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Lost Confessions

Read the best #lost confession stories

When I was a kid, I lost my key to open my bike. The janitor at school had to break the lock, so I could get home. After he broke it up, I found the key in my backpack. I never told my dad...

#kid   #key   #lost   #bike   #janitor   #backpack  

I have fallen in love with my ex partners friend. Myself and my ex broke up a short while ago and before we broke up I had a fling with her friend and now I can’t stop thinking about her. She is in a long term relationship and I am willing it to end, although I know it’s a bad idea and would never work. She’s an amazing yet terrible person!!!!

#unfaithful   #lostcontrol   #drivingmecrazy  

Loser who stalks me sends me songs from david bowie. like golden years lyrics "Nothings gonna touch you in these golden years". I am sick of his stick and want some new better one.

#get   #lost  

I found a wallet yesterday. There are over 300 dollars in it and a lot of credit cards, a driver's license, membership cards and so on. My confession is that I took the money without even thinking about it.
That's your own fault Mr. Peter *********, if you want to carry such a big amount of money with you you should watch out for it!
I sent the empty wallet back to its owner, without a note. And I don't regret it.

#wallet   #money   #lost   #confession  

God I’m lost. What do I do?


When I was 14 I was raped by my boyfriend at the time. When I tried to break up with him he threatened to post the pictures of me from that night on every social media imaginable, so I stayed with him for a year he was allowed to be with other people but I couldn't unless it was another girl or one of his friends and both had to be under his consent and used for his pleasure during that year I was verbally and physically abused and raped I was also forced to send him more pictures of myself to add to his 'collection' after he dropped out of school I finally got the courage to break up with him and the next day the pictures were everywhere I was slut shamed everyday for the next 3 years of my highschool career and I know it is not my fault but I feel like it is. 3 years later and I still feel like I will never mean anything more than sex to anybody and I wish I could change that because my heart wants a loving relationship with another but my mind will never let me forget and always gets in the way. I want to marry a virgin so that I know he doesn't want me for sex but I feel like I'll only corrupt the poor boy because I'm just damaged goods . . .

#rape   #abuse   #lost   #boyfriend   #threat   #disgust  

I wish my wife loved me as much as she says she does. I have given her everything and do everything I can to make her life easy. I work so she doesn't have to, I do various chores so she doesn't have to I cook and care for our children but yet everything that comes out of her mouth is negative. We barely have sex and when we do she just doesn't seem interested. I don't want to leave because I fear for my kids, not that they will be beaten but for the upbringing that she would provide would not be ideal. She yells and screams at them more than she should and I feel if I left she would go into a mental break.

#lost   #wife   #love   #despair   #confession  

I have lost my way. I abuse those around me and feel like I have no real low. I have now lost everything in my life for the most part. I was in a relationship with a younger woman whom I fell in love with. We moved in together and things went smooth for a few months. The whole deal was crazy she was married I was in a relationship but we were both unhappy and left our spouses. I thought that I was doing everything right for once. I was making really good money, $100k plus for the year we were together. We stayed in a nice house. I have 3 kids she had one. That was an issue and I thought that she was smart enough to understand what she was signing up for considering she had her masters by 23.

She changed, started being distant and then hiding her phone. I knew something was up and I eventually found out. She was sneaking around with another man. I am sure anyone reading this would just laugh and say i'm an idiot but I fell in love and I trusted her.

I was hurt and I couldn't handle it. I drank, a huge downfall for me. I confronted her and I pushed her up against a wall. She was scared from then on. I don't know what would have happened if that never happened. I still love her. I think about her everyday.

I think I probably messed up one of the best relationships I have ever had by being physical with her. I'm sorry Lauren. I love you with all my heart and if there were any way for me to fix things I would.

I will never forget you and I will always love you Mama Bear

Happy Valentines day XOXO

Your Ex lover (Sad and alone)

#sad   #lost   #stupid  

I’m in love with this guy and we met before I got in a relationship with my boyfriend but sadly we can’t date so that’s when I started dating my boyfriend. Well me and this guy started back talking and my feelings for him have gotten bigger and now I don’t think I want to be with my boyfriend. I feel bad because at the beginning of our relationship it was good and then something happened and it just kinda fell off. Well to make matters even worse my boyfriend got me a promise ring and I don’t want it, I really just want to break it off with him but how do I tell him that after I met his whole family....

#lost   #confused   #love   #crush   #boyfriend   #unfaithful  

Im 13 f n I like this boy 14 (who liked me back) but his parents r strick n he can't date till 16 so we had a "thing" going for us and he was my first major crush so I want it to be amazing n last forever (like any one else would) but I always would never hang out with him get shy n not continue a conversation with him cuz idk what to do or act or anything cuz he was the first person I have really liked any so he ends up just kinda ignoring me n now we don't even talk
I mean I can't hate him we didn't even date n it only lasted for like 3 months
I still like him a lot cuz of who he is and I can't get over him n I would do thing wayyyy different if I had a 2nd change to make it last,even just a Lil longer
I know I sound like I'm so stalker psycho or something maybe but.......he made me happy n I love just to sit next to him n enjoy his company... Now I can't even make eye contact cuz he acts like I'm a wall n he just goes around be.......n I know what ur thinking "u don't need him.,,he's not worth it., he left u, u didn't even date." But it was more than just a Lil crash n I just think if I could just have one more chance it would be so much better
Now I sit up at note wondering how it would be n replaying memory's of us....idk I just had to tell some one......

#lost   #love   #different  

Love. My ex prays. Watches Church. Goes to Church. It’s her life.
When she was at her worst God put me in her life. I helped her rise. Gave her amazing wonderful children.
Then the mother who’d cast her out took over our lives. Her parents used the Church to sway her. She owed them. God said so.
The Bible says your spouse comes ahead of parents. You owe your children ahead of parents. She chose poorly.
She begged me to fix her home. I did. She begged me to try to save one of our children. I got him stable. We were once again a family.
I shopped for her. Made her laugh. Showed her love. I gave her advice that strengthened her body. I made our children laugh again. I taught one of them. I fixed; repaired; maintained, & improved her home. I cooked for them. I cleaned for them. I sang for them.
But her parents felt left out. Out of control. So they persuaded her to send me away again.
It’s sad that older people who falsely claim Christian love put themselves above the young. To have more, but take love and care from those with less.
Love is a bad emotion it seems. It leads us to put others ahead of ourselves. To have children. But others will destroy all of that. Love is not enough.
I’d suggest to others to be selfish. Don’t love. Don’t marry. Don’t have children. To open yourself to love is to make yourself sad. It’s to help create life, then watch them become sad when others who don’t love them as much use them.
I think the best answer is to love only yourself. Put all your efforts into pleasing yourself.
I also devoted my whole life to God and serving others. I gave and gave. But people cast me away endlessly. Gods never there for me. He created all of this mess. This pain and sorrow.
You can spend your whole life trying to spread love. God will just kick you in a ditch. That’s reality. It sucks to accept that. But that’s reality. Maybe God does love us. But He abandons us in our time of need.

#love   #lost  

So I'm in love with someone who was pretty much my best and closest friend for a good year of my life. I dated her cousin for a couple of months, and she didn't like her cousin. And that relationship was just toxic and when I ended it she was happy, and if I ever mentioned her she'd get annoyed and just bitch about her. After awhile of us just being best friends and just messaging everyday and letting eachother in on secrets about ourselves, I started catching feelings. She is 2 years older than me, but whenever we spend time and talk it feels as though we are the same age. We started hanging out just the 2 of us, and gradually we started spending a lot of time together. We talk on the phone for hours every day, while driving, while studying, on the train, before sleeping, we pretty much know everything about each others life on a day to day basis. But whenever we hangout together I try to sometimes get closer to her and hold her. And I just imagine myself holding her and never wanting to let go, but I'm too much of coward. I've been hurt by people before, and been played, so I'm very slow to realise what's real and what's not, and have major trust issues. I want to ask her out but I'm scared she's gonna say no and I'm just gonna ruin whatever it is that we have right now. I'm scared that if I ask her and she doesn't feel the same that I might just distance myself from the person that's the most involved in my life. I can't do that to either of us.

#love   #confused   #advice   #lost   #coward  

I've been really bad for a while, I've tried reaching out for help but nothing is happening, I'm still bad, I think I'm just giving up, I dont want to but I don't think I can stop it anymore.

#sad   #depressed   #lost   #alone  

I caught my little sis and boyfriend screwing. It was such a weird feeling. I liked and didn't like it at the same time. They were going at it and getting into it like I have never seen or experienced. I just stood there silently and watched. Now I am so confused in so many ways and no idea what to think or do. I confess to being lost.

#horny   #bothered   #confused   #lost  

I am so happy I found this site. I have a story thats been burning at me for a long time and now I can put it out there without worry of exposing myself.

I had been friends with a couple for a while, about 5 years, they were nice to me we would go on holidays together and they would be there to support me morally and so on. The wife always had a problem with me though, i don't know why. She is really beautiful and has a sexy ass and she is intelligent etc etc. I on the other hand , I am not bad looking, I'm tall, attractive, slim, I have a great smile and personality too. At the time all of this was not so obvious to me. My then boyfriend would always tell me that the husband of that woman (20 years my senior) had a thing for me but i obviously brushed it off as him being a bit possessive.

Skip a few years my boyfriend died in a horrible way. So I was grieving and that man (who at this time I viewed as a brother) came to my house to comfort me and to help me through that painful time. After that he would check on me a few times a week . Calling, texting or emailing.
Understand this, during this period I was so angry at the world that my boyfriend had died, I didn't care about a lot of things or people. So when this man declared his undying love for me, I just wanted to know how far he would go with it.
We had been friends for a long time and I understood him a lot and i 'got' him . We thought on the same wave length and we had the same thoughts and feelings towards certain things . We just 'clicked!

Not long after that he wrote me an email describing the intense sexual attraction he had toward me and how he no longer viewed me as just a friend but someone he cold share his life with. In all honesty?? At that particular point in my life, that's all i needed to hear.

For years after that email we would go on trips together, make out heavily , we couldn't go all the way because we wanted to save that for when he had left his wife. At the same time me and him loved his wife so much we didn't want to break her heart with our 'affair'. So we just used to make out and talk and touch and dream. I fell in-love in a way I never knew possible . We fought , we cried, we yelled at each other but no matter what, after everything , we were always there for each other. It was an intense love on so many levels. We loved each other hard.
I could not bear the thought of breaking his wife's heart so i broke mine. I lied to him that i was going on vacation but i knew what i was doing. See, i decided to resettle in a different time-zone in a different continent, just so it would be difficult for me to be with him. Its worked. I'm not with him, hes still married, I'm still dating and having fun with it. But, my heart is with him and my dead boyfriend.... They are the only ones who will have my complete heart and soul.
I dream of a time we could have been together because i feel empty not knowing....

At the same time I'm okay with my decision... I loved hard and I know what its like to be loved right back with everything even when sex is off the table. But goddam I love him still

#sex   #love   #boyfriend   #adultery   #lovelost   #bittersweet  

I often think of my stepfather when I masturbate. Mom boasts to her friends how good he is in bed. And then I want him only more. I try to forget him but think he would be ideal to introduce me to intercourse. My mom talks pretty open with me about sex but she doesn't know I am a virgin. I wonder if she would be ok with Johnny taking me, but I am afraid to ask. I am so frustrated and unsure how to handle my hunger.

#lost   #hungry   #virgin   #stepdad   #mom   #intercourse   #curious  

i am so lost
i have no friends i can confess to everyone just seems to be judgemental a, also i cat open up to people theey scare me and i dotn like being vulnerable.
i have a problem i dont know if im not attracted to my boyfriend because i am a lesbian or because im asexual.. i do love him and that's what's confusing me i am so hurt and i am hurting everyone around me.
i wish someone would help.

#asexual   #gay   #lost   #help  

I’m fixing to face a giant moment. I tried to undo the pain I caused those I loved the most. I don’t know how to try to undo someone else I hurt, because she posed as someone I used to know. I realize now she just loved that person the same way I did.
But I wasn’t all bad in my life. I did a lot of good in this world. There are people alive because of me. Sadly I also hurt people.
I’m not giving up. I’m just accepting my situation. I intend to come out the other side. But I’m wise enough to know that may not be possible. Especially during this pandemic.
I truly wish I had not hurt those who loved me the most.

#love   #lost   #pain   #sorrow   #guilt  

I lost a bet with a neighbor and had to let him use my wife's pussy, he was supposed to pull out but now she's pregnant and he's gone. All she talks about is how big his cock was.


I started having an affair with a guy before he got married. I am married. He didnt really want to marry her but hes a pushover and they have a child and im in an emotionally abusive marriage. She found out a few days ago. I havent spoken to him since and everyone blames me but i love him and he will never really know it.

#adultry   #marriage   #love   #sad   #lost  

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