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I spied on my wife’s best friend while she showered. Such a beautiful body. I wanted to be inside of it. Dreamt I was. Such a hottie. I think of her when I have sex with my wife often.

#friend   #spy   #lust   #shower  

Whenever I take a shower, I masturbate. I lay a towel on the floor, lay down and stick my toothbrush (with a glove on the end from under our sink) in my pussy. I sometimes watch porn when I masturbate. I violently rub my clit until i orgasm, squirting everywhere. I then will thrust the toothbrush while pinching my nipples. Sometimes I get horny from reading confessions. I have almost always gotton an orgasm from masturbating like that. Im shaking and wet and its the best feeling when im about to orgasm. I feel tingly in my pussy and i go harder. I do this whenever i shower (daily or every other day)

#masturbation   #shower   #orgasm  

Okay so me and this girl are on the same swim team we r both bi and r interested I. Each other,the other day we were on break and we went into the shower we ended up making out and each of us were naked by the end of our break we rushed to put on our bathing suits and ran out and ahe has a boyfriend

#bi   #lesbian   #showers   #sexual  

When I was about 14 (male), I went to a summer camp. This camp had these showers that were outdoors, with no roof, but fences around them. So I was gradin to the showers to clean up. I stripped inside the shower (which was just one big community shower, no individual stalls) and started getting cleaned up. While washing off, I caught a girl looking at me. I got really embarrassed and demanded she apologize. She seemed really panicked and confessed that she just wanted to see a boy naked. I told her I would go tell a counselor, but she begged me not to. She said she'd strip naked so we could be even. I took her deal. She came into the shower and took her clothes off. I'd never seen a girl naked, I was astonished. She was really embarrassed, and I noticed she was staring at my cock and I realized I had a boner. I was super embarrassed by this, but then she stepped closer to me and asked if she could touch it. I nodded. She felt it all over and I got really horny. She asked me if I ever masturbated, and I said yes. She asked if she could watch me do it. So I started to jerk off and she watched the whole time. I came and she smiled. She grabbed my hand and guided it to her boobie and kissed me on the cheek. We stood like that for a few more seconds before she grabbed her clothes and ran off.

Before the summer was over, we had masturbated together about a dozen times.


As a kid poured water over another girl. I got the water out of a small puddle. I did it because she told me seconds before that she hadn't showered or washed herself in 5 weeks.

#water   #girl   #kid   #puddle   #wash   #shower  

Mother's boyfriend took me shopping and bought everything. Changing, teasing, and showing him way too much worked. On the way home I said the least I could do was give him a blow job. I have him wrapped aroung my finger. Now I feel like such a slut when he's around. And I like the naughty feel that goes along with it. Will anything happen? I like to think so when I masturbate. Oh so horny.

#tease   #show   #slut   #nasty   #masturbate   #control   #horny   #blowjob  

One day I decided to wear a flesh toned bra underneath assort of see thru tank top with all these little sequins and rhinestones to work. It was a warm sunny morning and I decided to walk as it was only about 5/6 blocks. I had on tight black jeans and that sparkly top and was looking GOOD! Horns were tooting and this really well dressed suit type stopped sipping his coffee and said "Dayum! Woman you are hot!" I loved it! Made me feel like a 16 year old. I stuck out my chest making my 36DD look even bigger. My ego was super inflated for about a week!

#sexy   #pride  

I have to admit that I am one of those men who pee in the sink. I think it's time saving, I also do it under the shower. You save time and water and it's much more comfortable.

#admit   #sink   #pee   #time   #shower   #comfortable  

I punctured the tired of my boyfriend's car while he was at work, his car stood in front of his office. Because I didn't want him to be home that early while my favourite TV show was running.
Unfortunately, he called me to pick him up, so I missed the whole show. :-(

#boyfriend   #car   #work   #car   #tv   #show   #tire  

I have a secret that I find embarrassing to talk about and feel ashamed when I think about it but I get so aroused just thinking about it! From a young age I wet the bed and even now it occasionally happens but I believe this has caused me to develop a fetish for urination. I have tried to block it out but it's always in the back of my mind and I get really turned on when I'm home alone and desperate for the toilet. I've never been comfortable to talk about this but for some reason I don't mind sharing it with the world.
Is it normal to have these thoughts and urges to want to be humiliated and peed on? I'd just love to know how common it is and if people have been able to tell their partners and enjoy this fetish together? I don't want to feel like I should shy away from it any more. I feel so nervous writing this but in a weird way find it quite erotic that people will read it.
I'm also worried about my desire to put on women's underwear at the same time I need to pee. I want to share and hopefully find some answers and other people to talk to that share this sexual desire. Just for reference I'm a 27 year old male. I hope I'm not a complete freak of nature lol

#peeing   #pissing   #watersports   #goldenshower   #humiliation   #dominating   #pee   #piss   #urine   #strange  

Where do I begin, me and my boyfriend are the lovey dovey type of relationship people, he does anything I say and respects me in every way, we only just started having sex and he goes really slow just incase he doesn't hurt me but I want him to fuck me so hard. I want his hard dick inside me so bad and want him to cum and get me pregnant. I want to feel his dick inside me and I want him to make me moan load as fuck. I crave for his dick in my tight vagina I want him to have sex with me in the shower while his dripping cum out of me. We're both really horny and whenever we have sexy it's so hot he fucks me so good his dick is amazing

#sex   #shower   #fuck   #hard   #horny  

Once at an old bus stop last year, this really cute teen, barely 18, sat next to me. It was like 1 in the morning and she was wearing a very low croptop and a skirt with no panties which I found out later. She constantly glanced over at me and eventually I moved closer to her. She told me her name and I told her mine. Eventually we hit it off and got into a deep conversation when sex came up. She was a virgin but she didn't want to be. I took her out behind the bus stop and fucked her ass hard. I took my jacket off and layed it on the ground and then I layed her down and spread her legs and fucked her tight virgin pussy. She moaned and orgasmed until I came all over her face. We skipped the bus and she had to come back to my place to clean up. She enjoyed the fuck so much that we did u again in the bathroom. The next day before I took her home I fucked her AGAIN in the back of my car and she gave me a hard tit job until I came into her mouth. She gave me her number and since then we've been fucking all the time.

#teen   #sex   #porn   #ass   #cum   #busstop   #shower  

For over a year now there are two girls I know and I think at least two other girls I don't know who have not only watched me shower but have also seen me masturbate. One of them goes to the same school I do and when I see her I act like I don't know about it. Her name is Heather and my mom is out with her mom every Saturday night. and she knows I'm by myself. Its her friends she brings with her and I think there is more than 4 girls who have watched me but I not totally sure. Every Saturday night and I open my bathroom window knowing two or three of them will be behind the bushes. Its usually about 8 or 8:;30 when they are out there. I keep the bathroom light on and wach out the back window in my moms bedroom waiting for them. When I see them walking over I go in the bathroom a let them watch me take off all my clothes. I have even let them see me pee sometimes and I am not the least bit embarrassed. I always have to put a beach towel on the floor because I have the shower cutain pulled over most of the way so they can see me better. I get the saop all over my body and jerk off all the time now. I stay in the shower at least ten or 15 minutes. I usually have a hard on before I even get in the shower and always have them see me jerk off. I don't feel any shame doing this and Heather and her friends must like watching me because they are out there almost every Saturday night always around the same time.

#masturbate   #naked   #shower  

I cheated on my girlfriend with her younger gay brother. He came in the bathroom to use the toilet while I was in the shower. He stuck his hand through the shower curtain and started stroking my cock. I stopped him at first but it felt so good I let him do it. After a while I got out and dried off, he took me to my bedroom (still naked), lay me down on mine and my girlfriends bed and finished the job. Its the best handjob I've ever had.

#cheat   #shower   #handjob   #gay  

I sit in front of the computer for 6 hours now, I have no friends, I haven't showered in a week, I've got an exam tomorrow morning and I haven't done anything for it.
Slowly but surely I think something is terribly wrong.....

#computer   #friends   #shower   #lazy   #exam  

I’m a grower not a shower. It shrinks? Like a freightened turtle.
Apparently my dragon is designed for cold weather. Little guy hanging out behind 4-5 inch pubic hairs.
But then like in Game of Thrones; it wakes up, and about 10 1/2 inches jumps out. Women used to pay to see me strip.
I guess I should have been a porn star.
Hello ladies; I’m Buck Naked, how you doing?

#penis   #grower   #shower  

As long as I can remember I piss in the shower. Many years ago, in late 1995, I went to Rome with my class, we were around 14 or 15 years old.
The problem was, there were only shared showers, I can't remember why. We all decided to leave our underwear on, I guess because we felt ashamed or something, I can't remember.
As soon as I am in the shower, I start pissing. The same happened back then in Rome. Of course, everyone noticed. I told them it was just dirt but I don't know if they believed me.

#lie   #embarrassing   #shower   #pee   #piss   #rome   #class  

Female. 17 My best form of masturbation is to use shower head with different setting. My favorite setting is the massaging one. I just put the running shower head on my clit and I usually just end up screaming like crazy.

#masturbation   #massage  

I have 4 cats for 2 years now. One tomcat and 3 cats. Tommy, my tomcat (hahaha.. coincidence) has the habit to pee in every corner of the house and it drives me crazy. And some days ago, he brought it to the top. He peed on me, while I was lying on the couch!
I was so angry with him that I caught him and locked him in the shower... where I pissed on him...
Now I'm so sorry but I was so angry to that time and I wanted revenge.

#cats   #tomcat   #tommy   #pee   #shower   #revenge  

my favorite method of masturbation is shower head masturbation. at first i finish showering so the bathroom is nice and steamy, then it begins. my shower head has different settings so i like to start off steady and cool. after a bit, i go into medium mode and when i can't take it, i go into full jet stream. the pressure is so pleasurable on my clit! when i cum, i have no choice but to moan. it feels so so good. when i'm really horny, the orgasms are so overpowering (usually when i watch lesbian porn, i get horny). rubbing my clit doesn't work so this method is my favorite.

#shower   #masturbation   #sexual  

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