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Interracial Confessions

Read the best #interracial confession stories

I'm a middle aged black guy, father of five sons, but about two years ago I met a white guy on Craigslist. We exchanged a few emails, and agreed for me too meet him at his workplace. He worked nights, alone. I met him there and went into a dimly lit room, where he dropped his pants and briefs, and out popped a huge white cock. He sat in a chair, I dropped to my knees and sucked his dick. I never dreamed I would suck another man's cock, but there I was, stroking and sucking a big, white cock. It filled my mouth completely!

My friends that know me as the sweet innocent girl that's uptight a lil high maintenance though. I'm family oriented. I'm about 5'1 in height. I've had some work on my body. I wasn't fat before but I didn't like my body shape. I didn't put implants on me, instead I got fat transfer to my butt and thighs and worked on my boobs a little which were already big in the first place. Basically small waist, big butt and big boobs. I was insecure in high school. I was too white, now that might not be a problem for some people. But imagine being that pasty pale white girl when you are Mexican and most of your friends have olive skin tone. I have light brown eyes but with short eye lashes which is why I put extensions lashes. This is the reason I got into make up and although I may not tan and turn red instead in the sun I will brag the fact that I have clear smooth skin and nice virgin long chestnut soft brown hair.
So I am picky when it comes to dating. I prefer Mexican boys or Latinos that aren't too dark. I have seen some dark skin Mexicans that are cute. I was willing to give one guy a chance but he was too shy and also couldn't make up his mind into what kind of girl he was after. That's another thing about me, I can't go for guys that are thirsty who are always chasing girls. This is the reason why I'm always single. Is not easy getting the type of guy I'm after. He needs to be a handsome, hard worker, a gentleman who has the same background as I have.
Things went downhill because of this pandemic. I was laid off from work and it has been pretty hard to go out. Most of my friends have gotten or are in relationships and been busy with their stuff. It never gets old with random strangers hitting me up in IG of course but I have not found anyone I'm interested in. One day my gay friend made a dating profile for me and he began to swipe on the guys he thought I would be into. There were quite a few but many didn't reply back and some of them didn't keep an interesting conversation. So I told him to do the talking for me. I was talking to 4 guys, one Mexican guy, two who were white which I usually don't go for but I have dated some in the past and another who was a black guy with caramel complexion. I'm not into black guys but this one was nice to talk to. All of these guys were nice but I was bored. My tinder profile was hidden so I wasn't getting any new matches. So one night I was deciding to erase or make my profile public again when I got a message at 2am. It was a black guy but it was the type of guy that I wouldn't go for. He had short dreads, was throwing up gang signs in his photos, sagging his pants and was extremely too dark for my taste. In many of his pictures he had his shirt off, was smoking weed or had a bottle of liquor in his hand. He had tone abs and muscles but was not my taste. He gave me a compliment with some emojis, I wasn't interested but I did say thank you out of courtesy. He didn't ask questions, he went straight to the point. Said he wanted to link up so I told him I wasn't interested respectfully. I told him I was not interested so he came up with the race card insinuating that I was a racist white girl. I didn't like the fact that he assumed I was your basic white girl so I told him that I'm Mexican and asserted to him that the majority of my family has light brown skin. His mood changed quickly and then he told me that he loves Latinas. I wasn't interested but I was bored so I tried to harm his ego when he asked me if I like black guys and said no but he said I was missing out. Since he practically insulted me I tried to break his little fantasy that Latinas like Black guys so I told him straight out that I prefer Mexican men. He then said why I matched with him but it wasn’t me that match with him. My friend must have either accidentally done it or was trolling me for swiping a guy knowing I wouldn’t be into.
He then told me that he didn't think I was real so he wanted to talk not on tinder but on the phone. I wasn't interested and frankly I didn’t care to prove him right so I told him I rather not. He gave me his phone number and stopped replying but not before throwing shade at White and Mexican men. I’m not going to lie, I did took it personally since my brother and father who I truly appreciate are Mexican. However I left it like that and didn't bother to reply. He stopped replying so eventually I began to talk to other guys on tinder but all of their conversations seemed to drag. 6 days had passed since the black guy gave me his phone number when one night I was alone and bored. I was watching some YouTube videos and before you knew it I was on the weird side of YouTube. There was a black girl lecturing white, Latina and Asian girls on why we don’t do nothing for black men but desire them. I felt annoyed that black people actually think like we are at their disposal or something like that. Suddenly I remembered that black guy from tinder and got irritated at the thought of his arrogance so I felt like I needed to break his ego. I don't know why I did it but I texted him from my phone. "Hey, this is Blanca'' I said. He replied 20 minutes later and asked for a selfie so I took one real quick. He was cocky and said to me that he was sure that I wanted some black dick. I laughed and said I was bored and wanted an apology from him and to prove to him that I was no catfish. He said that he didn't believe me that either I wanted black dick or that I was a catfish. He tried to gaslight me into admitting to it. I honestly didn't know why I replied. But I was bored and I did find it thrilling to talk to a type of guy whom I will probably run away from had I actually bump to him in the streets. The fact that I knew I was safe from danger by being on the other line gave me such a weird feeling. We were going back and forth arguing on why I prefer Mexican guys. After 25 minutes he wanted to prove if I was real so he asked for facetime. I still wanted to troll him but I was feeling a little bit bored of him by now. But he did say that he will wire me $50 if I facetime. So I did, he was laying down shirtless on his bed. He talked to ghetto for me. But I wanted to break his little ego. He then said something nasty. He bragged about how his dick was bigger than any guy I been with. He also told me that he can last longer than any other guy. I wanted to break his ego so he said that he can prove it. He gaslight me again saying that I was scared to be proven wrong. I told him there's no need for any of that. He said that he would fuck me good and that I was only prolonging the inevitable by coming up with excuses of why I replied back. He then said, "If I jerk off and cum before 30 minutes I will give you $500 and admit that Mexican guys are better than black guys, if not then you will go out on a date with me". I should have said no, but I wanted to hear that from him. I didn't need the money but it didn't hurt getting $500 from this cocky jerk. I said, "How about one hour". He replied back by saying. "You just wanna see my dick a little longer hahaha". I replied back, "fuck no I just know that you won't last." He said fine so he pulled out his dick. It was big, about 10 inches. When I saw it I think he saw when I gulp. I wanted to back down but I already had come this far. It got hard and he began to jerk himself with it. I felt disgusted and amazed at the same time so my only reaction was to laugh nervously as I put my hand in my mouth and here and there turned my face in embarrassment. I felt that the most he was going to last was 20 minutes but part of me knew he would last at least for 40 minutes which is why I agree to one hour. Knowing we were going to be here for some time I began to root against him and even walk away to get water just to piss him off. Before you know 45 minutes have passed by. I couldn't believe it so began to speak to him in a low subtle voice. "Come on PAPI, is ok you know wanna come now". I winked at him while I began to touch my crotch over my shorts and squeeze my boobs. I bit my lower lip and said, "You like this don't you". I couldn't believe myself what I was doing but I didn't wanted him to last. The black guy who's name is Maurice said. "Shiiid girl that's cheating but you ask for an hour and yo ass is finna get an hour". By this time I did feel like my pussy was beginning to get wet. Before you know it, one hour has passed by. He came buckets of cum almost look like that volcano project I did back in 5th grade. Now I had no choice but to go out on a date with him.
I didn't want to so I told him it needs to be before sunset, in a public place and I need to bring my cousin with me. He didn't seem to be bothered; instead he asked me if my cousin was fine like me, I rolled my eyes. The day of the date we went for some coffee. The minute he sat down he began to talk about subjects he never talked with me. He started talking about cartoons and rappers with my cousin. He spent more time talking to my cousin than me. He made her laugh, I felt relieved and annoyed. By the time we were done he walked us to my car. He gave my cousin a kiss on the cheek and then asked me if I enjoyed our date. I said to him that he spent most of the time talking to my cousin. "OH shit, Blanca is jealous!". I was not jealous so I said no. He then hugged me and told me he won't let me go until I admit it. He's a tall guy so my face was pressed against his hard chest. I felt uncomfortable but instead of getting mad I laughed. He said come on just say it. "Fine, I'm jealous now let me go". He said that he only wanted me and still didn't let me go. People were passing by, I knew I could have screamed for help but I didn't want to cause a scene and then be lectured by my cousin as to why I agreed to date this guy. Didn’t want her to think that I was going through a quarantine crisis. My cousin was already surprised that I even agreed to go out on a date with a black guy to begin with. I felt that if I hugged him back then he could let me go. He then grabbed my ass and squeezed it while he gave me a kiss. He walked away, on the way home my cousin asked me on why, how and when I began to feel interested in black guys. I told her that it was through a mutual friend but that I wasn’t fond of the idea. My cousin said that he's funny but too ugly and ghetto for me. Not that he was ugly but his features were not features that we were into but he was tall and had a nice body.
But something happened one night when I went out with my friends to a bar with a patio. It was a bar with light restrictions but they were flexible with their restrictions. They allowed us to dance when most of the people in the bar started to leave. I had posted some stories that night of the bar. When all of sudden my ex, a guy known to be a player, a Machista that was possessive arrived with two of his cousins. I didn't want to talk to him but I did want to rub it on his face on what he lost. I was dancing with my friends sexually but I realized that most of the guys were too shy to ask us or too ugly. That's when Maurice the black guy showed up with his friends. I rolled my eyes, "Great my luck, I should have hid my story from him." He went straight to me, he came with 8 friends. Most were black but some were light skin, two were Latino and one was Samoan. I was with 6 girlfriends and 3 guy friends The got close and tried to dance with my friends. Maurice looked different, he had a hair cut, was dressed in a nice shirt, smelled good and had some nice earrings with a nice after shaved. I gave him a smirk and turned away from him to let him know that I didn't want to dance with him. I began to dance with my guy friend but Maurice was persistent. He began to show off his dance moves to us and smiled. I knew I looked good, I was wearing black tight pants with a white tie front long sleeve ruched crop top. I had my hair down. I didn't want to dance with Maurice but I was less interested in having my night ruined by my ex. So I swayed my hips side to side and then brush off Maurice to dance with my friends but he didn't stop pursuing me. So when Maurice got behind me and pressed his crotch behind and placed his hands on my stomach. I gave in and grind on him. I went down, had my hands against the wall or on my lap, face down while I pushed my ass on Maurice. My friends were shocked at me, I'm also not a drinker but after seeing my ex I drank two shots to calm down. My ex was mad so he got close to me and tried to talk to me. I said I didn't want to talk and it looked like Maurice wanted to fight. My friends tried to calm him down and his cousins told him to relax. We left the bar and my ex walked towards me. I didn't want him around so I called for Maurice and gave him a kiss in front of my ex. My ex called me a "puta" and tried to punch Maurice but Maurice threw a fast punch that put my ex on the floor. My ex is stocky but only 5’9 while Maurice is 6’3 and toned. My ex was then pulled away by some of my friends and his cousins. Maurice then walked me to his car and said that he will take me home. I didn't want this black guy to take me home or for me to drive him to his hood so we agreed to get a hotel room with my friends. I texted my friends the address. Maurice had other plans however so he rented two rooms next to each other just in case. I wasn’t drunk but I felt a little buzz. In the hotel lobby, Maurice was getting touchy with me. Since my ex wasn’t around I didn’t need him anymore so I kept pushing away saying stop. We were waiting by the lobby for my friends to arrive when all of sudden we looked outside and my ex was there with some guys. Maurice wanted to fight him but I didn’t want no drama and part of me didn't want my ex to get hurt. I told Maurice to let it go and instead I’ll give him another kiss. No one was watching and I didn’t want the staff to notice otherwise the plans could have gotten ruined. Maurice said how bout If I flash him instead since I saw his dick. I got mad and cussed him out. I decided to get to my senses and felt like perhaps it was best to go with my ex. I took a few steps heading towards the door when Maurice pulled my arm and pin me on my back against a table there. “I’ll suck on these titties then”, that’s all I heard Maurice say before he began to kiss my cleavage. So many thoughts came through my mind but the logical one which screamed was not one of them. I tilt my head back and roll my eyes slightly back to find my ex standing there dumbfounded there behind the glass doors while he witnessed this strange black guy kiss the breasts of his sweet ex. I had a devious thought and pursed my lips together with a grin. I could only imagine the view he got. Seeing the top of the head of this black guy in between the two mountain breasts he once loved. Me and Maurice didn’t stay there for long before we got up fast once we heard the sound of our friends approaching. My ex however was now being convinced by his friends to leave saying stuff like, “Ella no te combiene wey”. When my friends got there we went to the room. It was a spacious room where we played music and drank. I’m not a drinker so I was drinking water to sober down but I was keeping my eyes on Maurice while he cracked jokes to the guests. One of my guy was talking to me. He was that Mexican guy with brown skin who once had a crush on me. I rejected him because I thought he was too dark for me. But he was actually quite handsome. Who would have thought that I would have end up grinding on a black guy and let that black guy kiss my breasts who is way darker than him. I was sitting on the bed feeling sleepy so I whispered to Maurice that if I can use the other room to take a nap. He smiled and said yea and led me outside that room and opened the door of the room next to us. There was no need to resist, I was already turned on by Maurice. As soon as we got into the room he kissed me and then we made out while I helped Maurice take off his shirt revealing his hard pecs and abs. He began to kiss my neck and my tits. I pushed him to the bed and undid his pants while I took my pants down. I grabbed his long thick hard cock and began to stroke it before I put it in my mouth. I licked it the first two times and then sucked the tip until I felt ready to go down all the way. I was bobbing my head up and down attempting to reach this dick in my throat. I had saliva dripping down on his dick. I licked my hand and began to wet my pussy. Maurice saw this and pulled me up and kissed me. He began to tease my pussy with his dick. I told him I was scared of his size and to be careful. So he pulled me up and placed my pussy on his face. I began to cum while I grabbed tight to the headboard. He pulled me down and pushed his 10 in cock in my pussy. It was so big that I didn't think it would fit but I was so wet that I began to go half way. Before you know it I was bouncing up and down while I took my crop top off. He squeezed my ass and then my boobs while he pressed them together to suck on my nipples. My long hair was going all over the place which I often had to toss it back to keep it away from my face. I moaned and a few times put my hand over my mouth in order for our friends to not hear me in the other room. I collapsed on his body and he kept going until he came. I passed out next to him for about 2 hours before he woke me up when he grabbed my hips to get behind me. He was fucking me doggy style. I didn't really like doggy style at first because it hurt me and this was no better in fact it was worse but I did enjoy riding him. I also didn’t like that he pulled my hair and smacked my ass hard like two times. I screeched and then grabbed my mouth fast. We finished off, him on top of me. We had turned the lights off by now. He was now slow and gentle with his dicks still inside of me. We touched, caressed and kissed while he moved rhythmically inside of me. I wrapped my arms around his neck while I kissed him. Suddenly he asked me. “So are black guys better?”. I stopped for a bit second and with some hesitation I said back with a smile, “Definitely”. Then I grabbed his head and pushed his face on my breasts until we fell asleep. When I woke up I begged my friends to keep this between us. I didn’t want people to start seeing me differently. I wore turtlenecks for 2 days however, due to hickies on my chest and neck. Since my skin is pale it’s easier to leave marks on my skin. My ex sent me a long text message trying to make me feel bad saying how I changed. Of course he forgot that he has cheated on me in the past and has practically been such a misogynist jerk.
Me and Maurice had a thing for 2 months before I decided to break things off during the 2020 holidays. We never made things official. I always knew that he was not boyfriend material and neither Maurice wanted a relationship. We kept our fling discreet. I didn’t like where he lived so I always made him have sex with me in a hotel room. The sex was amazing, never had I have sex with my partner standing up. I didn’t even know what was possible. I also learned reversed cowgirl after he thought me. His tongue game was also strong. Maurice on his part said that i fuck like a porn star. Idk it could be the fact that there’s no romantic feelings between us, just lustful instincts. Eventually I began to like doggy style while he choked me. The only time we did something in public was when I gave him a blow job in the parking lot Hermosa Beach at night. My tits were out while I was on my knees sucking his cock. When I cut things with him I blocked him. I was now interested in this new guy from Las Vegas who is Mexican, light skin with hazel eyes and is 6’0 like the guys I’m into.


8 years ago, my wife Pam and I were going through a very rough time. We were certainly heading towards divorcing. We had married too young and didn't know how, or weren't willing to, compromise. We were separated, but still living together. It had only been a couple weeks and neither one of us had made other living arrangements yet. I was 23 at the time. I'm a 6'4" white guy, in decent shape. I've gotten myself into a few questionable situations over the years,

My wife has an adopted sister, Melissa, or Mel. They had kind of a rough upbringing together, but have grown closer as they've gotten older. My wife is of mixed race - her mom is black and her dad Mexican and white. Melissa was also mixed. Her parents were black and Mexican. By the time I met my wife, Mel was already living out of state, with her husband and 2 kids. His job required them to relocate. I met Melissa for the first time when she finally visited us, after we had been married for about a year and a half. She wasn't even at our wedding. She visited us by herself. She and he husband were also having a rough time during those days.

The plan was for her to visit for a week. The first 3 days, Mel and Pam would go do things during the day, while I went to work. When I'd get home, we'd all just drink and bullshit with each other. The next day, I had off from work. They did their thing, but I started drinking well before they got home. They joined in soon after they got home. It was an especially fun night. We all talked and talked and talked. However, even at her best, Mel can be a bit rude and kind of a bitch.

I've always been very sexually attracted to my wife. I still am today. She's always caught my eye. But, that night, it was Mel who stole the show. She was wearing this short jean skirt that had me trying to sneak a peek every time she'd look away while she was sitting down. Her top was very flattering. She's got a nice body in general. Great legs and nice, round ass. Big enough tits to have enough cleavage to keep my eyes trying to catch a glimpse down her shirt. She's maybe 5'6", so I tower over her. I honestly couldn't stop myself from staring at her, at times.

As the night wound down, we continued to drink. My wife called it a night, and went to bed. I'm pretty sure she crashed out the second she laid down. Melissa and I stayed up. We told each other we'd just have one more drink and then call it a night. I stood on the other side of the counter that separated the living room from the kitchen in our apartment, as she stood in the kitchen and poured her drink, talking about some nonsense I wasn't really listening to. As she stood there, her skirt had kind of slipped up, and her ass cheeks were exposed. I stared. She was wearing a black thong. By the time I had realized she had stopped talking and was looking back at me, it was too late. She had caught me staring straight at her ass and legs. She asked me "were you really just checking me out? You're married to my sister." I was like "yeah, sorry. Your skirt's kind of riding up there. And you look really good... And, we're getting a divorce, anyway." We were both smashed.

She acted offended, but she didn't fix her skirt. In fact, she turned and faced me, and sort of leaned back and seemed to be enjoying that I was checking her out. We both stood in silence and sipped our drinks.

I went and joined her in the kitchen. She was like "what are you doing?" And I told her I came to get a closer look. She told me "you can look, but you can't touch", as she lifted her skirt up higher and tugged her shirt down to show off her cleavage. She was teasing me. I told her "you had better watch yourself." She said "oh yeah? Or what? What are you going to do about it?" I repeated "seriously, if you don't want it, you had better watch what you're doing... Or I'm going to fuck you." She got a huge grin on her face and said something like "oh wow. Really?" She took off her shirt. I undid my pants, and pulled my cock out over my boxers. She went "oh wow" again, but now she was staring at my cock. I've been told I'm big, so I didn't think letting her see it was going to hurt, lol. For those who care, it's just shy of 8 inches erect and decent thickness.

She was leaning back on the counter still, and she looked amazing. I got a full erection pretty quickly. I moved closer to her, and she blurts out "you wouldn't dare. I'll tell Pamela" as she inched away.

I snapped.

I grabbed her by the shoulders and forced her down to her knees. I told her "I don't care." I put my cock in her face and told her something along the lines of "now suck my cock, you fucking slut." She listened, and took me in her mouth. I had my hand on her head and forced myself in deeper often. As amazing as it felt, I don't think I've ever been less interested in getting a blowjob than I was at that moment. All I could do was thinking about fucking that mixed black/Mexican pussy. I probably wouldn't have let it go even that long, but she was doing an outstanding job.

I stood her up, and she breathed heavily while I took off her bra and groped her tits. I told her to take off her panties. She said "make me."

I turned her around and bent her over the counter. Her skirt was still up on her waist. I ripped her thong by the cheap piece of crap on the side, and it sagged over to the other leg. She was shaking in excitement. I shoved my cock inside her very wet pussy and she let out a hell of a moan and an "oh god". I fucked her deep and slow at first, and we both talked some shit back and forth about who was enjoying it more, lol.

I moved on to fucking her hard and fast, and several minutes later I could feel myself getting close to cumming. I never said a word. I just kept going, until I shot my load deep inside her and she moaned loudly. When I was done, I turned her around and we stayed close and kissed. She still looked so damn good.

I picked her up and put her over my shoulder, and carried her into the living room. I threw her onto the couch. In hindsight, we're probably lucky that no one got hurt during that stunt, as I was pretty drunk.

Anyway, I didn't waste any time. I got my pants all the way off. She spread her legs and laid back on the couch as I moved in between her legs. I fucked her again, hard and fast pretty much from the start. There was less moaning this time. She was trying to be quiet. It was more like grunting. By the time I was ready to cum again, we had slid over to the end of the couch and her head was banging against the arm rest. I came inside her again as she wrapped her legs around me and we stared into each other's eyes. Probably within 2 minutes of us being done, she went and got her clothes and put them away, and put on some clothes to sleep in. She went to sleep on the couch and I went in to sleep with my wife. Well, I was sleeping on an air mattress next to the bed at that point.

When I got up the next morning, the 2 of them were already up and chatting away. I didn't know what to expect, but was fearing the worst.

Nothing happened. She never told anyone. The rest of her visit went the same. We acted like it never happened, until I took her to the airport. She told me she had a really good time the other night, and gave me a blowjob in the car in the airport parking structure.

Well, a year or so after all of that, against all odds, somehow my wife and I decided that we were going to try to stay married. We're still happily married. 10 years and going strong. We've got 3 kids.

It's been 8 years since that night with Mel. She's only visited twice since then, both times with her husband and kids. The first visit, nothing happened. We didn't even talk about it. The second time, about 5 months ago, she snuck out to see me after everyone had fallen asleep. We ended up getting another room at the same hotel just so we could be alone. She admitted to me that I'm very likely the father of her youngest son. I had kind of suspected that for years, but it was nice to get confirmation. We had sex. We knew we shouldn't. But she still looks great, and it was a very lustful ordeal. We both hurried our separate ways when we were done.

Well, just 2 days ago, my wife mentions to me that her sister is getting a divorce. Curious, I asked "why? What's going on there?" And she goes "well, she's pregnant, and apparently Tom (Mel's husband) and her haven't had sex in like 2 years. So he's done with her, I guess. I don't know what she expected." I asked her if she had any details, but tried not to sound too interested. "She just told me it was some one night stand with some random guy at their hotel while they were visiting us, of all things. That idiot. She doesn't even know his name." I didn't bother asking any more questions. I already knew. Later that night I texted Mel and just said "thank you." She just responded "no problem. No point in fucking up your life, too. See you next time." I told her "I'll be ready" and she said "oh, I know." And that was it.

I admit that I am feeling awful. Not only did I cheat on my wife, but I did it with her sister, and now she's going to have her second child from me. But I also admit that I can't state those facts without feeling a very dirty satisfaction and occasionally getting an erection. I can't wait until her next visit.

#impregnation   #rough   #cheating   #interracial  

I'm a fit guy in my mid forties and I take photos for a living. I've confessed here before about my sins, but this happened to me when I was in my early twenties and still living at home and trying to make a go of being a wedding and portrait photographer.
The family next door were from Sri Lanka, well the dad was, the Mum was English, but had met him there. They had four daughters, three stunners and one fat ugly one. She must've felt shit. Anyway, they had grown up while I'd lived there. The fat one had left home to go to university and next eldest was on a years trip back to the traditional family home in Sri Lanka. That left the 15year old and the 12year old to pretty much fend for themselves that summer. They took to sunbathing in the garden and as our houses are big Victorian places if I looked out of the rear attic windows (where my half-arsed photo studio was) I could spy on them,
One day, it was really hot, they were sunning themselves topless. Spying on them got me really horny and I couldn't help but play with my big cock as I watched. I had to get a closer look and ventured into the garden, pretending to water the plants. I worked out a lot then, so I looked good, and I was only wearing shorts. I was freshly shaved (I shaved all my chest hair then, but don't now). Pretending to be absently minding only my business I stepped onto the rear patio and peered over, as if by accident, and saw the girls, both on their backs, tits exposed.
The elder girl, Hatty, was in a bikini slip, the younger Bina, wore denim cut off shorts. Hatty had nice rounded tits with fat pink nipples, a stark contrast to her deep rich coffee skin. Bina had beautiful perky breasts with small teats.
I said "Hi" and frightened the daylights out of them.
They both grabbed for their tops, which was a hilarious scene. I said "Don't bother on my account. I'veseen you both like this before."
"How come?" says Hatty.
"From my window," i said and indicated.
She gasped. "You fucking pervert. Wait till I tell mum and dad."
"And let them know when they go to work you strip off and sun bathe? Your mum won't like that."
They were quite strict. I hadn't even seen boys visit the house - or any friends at all to be frank.
"if you like, " I continued, "You can see something of mine."
"Like what" asked Bina,
"Come over here and look over."
As they approached, I hastily unhoooked the tie on my shorts and dropped them to the floor. My erection bobbed out, long and thick
"Oh my fucking god," squealed Hatty. "oooooo" whsipered Bina.
They stared at me for a long time and I started to wank with one hand "Wanna try this?" I asked
"We shouldn't." Hatty was clearly in charge. Bina was whispering at her sisters ear. Hatty may have been nominally in control, but her little sister was pulling the strings.
They consdiered a bit. I stopped wanking and pulled up my shorts. "Maybe some other time then."
"No, now," said Bina.
i love young girls, they so innocent and naive. They do the dumbest things.
"Come on then. Come over and I'll show you how it works."
With Hatty reluctantly in her wake, Bina ran around the front drives and, eyes all agog, stood on the patio expectantly. Hatty was trying to grab her wrist and stop her, but it was too late for either girl to not look. I was sitting now on the bench and totally nude I was stroking my massive cock, its whole ten inches looking hugely impressive. They just stood and watched as I jerked for about five minutes. They moved closer, but not so near they could touch me. When I felt the urge, I told them I was going to cum and pointed my cock directly at them. My jizz spurted across the gap in big white strings and splattered on the paving stones. They jumped back to avoid it. I have a heavy load and I was cumming for a good thirty seconds.
"Shit," said Bina, "That was amazing."
"if you show me your tits, I'll do it again."
"I don't know," hatty was still being prissy.
"Come on, Hat, It'll be fine. He's always been nice. Yous aid yourself how much you faniced him."
That was sort of it. Now they argued again. I took the initiative, got off my seat and flicked at Bina's bra catch. She squealed and jumped as her bra fell away in my hand. She chased me, hatty in pursuit and I ran about naked for a few seconds until I let them catch me. Now we were all sort of play fighting and they got to accidentally rub against my cock. I squeezed Bina's tits. She screamed. A silly girly scream. Hatty tried to stop me, but I had her from behind and was grappling with the front catch on her bra. She reached back and pulled my cock. I grunted. She kept pulling. I released my hold on her, and she still pulled. I was getting hard. Bina saw it and she started to pull as well. I lay back and the two girls, one topless, one not, started to wank me. It wasdelicious. I tried to make one of them suck it but they wouldn't. Eventually I came again, thsi time all over my chest.
I need to wash this off" I said afterwards. They sat there whispering to each other, on their knees while I sprayed the hose all over my body.
I directed the water at them and they scrfeamed again and I chased them around with the hose soaking them.
After they'd managed to subdue me again, I said they needed to get out of their costumes.
"No way!" said Hatty. "You just want to see us naked."
"Yes. fairs Fair."
She sulked. Then, without urging, Bina started to peel off her shorts.
"No Bina, dont be silly."
"Oh shut up hat, You spoil everything."
Bina watched me as she undressed, first the shorts, thena pair of practical white undies, probably from M&S Kids. My cock grew again and she grinnned. "See what happens!" she said pointing.
She loooked gorgeous, with her cute hairless pussy exposed.
It was all i could do to start wanking again. "That's what you do to me, Bina." You're so sexy"
"Come on HAt, please, show me your tits," I pleaded, "I'll come again for you."
I was sounding like a schoolboy. Hat shrugged and pulled a face. Slowly, reluctantly, she took off ehr bra and flashed her boobs at me. Bina had taken hold of my cock again and her head was edging closer to it. I felt for her hair, which was shoulder length, and took hold. I moved her head inexorably towards my cok and automatically she opened her mouth and started to suck the end.
"Oh Bina, stop." was all hatty could say, She went to grab her sister, but Bina shoved her aside, the effect making her bite my cock.
She was so apologetic.
"You need to pay a forfeit. Or rather your sister does, it was her fault."
"No, we're leaving," said Hatty.
"No, you won't. I said. You could have left ages ago, but you're still here, you like it."
She didn't leave,
"Take off your bottoms."
"Go on, Hat," said Bin, "Its fine" She was stroking my cock again like a pro.
Reluctantly - even more reluctant than last time - those bikini bottoms came off. Hatty had a beautiful hairless shaven pussy with a plump mound and a pair of fat engorged lips hanging from her cunt. She was horny. This was turninmg her on.
Bina sucked my cock again and I lay back and simply gestured for Hatty to hold my hand. She took it and then, without encouragement, she knelt opposite her sis and sarted to lick my shaft and balls. (I always shave) I knew a third cumw as due soon, I was so excited but I ahd to do more than just wank now. I too was so horny. I reached out and squeezed Hatty's full boobs. She didn't resist. She sighed. Bina now had four inched of cock in her mouth. "Come here, " I said and got her to twist around so her legs were ove rmy face. My tongue speare dup at her little slit. iw as surprised to find it positively dripping with cunt juice. Hatty said nothing. We did thsi for a while and I felt Bina's lips exit my prod to be replaced by hatty's fully, plumper mouth. Above me I could just make out Bina playing with her tiny tits. The girls were talking in Sri lankan. Finaly, in English, Bina said, "You must, you ahve to go first, haty, your the older one."
Bina got off my face and I was welcomed by the sight of a beautiful naked Hatty crawling up my body, her cunt open for business and slick as the sea. Slowly delicately she lowered herself onto my fuck stick and breathed out long andhard. I lasted all of a minute, which must have been very disappointing for her, but I was too far gone. I pumped another enormous gush into her gash and she smiled and collapsed on top of me and hugged me.
"Oh I wanted this so much, " she said "So much."
We stayed like that as I went soft. "Sorry i was a prude. I'm so nervous. Mum won't let us do anything."
"Well anytime you wanna do anything, come round and we can do whatever you want." I reached for Bina's body and my arm circled her. "And you too, Bina."
"I want to do it now."
"You'll have to wait a bit I've cum too much."
In the event i couldn't take BIna's virgin pussy that afternoon as we didn't have time before their mum came home. Hatty became a regular visitor to my studio. Bina became the first underage girl I photographed naked - in fact my first nude shoot. She was the most outrageous and she introduced me to many of her friends which allowed me to begin regular photo and fuck sessions with young naive girls. Even though my life adventures have been wild, I remember that first experience as clear as the summer's day.

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I am pregnant but I know it is not my husbands. He was out of town on a construction job when my old girlfriends reached out to me to go for a drink. I ended up getting drunk and having a one night stand.

I feel horrible and I know I have to tell him because there is likely no keeping it a secret as the babies color might be a little bit more chocolate.

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When my husband and I were on vacation, we were hanging out with another couple on the beach when I needed to go back to the room to retrieve some things. The other couple needed some things also, and the husband, a tall, handsome black, middle aged gentleman volunteered to go back to the resort with me to get our things. As we walked through the resort people would look our way and immediately assume we were together. There was no problem, but I found myself getting kind of worked up thinking about this handsome black gentleman being my partner. It was a pretty long walk, and as we made our way we would occasionally brush together. At one point I took his arm and we walked arm in arm through the resort and toward the elevator. We stopped by our room first, and upon entering I began getting things together to take back to the beach, and as I moved about and bent over I could feel his eyes watching me. Just as I was about to say I was ready to go, he reached out and took me in his arms and kissed me deeply. I was quite take back by his assertiveness, but didn't offer resistance. I instinctively opened my mouth and allowed his tongue to enter and meet with mine. As we kissed his hands felt my ass. He had large hands and it felt so good, I felt like I was under his total control. He started playing with my boobs, so to allow easier access I lowered my top, and he began sucking my now hard nipples. I reached down and felt his huge erection through his swim suit, and with that he pushed me down and directed his beautiful black organ to my mouth. I tried to take as much as I could, but he was just too big. To make a long story short, he laid me on the edge of the bed, pulled my bikini crotch to the side and slowly entered my now very wet pussy. He went very slow at first, allowing time for me to get used to the size, the started slowly pumping in and out. I became so wet I could hear sloshing as I allowed this gentleman I had just met to have his way with me. He began to speed up and was fucking me as deep as he could, when he let loose a huge load of cum deep into my womb. Even after he pulled out all I could do was just lay there, completely satisfied and totally out of energy. I remember even thanking him for the best fucking I have ever had. My husband and I made love many times on that very bed throughout our vacation, and thought I was so wet solely because of him. I would never tell him any different, but the thoughts of my first black experience taking place on that very bed kept me moist and wet all week. I am now in search of my second black experience, and there is an executive at the company where I work that would be perfect for the job.

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I was on vacation in Munich Germany. I'm a black American male. Went out bar hopping and came upon an underground bar. Had a lot of drinks with some cool German guys I met, which were celebrating one of the group 22nd birthday. The bar had a dark room. Never been in one before. Went in with the group of five to explore. Fucking everywhere! The birthday boy commented that he would like some black ass. We were all drunk so I complied. Thought it would be just us in a small area of the dark room. There was a table. I laid down on my back and spread my legs for him after a lot of foreplay. He was on top of me and thrusting inside me like a wild animal. Then I look over to see the other four guys watching. When he finished inside me, he pulled out and another climbed on me and stuck his dick in me. I was drunk and horny. Never did that before but let all 5 of them gang fuck me and cum inside me. I had trouble walking when they finished using my ass but loved every minute of it! Would love to have that experience again, especially since I had 3 anal orgasms while getting fucked.

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My 50 year old wife has a fantasy about being fucked by five guys one after the other or three at a time. Hearing her tell me this really turned me on and I want to see her with a cock up her ass, one in her pussy and one in her mouth. She's particularly interested in one or two of the guys being black with big cocks. She wears very sexy bra and panties and she masturbates a lot both with me and during the day when she's alone. I'd like to arrange a gang bang for her and she's happy for me to take a video of her servicing five guys. She's a primary school teacher and one of the hottest women I've ever met or fucked. The trouble is I need to find some willing guys who are from another town and I don't know how to go about track them down. The thought of a black guy cumming in her mouth while another cums in her pussy is something I'm looking forward to seeing.

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We were at a party and a "hypnotist" put several of us under for some fun.
My wife confessed that her secret crush was "Derrick", her friends husband, because she'd "Heard he had a really big cock". I hate that man and I envy him.

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Last week I met a guy online and I let him suck my dick. The next day I fucked my girlfriend. I felt guilty letting him do it afterwards but I was horny and it was the middle of the night I know that's no excuse but I can never tell her

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