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Asexual Confessions

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I am a straight, sex repulsed girl. I rarely experienced sexual attraction, but there is one exception. I have a crush on a guy my age with the most gorgeous blue-purple eyes ever. Im pretty sure he's kissed guys before, but he told me he was the first girl he liked. This makes me feel at ease- part of the reason I'm sex repulsed is that I thinks guys are all pigs with toxic masculinity who only want one thing. But with a bisexual guy who's never been with a girl, I feel safe. Not only do we connect together personally, but him being a bisexual means he isn't toxic enough to use me as a toy, and is on the same playing field as we both haven't had sex before. Idk if anyone gets what I'm saying, but I trust him. Not to mention, dang, his eyes are gorgeous.

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I am an asexual and I crave to be in a loving relationship minus the sex. But things will be difficult, and I'm a coward.

#asexual   #loneliness   #relationship  

So I'm a 22 year old guy I'm 5'10 I have dark brown hair dark drown eyes chiseled lips very handsome mixed half white half black anyways I grew up in a wealthy family my mother and father are both wealthy so I grew up lacking nothing I went to the best schools and I went to the best University all through out high school all the girls loved me and wanted to be with me anyways I went to college at age 17 and I graduated early on my 19th birthday anyways I'm 22 now and I never had a girl friend and girls practically throw them selves at me everyday I'm now studying post graduate I'm in my third year and I'm a Virgin I never had sex before I tried to master bate but I ended up not liking it so I stop trying I don't have any feeling towards women when I see them they don't really excite me that much and don't even think that I'm gay the thought of another man touching me like that makes me sick I have nothing against gays but I'm not one I just think I' an asexual I'm hoping I'm not one but I think I could be maybe when I find the right girl It will change my mind idk for now.


i am so lost
i have no friends i can confess to everyone just seems to be judgemental a, also i cat open up to people theey scare me and i dotn like being vulnerable.
i have a problem i dont know if im not attracted to my boyfriend because i am a lesbian or because im asexual.. i do love him and that's what's confusing me i am so hurt and i am hurting everyone around me.
i wish someone would help.

#asexual   #gay   #lost   #help  

I pretend that I'm asexual because I am in love with my best friend. There problem is, she has a soul mate and its another friend; sometimes I can't help myself and flirt with her but in the end, I'm called a prude because I don't kiss her. So I'm an asexual prude because I refuse to act upon my emotions to save my friendships.

#lesbian   #friends   #asexual  

I'm so jealous off my boyfriends vline, every time I see it I want to rip his pants off and start sucking his dick. You cannot believe how perfectly build his waist, dick, ass and legs are. He is asexual sadly. I crave his dick so hard I would kill to get it.

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