my ass. Myself not able to get hard, I was fucked a couple more times through out the night. This was not the last time this happened. It gets more involved in other meetings. I might tell what happened in another confession. By the way this is a true story.


My bf didn’t reply my messages almost 17 days, i guess it’s time to be single again. I love him. I rejected everyone because of him, i will wait for him another one month. I hope when the semester starts, we will be okay again. I hope it’s true when he said that his house doesn’t have internet signal, but deep in my heart i know sometimes he can find the signal. I can see his last online status actually hahahah but sometimes i see he didn’t online for 1 week. Online just for a few minutes but didn’t reply my messages hahhahhahahah
Please say that he wasn’t lying.

#love   #why   #secret   #despair   #relationship   #boyfriend   #single  

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