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Dinner Confessions

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I was walking behind a guy when I noticed 100 bucks falling out of his pocket. Because he ran into me seconds before he lost the money, I took it without saying anything. I am now going to invite my girlfriend to a nice and romantic dinner.

#money   #lost   #dinner   #girlfriend   #evil   #romantic  

I am addicted to food.
Finally, I said it, well wrote it!

I already ate 5 Big Macs and 7 big packs of french fries today, for lunch. For dinner, my mom bought me beef steak and I am going to eat it like I haven't eaten today!

#food   #addicted   #bigmac   #fries   #dinner   #lunch   #steak   #hungry   #confession  

I am about to break up with my fiancée. We will meet in half an hour "just for dinner". I am going to give her one last nice evening together and in the end I will tell her that I don't love her anymore.
Wish me luck or something like that.

#dinner   #evening   #confession  

Pray and roll the dice for #dinner

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