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Adultry Confessions

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I'm away from home and my wife. I've had sex with 4 women in the past 3 days, I hope to meet with 2 more women in the next 4 days. I've been with a 41 year old woman (second time with her), A 25 year old, a 21 year old (second time with her), and a 22 year old. Wow, that 22 year old had the firmest D sized boobs I've touched in a very long time.

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I see a married man. I made an audio recording of one of our sessions. I listen to it when I’m alone and playing by myself. I can tell when he held my head down and started to release bc I struggle to breathe and he groans. It’s so sexy. He goes forever.


I will be going on a trip without my wife for 5 days. I am making arrangements to meet up with as many women as I can while I'm gone. I hope I can see at least 2/day. I just want to see what sex is like with women that are different size.

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I will do penance. My confession is that I got one of my employees pregnant. She is 24 and has been with us about a year. Not her fault, she wasn't expecting it. But now she's pregnant and she's morally bound not to abort. So here we are, I got a piece of her ass and now I got a problem on my hands. My wife is not going to be happy. She is already raising my love child from when we were first married. This time I'm sure she won't offer to take the child so we will let this girl raise the child. Money isn't a problem, between my wife and I we make out pretty good. But my wife is going to go over the top. She's told me many times to leave the work girls alone. Now? Here we are.

#sex   #adultry   #pregnant  

My wife and I will be married for 20 years. I'm older then her and when we met I had much more experience sexually then her. She was a total virgin and knew absolute nothing concering a sexual lifestyle. The first year of our marriage was AWESOME! We had SEX all the time and anywhere and everywhere. Not ONE DAY would go by where we were banging three times a day. For a lady who didn't have any experience, she learned fast. Sex with my wife was great. She was willing to do and try new things. She would touch and masturbate for me and she would make hot and erotic sounds when we made love. But I guess all good things come to an end.

Fastforward 15 years and three kids later, our sex life is NON-EXISTENT. My wife has lost any and all urges or craving for sex. The word "horny" is probably not in her vocabulary. Our marriage is totally SEXLESS. She never has ANY cravings and she can go sexless for MONTHS at a time. The longest has been 4 MONTHS. And when she does out of some miracle want to have sex, it's just "wham, bam!" and she puts on all her clothes and goes to sleep, say just 20 min and that's all. I honestly believe my wife can go SEXLESS for the rest of her life.

I thought women get better with age or get more hornier. Well to some that's not true. She always uses the excuse that our marriage doesn't need sex or intimacy to survive. I'm seriously wanting to seek a NSA arrangement with women who are in the same situation as I. Women who have husbands who no longer want to have sex with them. I hurt's me to even think of this but, what other choice do I have.

#adultry   #infidelity  

I want to make passionate love to my little sister, so badly i fantasize about her all of the time even when i make love to my fiance.

#fantasy   #lust   #adultry  

I started having an affair with a guy before he got married. I am married. He didnt really want to marry her but hes a pushover and they have a child and im in an emotionally abusive marriage. She found out a few days ago. I havent spoken to him since and everyone blames me but i love him and he will never really know it.

#adultry   #marriage   #love   #sad   #lost  

I'm a married woman 45 year's old married 20 yrs 3 children 2 boy's 1 girl
They are from 3 different men my husband doesn't know they all look like me blonde hair and fair husband has black hair. Husband travels a lot and I am on my own. I have sex with 4 different guys a week and cannot get enough.

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Workplace romances are a mistake. I was seeing this married woman in her 40s. I was single and a virgin when we first met... when we first met... i saw her sitting and talking with her coworker. I was coming off a flight from LA when she was there... so beautiful. I saw her again coming into work. We looked at eachother with almost the same look of attraction. I was too shy to say anything but before I knew it she stretched out her hand to me and introduced herself. We shook hands and I introduced myself. Seemed like from that point on our friendship blossomed. We would see eachother often at work. Sometimes late at night and talking was so easy between us. We got really close. In hindsight, maybe too close.

More than a month after that first handshake... I made a move... we flirted for a lttle bit but I took it to the next level. I wanted her. She was so beautiful for her age and took really good care of her body. I had to touch her. The crazy thing is... she obliged. She was thinking the same thing. After that we started talking about sex and how we could do it. One night at work, an opportunity presented itself. We were like schoolchildren. It was so risky and scary but we did it in the men's bathroom. While we were at work no less! I will never forget that first kiss. After that first time we were mating like rabbits. Taking every opprotunity and even making some of our own. I don't know if pornstars get that much sex in the time we were together but it was almost every day for 4 years straight. Our relationship was more than just passion though. We would have lunch and talking like normal people was still easy to us. We fell in love right away. She was everything to me. But I knew that I could not be the same for her. I knew that my situation could not support her and her kid if she left her husband for me. But i knew she cared deeply for me. She always pushed me to better myself. Working out, going back to school, even helping me with my finances. She showed me how to become a man. I had everything I ever wanted. Or so I thought.

Like any normal couple, we too would have confrontations and squabbles. Fights between us would break out at first because one would suspect the other of cheating. Ironic isn't it? But it would blow over quickly and we would resume our daily "ritual" so to speak. But the fights got worse and I being the passionate one would say hurtful things to her. I regret them so much. But she always forgave me and I was always greatful and in tears when she did. One day her forgiveness ran out. She had gotten tired of my hurtful words. And said that it was enough. From that point... I had lost her love... I would try to leave her alone as we still worked in the same place. I would still see her and would just give me pain. It was almost too obvious on what was going through my mind.

We had pretty much successfully kept the true nature of our relationship hidden from our co-workers the whole time we were together. Thank goodness. I don't know what I would do if I was responsible for ruining her life. But I can't do anything now. I still love her. Everytime I see her it's like a piece of me dies. I don't know if she even knows what I'm going through. Can she see my pain? Does she even care? I wish I could move on. I wish someone could come and save me from this pain. But It's too unbearable to move one. This is my pennance. This is my curse. Suffering in silence. Burned alive from the inside out by the same fire that fueled my passion for this perfect woman who changed my life. Who will always have my heart.

#love   #heartbreak   #adultry  

For three years in my late twenties I lived in Ecuador, working for an American company. We had a maid, housekeeper, and my wife gave her permission to bring her daughter to live with us. The maid was thirty something and the daughter was in her teens. I fucked them both. I don't feel bad about the mother, but I do about the daughter. Although the mother was very happy I was fucking the daughter, always asking me if I liked her. She encouraged her daughter, teaching her, showing her, bringing her into the bed and encouraging her to show me how she liked it.

My wife is from Peru and I didn't know it at the time, but the condition for the maid and daughter to live at our house was that they both be on birth control, which my wife supplied and kept up with.

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