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Big Confessions

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When I was around fifteen I found some letters my mother and stepfather had written to each other. He was in the services and away a lot. They'd had two kids after she'd divorced my father and it was obvious to me from a young age that she really liked sex. The first of these letters described an incident that took place on a major train station after she'd seen him off at the end of his leave. Being a friendly person she'd struck up a conversation with a man who was waiting for a train. She described in detail in the letter to my stepfather how they'd talked for about thirty minutes when the man started to slide his hand up her dress and moved it towards her pussy. She said that she was so excited that, 'I couldn't help myself and I opened her legs so that he could touch my cunt that was wet from the fucking we'd done before leaving home. I almost came as his fingers stroked my slit, but when I felt my pants get wet with my pussy juices, I stood up and walked away.' I found a letter in answer to her from my stepfather who was obviously open to her being touched by other men and said he'd love to watch her being touched like that. As I went through their letters, I found out that they'd fucked each other in a public garden just after my father and mother had separated. He described how he'd loved how hot she was when he'd slipped her panties down to her knees and slipped his fingers inside her. Needless to say I was masturbating like crazy reading this exchange of letters. In another letter he said how much he liked fucking her ass and from the tone of her letters it was clear that he had a large cock which she really loved to suck and have inside her. It would be fair to say that she loved sex and was open to many aspects of it. I heard them fucking once in the middle of the night and one thing was very clear, she loved his cock and he knew how to make her cum and cum again. Her public face was very prim and proper but after reading their letters I knew it was just a facade as she liked nothing more than having a man inside her and the more often that happened, the more she liked it and the more I read, the more I liked the hot woman that she truly was. I masturbated often over those letters and guess that she always knew I was reading them but privately she didn't really mind

#mother   #panties   #dress   #upskirt  

My dick is too big. I’m too attractive & sexy. It takes me hours to have sex. This is why I’m single. The woman I love couldn’t handle hot 20 yr olds hitting on me anymore. Everywhere I go women fall for me. I wanted her. She doesn’t want me. I started shaking uncontrollably. I’m tired of crying.

#sexy   #big   #penis   #beautiful   #attractive  

I am a woman (20 yrs old) and I can't stop thinking about big boobs. I want to sleep with women and suck their big breasts. Women make me so horny. I have so many fantasies about being dominated by busty milfs. I can't help it.

#lesbian   #bigboobs   #women   #horny   #sex   #bisexual  

I'm f16 and I'm dating a guy (18) and he's the love of my life. I love him so much. We've been together for almost 3 years and have been sexually active for two. He has never cheated on me and loves me so much. Last summer I was talking to another guy I was going to school with and it turned into more than just talking. We started sexting and eventually we had sex. It was different because I had been with my boyfriend for so long and I was really nervous. Since then we've only seated but we plan on fucking tomorrow after school. He has a huge dick and it felt really good. My boyfriend is kind of small and it doesn't really please me all the time. He doesn't know I'm fucking one of his friends but his dick is so good I just keep going back for more.

#sex   #cheating   #fucking  

I am obsessed with female clothing. Yes, I am a closet cross dresser. My girlfriend knows nothing about my cross dressing. We had an argument so I left and went into the city which is fours away. Taking one of my slutty cross dressing outfits with me. I had a room and decided to finally go out in public like the sissy slut I have always wanted to be. I went to a bar and was hit on right away. I hooked up with the guy and ended up back at his place. When he took his close off he had the biggest cock I had ever seen. I felt a strong sensation to suck it. He walked over to me and stood with his big cock inches from my face. I picked the semi erect mammoth and with out hesitation started sucking on it as if my life depended upon it.

When he had me straddle his cock so he could take my virginity. He also stroked my little sissy cock at the same time as I humped his cock. When he climaxed so did I in the most mind shattering orgasm I ever have had. I spent the night with him and found it hard to leave the next day. I want to be with him more than my girlfriend so I broke up with her. Looking forward to visiting my new lover and his wonderful cock.

#sissy   #slut   #faggot  

I have a feminine physique. My waist is 30 and my hips are 38. I love it when my friends grope my ass or call me out having a womanly physique!

#gay   #bubblebutt   #bigass   #bottom  

I fantasize of fucking my daughters boyfriend. I let him catch me nude and my pussy got so wet.

#fantasy   #fuck   #wet  

I went to a McDonald's one nice spring day and had lunch while my girlfriend was at work. While eating I noticed this mid fifties guy sitting in back, kept looking at me. He waited until I finished and walked past smiled and said hello. I watched him walk to his van and he got into the back and closed the side door. I walked out and was walking past his van side door opened I stopped and glanced in he said come on in. I got in he was reading a book and put it down and took off his shorts, I grabbed his cock and stroked it...... he then guided it to my mouth I started to lick and suck on it, after a few minutes it was hard and enormous I kept sucking and stroking it soon he let out a moan and filled my mouth with a big load of cum I swallowed and kept sucking every drop...... lost touch with him after that.

#swallow   #blowjob  

My sister's 25 yo husband invited me over for a sweet 16 birthday present. Within an hour we were in their bed fucking. He's smooth and manly. I have never been so wet and horny. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't hold back and it was the first orgasm except for my masturbation. Our sex got better and better as we sneak around for the past six months. Now I'm visibly pregnant and everyone wants to know who the father is. I am addicted to him, his big dick, and awesome sex but must quit, but I want more. I refuse to tell who tapped me. I don't know how to answer and need advise. I don't want to hurt my family. They need to keep a loving image of me or Abe.

#pregant   #wet   #horny   #orgasm   #troubles   #sex   #family  

I ate pussy for the first time. Problem is I am married with three kids and never been with another woman before and don't plan on doing it again. It just happened. I confess, I really liked it and got off with a BIG O!


I live next to a mature woman that i find very sexy and have for a long time. I notice times when she is flirty with me but dont know how to approach her like that. I masturbate everyday since i stare at her nipples with no bra, but i wouldnt have any other way except topless. If she sees this and im not chilling with her chances are im stroking my cock and jacking off to her but would rather her be involved in amy way.

#sex   #milf   #bigtitties  

My friend just turned me gay instantly. We were watching porn and he pulled his dick out. He had 11” of big black dick. I always thought gay dudes were gross. He put his hard on my head and started to gently push my face towards his dick. Not forcing, just to see if I would. He said come on . Nobody will know. I loved it. He black dick made me wanna be gay. I swallowed his cum and licked his balls. I told him I would do it whenever he wanted.

#big   #gay   #submit  

I have a really serious problem with my dick. He's too big and when I have sex with a girl I only know that they don't like it because it's too painful.
I really dont know what to do...

#dick   #sex   #girl   #painful  

I spent over an hour masturbating before I realized a roommate was watching me. She was peaking into my room. I was so close to finishing I just let her watch the finale. My thing is fat; and over 11 inches, so I guess it’s a big show.
She asked me why my pink head is so big one day. Women always like looking at it for some reason. I guess they just don’t see ones that big very often.
She says her boyfriends is only 5 inches. Is that possible? Mines that big soft.

#big   #erection   #masturbation  

I woman watch even with my wife around. I check out woman's ass's and tits. Especially if there big.

I'm a driving instructor and get many of my pupils from the country club where I work out, sons daughters nephews etc.
One older lady who I'd been flirting with over the years, (purely because she had huge tits,) was thrilled when her grand daughter passed under my tutelage.
She couldn't stop thanking me, it was incessant.
One day I was relaxing in the sauna and she came in after me. She said she wanted to thank me "properly". At this, she opened her swim suit to let me feel her big tits, then reached into my shorts and jacked me off!!! In the damn sauna! I sprayed a load everywhere and to this day I can't believe we weren't caught out.

#sauna   #lust  

I am addicted to food.
Finally, I said it, well wrote it!

I already ate 5 Big Macs and 7 big packs of french fries today, for lunch. For dinner, my mom bought me beef steak and I am going to eat it like I haven't eaten today!

#food   #addicted   #bigmac   #fries   #dinner   #lunch   #steak   #hungry   #confession  

my sister abuses me verbally and has done so for years. I hate her because of it and i can't do anything.

#sister   #bigsister   #hate  

In confession # 1830 I confessed that I a married man had let another guy use my ass for sex. I really miss when I didn't have a cock inside my ass, I felt so empty. My wife lets me do everything to her, and she plays with my ass regularly and noticed it was a bit more loose than it was. I got her using vibes inside me and even a strap on that solved that problem. I still see my "boyfriend" at least 4 times a week and get it at least twice from him whenever I see him.
One time while spending the night when the wife was out of town, he whispered in my ear as he was fucking me that he wanted to have a few guys over and watch them take me. I whispered back that it would be good to just be his steady fuck for him and him alone since he'd taken my ass cherry. He let it drop. The next day while fucking me in his living room the doorbell rang and he told me to stay, not to go into the bedroom. I was embarrassed but he let in 5 other guys. They all took turns fucking me for a couple of hours and started talking about getting as much as they could before "he" arrived. The "he" was a younger guy in his early 20's named Tim. He came in and stripped immediately and presented an 11" long, 2" thick cock to my mouth. I sucked him and when he was hard, he shoved the entire thing up my ass and fucked me for an hour.
I was hooked on huge cock. I didn't know how I could explain the change in my ass to my wife, and didn't care. I wanted more of this cock in particular.
I bought my wife a present for her return, a 2 and 1/2 " thick strapon (not the same as a real cock though) and now I see my first boyfriend 4 times a week and see Tim and his big 11" cock everyday. I also let my boyfriend and Tim have parties where other men come to fuck me. I love my wife, I love fucking womens mouths, pussies, and asses but I really love getting my ass filled with cock and being someones cum bucket.
I'm a total slut cum bucket now

#gay   #bi  

I'm a middle aged black guy, father of five sons, but about two years ago I met a white guy on Craigslist. We exchanged a few emails, and agreed for me too meet him at his workplace. He worked nights, alone. I met him there and went into a dimly lit room, where he dropped his pants and briefs, and out popped a huge white cock. He sat in a chair, I dropped to my knees and sucked his dick. I never dreamed I would suck another man's cock, but there I was, stroking and sucking a big, white cock. It filled my mouth completely!

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