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Im 13 f n I like this boy 14 (who liked me back) but his parents r strick n he can't date till 16 so we had a "thing" going for us and he was my first major crush so I want it to be amazing n last forever (like any one else would) but I always would never hang out with him get shy n not continue a conversation with him cuz idk what to do or act or anything cuz he was the first person I have really liked any so he ends up just kinda ignoring me n now we don't even talk
I mean I can't hate him we didn't even date n it only lasted for like 3 months
I still like him a lot cuz of who he is and I can't get over him n I would do thing wayyyy different if I had a 2nd change to make it last,even just a Lil longer
I know I sound like I'm so stalker psycho or something maybe but.......he made me happy n I love just to sit next to him n enjoy his company... Now I can't even make eye contact cuz he acts like I'm a wall n he just goes around be.......n I know what ur thinking "u don't need him.,,he's not worth it., he left u, u didn't even date." But it was more than just a Lil crash n I just think if I could just have one more chance it would be so much better
Now I sit up at note wondering how it would be n replaying memory's of us....idk I just had to tell some one......

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