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Time Confessions

Read the best #time confession stories

I've always been curious but never acted on it. I'm a married male, mid thirties, with a good sex life with my wife. She allows me to cum in all three holes. A couple of weeks ago, and I have no idea why or how; I let a man use my bottom for sex. It was my first time having a guy inside me. He is a huge cummer, and dumped a big load inside of me. That first time I sucked him hard, and he did it to me on the bed with me on my back. Then he went one more time with me kneeling on the living room floor, my chest on the couch. He played with my nipples like there were a womans tits and it felt good. The first time he fucked me it really hurt, but this time was very good. In the last two weeks I'd met with him 6 times, each time I get it twice from him. One time only once, but I gave him a BJ first. He has had me get my wife to shave me from crotch down to my feet, and has started having me wear a teddy. I've very embarrassed but I can't stop getting his cock. I really feel empty without a cock inside me. I think he wants to have a party where I am the centerpiece. I am thinking of letting him as long as they are protected. My wife has always played with my butt and has asked me why I'm so loose back there now. I don't know what to say.

#married   #gay  

The first time I got a blow job I was 13. We'd met some girls on the beach and after dark, we went back to their camp. They were staying with their parents in a camper. Me and my buddies were camping not too far away, which we did often. We were just screwing around, laughing and stuff. For some reason, I kept putting my hand up the back of this girls shirt and trying to undue the bra of her bikini top. I didn't know what I was doing. She'd sort of stop me and then I'd start again. Nothing too outlandish, but this was back before sex was very common among young people - especially that young.
Anyway, one time I flipped it between my thumb and index finger and it just popped open. She squealed and said "he just undid my bra". A few seconds later her mom opened the camper door. She looked kind of disheveled, with her shirt part way open and her face flushed. She said "whats going on out here", to which the girls said "nothing, we're just laughing and having fun". Mom looked at us suspiciously and said, "OK you can stay out here, but don't go anywhere" and she closed the door.
The girl I was with laughed about how she looked and commented that her bra was undone. They said something like "she must be giving Dad a nooner again". Her sister laughed and said "yeah, geeze, we watched her do it in the front seat on the way up here, you'd think he'd had enough". I asked what they were talking about. She explained that they'd seen her Mom give their Dad blowjobs in a bunch of places - that they thought they were being sneaky, but once the sisters figured out what was going on, they'd sneak up and watch them. She told me that on the way up, the sisters were in the camper and her mom and dad were in the pickup driving. They could see into the pickup through a little window.
They saw their Dad start to reach over and play with their mom's tits and she scooted over next to him (those were the days of bench seats in pickup trucks). He got her shirt open a little and she started rubbing his dick through his shorts. Then she looked around real quick and dropped her head down to his lap. They watched as she pulled his dick out of his shorts and started sucking on it. They said they couldn't hear anything through the thick window and the noisy camper. The girls could see into the front seat pretty, but they couldn't see them in the camper. After a while, her Dad came and mom got it all over her face and shirt and all over his pants. She tried to lick it up but it was a real mess. The girls laughed and talked about another couple of times they'd seen mom with her head between Dads legs.
Now these girls were probably a couple of years older than us. We'd heard about blowjobs, but weren't too sure that really happened. We only had a vague idea what sex was all about. Next thing I knew, the girl next to me started rubbing my dick. Back then, surfers (which we were, through and through) wore "baggies" which were short baggy surfer shorts. Before I knew it she had me hard. The shorts had a mesh lining in them, but mine had mostly ripped out from continual wear, so she could just reach her hand up one leg and there it was.
I looked at her, reached over and tried to kiss her. She gave me a little kiss with a little tongue, giggled, and slipped under the pic-nic table.
Before I knew it, she pulled my hard dick out the leg of my baggies and was sucking on it. Being a young kid with no experience, just her rubbing on it had me hard and about ready to explode. So, it didn't take long before I was ready to come. I tried to act casual, but everyone was looking at me, because they'd seen her go under the table. I don't remember doing it on purpose, but just before I came I reached my hand under the table, grabbed the back of her head by her hair, and held her there with my cock in her mouth.

I shuddered, moaned and shoved my dick deeper in her mouth. I came deep in her throat and it seemed like it went on forever . I expected her to jump back, but instead she clamped her mouth down on my cock and sucked every drop out while I pushed her face all the way against my groin. Then she was back up on the bench and wiped the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand, giving me an evil little grin.
It was weird, but a few seconds later we could hear her Dad make a loud moan and say "Fuck". I always wondered if they knew what had happened outside and it had somehow made them horny - but I'm pretty sure he Dad came about a minute after I did. A couple of minutes later, Mom opened the door and said, "allright girls, a couple more minutes and you have to come inside - it's getting late". Mom closed the door, the girls laughed and asked if we'd noticed that her mom wasn't wearing a bra anymore.

At the time I thought it was funny. We were 13 year old boys. Her mom was standing there in the light of the camper, in a white tank top, with big tits and her nipples poking through the shirt - Of Course we'd noticed! The girls got up and we said our goodbyes. She never even kissed me. Back at the camp, the other two guys couldn't wait to hear the story.

The next morning, after surfing, we walked up to their camp, but they were gone. We never saw them again, but I had discovered something I'd love for the rest of my life.

I'm 13f and the other day I was lying in the park with my close friend who I haven't seen in like half a year. She told me she loved me and she wanted to kiss me, I don't know what happened but I kissed her very passionately it seemed like it lasted a life time. It was also my first kiss. We walked back to her house holding hands and stopping to kiss like 3 times. Later she asked me to be her girlfriend I said yea this is my first proper relationship and I just had to tell someone.

I'm at that age where if I tell any of my friends at school I'll get highkey judge and terrored so I'm telling the Internet.

#lesbian   #kisses  

When I was young my parents divorced , was was mad at my mom for treating him badly , I stayed with him as much as I could but he met and arrived another women who was really jello us of me .
They moved away , my mom had turned I to this huge slug and had guy after guy visit.
I stayed with my auntie a few times but she ended up coming on to me, she went down on me a few times but I just didn't like it as I'm not a lesion.
I went back to my mom's and tried to get used to shit, more than a few times I witnessed her giving blow jobs, she would come out of her bedroom cum dripping out the side of her mouth, .
There was one guy that came by a lot, he had a very pretty pens , it was lovely , I would master ate thinking of him.
I was in the bathroom peeing and he came in , he looked down saw my bald pussy I could see him start to grow as he was wearing boxers, I finished up but didn't get off toilet, he came over or me pulled his shorts down and I did what I saw my mom do.
I was so turned on I grabbed his ass as he pumped my mouth, he started to breath heavy and felt his dick get harder, I pulled back so just my lips were at his hole as I felt him pulse into my mouth, I loved the feeling , enjoyed the taste of sperm .
He finished I got up off the toilet, and went outside right into my mom, she yelled at me and slipped me on the face , unfortunately I still had cum in my mouth and when she slapped me it left my mouth and was all over my face.
She yelled at the guy told him to get out and take this slutime with him.
We left together him holding his pants me in a long tee shirt and drove away in silence . After about a hour he asked me what I wanted to do , I said I was cold and hungry so we went to his place he made me some breakfast and gave me some of his daughters clothes .
I tried to go back to my mom's house , but she was Pisces, I we think back to his place and asked him if I could stay there , he was a bit nervous about it as I was younger than his daughter (she visited on weekends) and how he could explain me being there , I went up to him took his dick out and gave him a blow job looked up at him with my mouth full of cum and said I can be your girlfriend .
He smiled and asked me if I had ever had sex before I said yes 2 times I gave a blow job , we laughed.
I've been with him since

#curiosity   #parents   #confession  

It all started when I was 9 years old . My family needed to travel for a few weeks and hired a sitter for me, As I had to be at school without a long absence if I was to move up to the next grade without Summer School ! Bob was young, athletic and good natured so we were a better fit than I understood at that time. Over the first few hours, we got closer and closer. Bob was very attentive to me and my whims. He would look deeply into my eyes it was as if He was reaching my soul. This drew me even closer to him. soon there was a bit of brushing my hair out of my eyes & soon there was gentile furtive brushing my hair back or out of my eyes, light pats, touches or rubs and this made me feel pleasantly different than usual. After several hours of talk and play I was beginning to feel very relaxed and strangely attracted to by all the attention.. Then, He looked very deep into my eyes for a long time which started to arouse me and he pulled me very close up to him. I could feel his heat and became aware of his musky scent which gave me a tingling in my crotch. Now he clasped my head in his hands and and firmly planted a very sensuous French Kiss on my stunned lips. His tongue pushed into my mouth and started a fire to smolder that I never knew was possible. We Kissed again and again ,each time with more heat and a rising passion that I could not yet understand. We ground into each other as his hands ran all over me. he gave me hot kisses on my earlobes and the sides of my neck as he worked my shirt open. soon he was tweaking and kissing my nipples and this was making me burn with lust and desire for things I did not as yet understand. Then he let his hands slipped down on my globes in a very warm and sensuous way as he squeezed and massaged. Somehow he managed to drop my pants and undershorts to the floor and step me clear of them. Bob kissed my shoulders and chest as he removed my shirt and I was now very aroused and could not think what to do about it. gentily Bob's fingers moved from my globes towards my crevice and went lightly exploring as he moved inward. I felt a light electric fluttering as the finger tips brushed my rear entrance, but soon the touch was more intense and pulsation on that small rosebud. Out of nowhere some Crisco appeared on his fingers and it was soon spreading around my entrance with a pulsing and thrusting motion. I started to thrill to this new intense sensation and he slipped a finger slowly in and out ever so slowly with a twisting and circular motion. This got a follow up of a second finger and a more vigorous stretching and expanding motion. I noticed that my small tool was now very hard and then I felt a third finger join the stretching party. By now I was loosening up and becoming very relaxed, so I started to thrust back on his fingers as he pushed in and after some time He was all in up to the third knuckles and now rotating too ! Bob withdrew slowly from me while giving me a very hot and deep French Kiss that seemed to reach way down into me. At this point he took my hand and lead me easily down the hall to the Bedroom ! Once there, he places his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me down on my knees as he moved in with his fully erect Cock which he rubbed on my lips as he massaged the nap of my neck. As his cock brushed back and forth on my lips, it was as if I was mesmerized and my mouth opened as he slid in. I closed my lips around his head and got to work with my tongue and soon he was thrusting in and out, all the time going a bit deeper. After a while he was all the way down my throat with his 8 in. tool and I was loving it ! Then he stopped and let me, up so he could take me onto the Queen sized bed. He whispered in my ear hotly that he needed me and wanted to make me his ! He asked if he could have an orgasm deep inside of me because he wanted and needed me badly. We French Kissed for a bit and I said YES that I needed that too ! After a time he moved into the missionary position and prepared to open my carnal love canal up, wide ! I was so besides myself with Heat, Passion & Raw Lust, that I would have done absolutely anything he asked of me ! Many very enjoyable hours had past to get me to this point and now I wanted to give it up completely to become his cock slut and pussy-boi ! Bob took firm but gentile charge and mounted me to make me his Bottom as I spread my legs open to give him all the access he wanted. Bob kissed my little head just a short bit, then scooped my legs under the knees and raised them to my chest as he slid a hard pillow under my buns which gave him perfect alignment to enter me. i placed my arms and shoulders over my calfs, thus locking my position up to give Bob all the action room he wanted. We continued to French Kiss and feel each other all over. I felt a tapping on my rosebud and it sent thrills through out my entire body. this continues for sometime and got stronger and stronger which sent me over the edge with craziness as I was now so hot that I was mumbling incoherently and begging Bob to ram me hard and deep, as I tried to thrust to meet his teasing thrusts ! Now Bob moved forward a bit at a time with each thrust going in slowly and deeper. After some time when he was well in, he met with some resistance that had him pause. Then he told me that he now needed to break my anal cherry and there would be some pain, but if I could bear with it the feeling afterwards would be beyond anything I could even imagine as it spread throughout my mind and body ! I told him I wanted to be his and he should go ahead with it ! Bob braces himself and quickly placed a French Kiss lip lock on my mouth that completely covered any possibility of sound coming out and strongly thrusted forward into my deep as I yelped as the pain consumed me. Now he paused to let me get my balance and let the pain subside. Soon he was thrusting in and almost out slowly again and now was starting to feel like I was being elevated to paradise on a cloud ! The feeling was very electric & thrilled every cell in my Body to the point of disorienting me far away from reality ! My Lover soon picked up the pace of his thrusting until he was hitting into me hard fast and strong and I was thrusting to meet him with all my strength ! I never dreamed Life could get this joyous & Good and juice was flowing freely ! After some time I felt a charge in my crotch & Bob filed my deep up with a massive breathtaking Orgasm that shook us both from end to end ! Now,I was marked as His & a wide open Happy Bottom ! This was just the first 24 hours of a month long Sitting Job and I was an eager student that was willing to learn to do it all. We were at it every day, as often as our strength would allow ! After that, I went to his place on the down low almost ever day to practice what we shared together freely but privately ! Then he bought other Men Friends around to try me out and I just loved the variety that some of these hot sessions brought ! Most of these men loved my Carnal Skills and use them as often as they can even now !

#sitter   #anal  

I was 25. It was my birthday. I'd been seeing my boyfriend for about a year. I didn't start out intending to have sex, but I must admit that I had thought about it. I had wanted him for a while, but I was raised to wait for marriage. Still, on this particular day my desire for him was especially strong.

My boyfriend said he had a very special birthday present for me, so we went to his house. There he carried out a well executed seduction. I was more than a bit reluctant, but I was in love with him, so eventually his gentle persistence won me over. He was kind, sweet, romantic, gentle, and persistent and respectful of my feelings and eventually my resistance fell away. I couldn't resist anymore.

He had mentioned to me a few times that he had an urge to make love to me, but that he respected my feelings enough not to pursue it. I had felt the urge too, but I had always managed not to succumb to it. Somehow, this day felt different, though I didn't realize why.

He started to make small, subtle advances and I barely noticed. Or maybe I didn't want to notice. The wet kisses passed unnoticed. He mentioned again that he had been thinking a lot about making love to me lately. Gradually, the advances got more direct and forward.

Somewhere along the line, I started to say no and it came out OK. That's when I knew it was time. I was surprised, but I knew I was ready, due to his persistence. So I gave in. I was scared, nervous, uncomfortable, but exhilarated, happy, excited, and curious. I actually found myself looking forward to it. I was overwhelmed by the sheer pleasure and the romantic moment.

I sent him out of the room, then I stripped my way up the stairs, leaving a boot at the foot of the stairs, another boot a couple of steps up, my dress a couple of steps after that, my pantyhose a step up from there, my bra at the top of the stairs, and my panties hanging on the doorknob of the bedroom.

I waited completely naked on the bed, wrapped in a sheet. He quickly stripped down to his undies and climbed on the bed next to me. I was tingling. After a little foreplay, I took his underpants off. Then we curled up and gave each other oral simultaneously. We did that for about half an hour.

Then I rolled over on my back and he went inside. We had intercourse for quite a long time. He was very good, and he told me he enjoyed it too. I had two or three orgasms and he came too. It was excellent! He was very good! It was passionate and romantic, about as good as a girl's first time can be.

Afterwards, I felt a mix of emotions: sadness, exhilaration, excitement, disappointment, deep romance, nervousness, peace, a bit of regret, but also happiness, satisfaction, and a myriad of other feelings. It was all something of a jumble.

It was a wonderful first experience, very romantic and tender. He was patient and he was very good. I felt like part of me had just died, but I also felt like I had staarted an exciting new adventure, one I would enjoy many times afterwards. What a great birthday present!

#virginity   #sex   #premarital   #seduction  

I am 18 and have been fucking an older married woman for 2 years. She lives in my neighborhood. She is really very pretty, has a little belly and wider hips because she had three kids. She is 38 years old, blonde on top and brunette on her pussy. It all started because a neighbor of hers, a really hard body brunette of 35 was giving me BJ's and she thought it was crazy that the woman wouldn't fuck me, but the woman didn't want to cheat on her husband. So the blonde said she would let me fuck her and being 16 and a guy, I took her up on it. I would play with the neighbors tits, ass and pussy, as she'd usually get totally naked when she blew me, but this time I got to actually fuck someone. She got very excited that she got to take my cherry and told her neighbor that she did it. So the neighbor stopped blowing me because my cock has been inside another woman.

So knowing I wouldn't have any source for sex my new blondy became my lover. She has taught be how to fuck, how to make women cum, and do everything to please a woman. About 8 months into our fucking she got pregnant, she really didn't know if it was mine or her husbands, but since they still fuck a decent amount she says it's his. He and I sort of look alike anyway. I got to fuck a pregnant woman, and more importantly got to suck her big, bulging tits. Mary is only a B cup normally but she grew to a really big C. I liked squeezing her tits and making the colostrum come out while pumping her pregnant pussy, but afterward I really loved the milk. After the baby stopped nursing I got her to keep her milk flowing for me for almost 4 more months. Then her husband was asking about it too much so she had to let it dry up. It's been great having a steady lover. Her husband leaves at 6am everyday and doesn't return until about 7pm so we get plenty of time together in between my work and classes. She's taught me everything, even letting me fuck her butthole. That has become my absolute favorite. I didn't realize it but she has been talking to Carrie her neighbor, the one who used to give me BJ's. So now Carrie let's me fuck her in her butt (her husband has never done that to her) and she feels she isn't cheating because he doesn't do that to her, and I don't stick my cock in her pussy, though I really want to do that. I'd love to know what that smooth shaved pussy feels like. I do eat her out though, and she totally screams when she cums, and loves what Mary has taught me. Carrie actually cums from getting fucked in her butthole. Mary likes that her stuck up neighbor is a bit of a slut too.

Plus with all I've learned and the confidence I have around girls, I fuck plenty of them my age now. I guess it's the confidence of my knowing what I'm doing in bed, and the fact that I don't care because I know I can cum in any of two very good looking, older women.

#married   #affair   #virgin   #anal   #oral   #nursing  

I had been bi-curious for years. Since my early teens I would jack off while bent over the bed imagining someone fucking me from behind. I always had a girlfriend and back then the internet was new so it wasn't easy to contact others feeling the same way.
I was divorced by the age of 31 and decided it was time to check out my bi-side so I placed an add on CL.
I got many responses but one was from a younger guy near me and we clicked a bit as we traded messages.
I gave him my address and he came over on a Sunday night.
We talked for about 10 mins and had a cocktail and then I said, well, lets do this.
We traded off sucking each other going back and forth and then we started to 69. It was SO HOT!!
It was all I could do to keep from cumming too early.
Then he tried to top me but I was too tight. He said he was used to being a bottom and I could get behind him if I wanted so I put on a condom and climbed in behind him for as long as I could before having the most intense orgasm I think I had ever had!! He was about 5ft6 and 150 pounds, totally smooth perfect ass.
This went on for about a year as we would get together on Sunday nights at my house.
It was SO HOT and Im bi but mostly attracted to women.
I will never forget how much fun that was. Wish I knew where he was nowadays.

#bi   #hot  

I had my first hookup last Friday night. I usually party with my friends every Friday or Saturday night. It's our only outlet for the stressful work week. First time I got completely drunk, off myself and went home with someone. I feel completely horrible about right after.


Because it's spring break and therefore I don't have to go to school, I made plans to stay at home the whole time and be as lazy as possible. Next to my bed I positioned my laptop, my remote control, 20 gallons of Seven Up, my game boy and my play station 3 controller. I told my parents I am on vacation.
The only time I stand up is to go to the toilet, maybe to take a shower and to open the door for the delivery guy.

It's the best time of my life but I am a bit ashamed that I lied to everyone to be alone.

#school   #spring   #break   #lazy   #time   #life   #best   #confession  

When I was 17 I got lost in the woods on the mountain. We were camping with friends, and I walked off to explore and when I looked up I was lost. I yelled but no answer, the sun was coming down and the chill was in the air, my father had said there would be snow flurries that night. I kept walking, and I came upon a camp site with a man. He asked me what I was doing there and I told him I was lost. He told me that it was late and I would have to wait till the next morning.

He gave me something to eat and he said I would have to share his tent, a small one man tent with sleeping bag. He put out the fire and hung his stuff up in a tree and set some bells out around a perimeter, just in case he said. Early warning, he showed me where the bear mace was and he had a gun and showed me where to pee. He stood by me talking while I peed. When I was done he peed into the same puddle and then covered it with dirt. Back at the tent he told me to take off my pants and jacket and he got down to his underwear and put me in the sleeping bag and he got in, adjusting us until we were both trapped inside. It got hot real fast so he took off my top and he felt me up taking off my bra. My panties came off and in less than five minutes after we got in the sleeping bag he had sex with me. Naked he pulled me into a spoon and put his arm under me for me to lay my head on and we went to sleep.

Twice more during the night he had sex with me, once from behind in the spoon position, and the second time he put me under him and we had missionary sex. All three times he completed himself in me. I knew about that, I had the talk and my grandmother was the type of person who was explicit about those things. Nothing was a surprise, except that it was happening. I slept in his arms and when it was light we got up, we peed naked into the dirt again, he stood me up tall so he could get a good look at me and he told me I was a fine young woman, he was proud that I was carrying his sperm inside. We got dressed and I told everything I could about where we were camping and he said he would try to find the campsite if they were still there.

We walked back up the mountain, he went pretty straight and when we topped this ridge he showed me the camp with my parents. He told me how to walk down and to keep to the open country, and he would watch until I got into camp. To remember I was carrying his offspring and he would give me another one next fall.

#first   #time  

I am a 16 year old highschool boy, and I finally fucked someone. My best friend who is 15 lived on the same street as me for about 8 or 9 years with his divorced mom. We've always hung out, explored together, and as puberty happened to us we would strip around each other, even jack off together. I even tasted some of his sperm and he tasted some of mine. I have a sister who is 15 also, and when possible and no one was home we would go through her dirty clothes and pull out her used panties and smell them, even jack off into them. Then we started doing the same to my moms hamper. In her pants we would see more, even some of what I assume was my dads sperm in them, and they always smelled more of her sex than my sisters panties. We would do the same with his mom's dirty undies and bras.

His mom left us alone for this past weekend, staying at his house, my parents just down the street she didn't think anything of it. On Saturday morning we both got naked and were in his moms room going through her things. We found some pretty wet panties and we sniffed them, rubbed our cocks in them. Both our moms are pretty hot still, in their early 40's but really nice bodies. My mom actually has a better body than my sister does. Going into a drawer in her walk-in closet he brought out a huge vibrating dildo. I mean this things was bigger than any cock. It was like two soda cans stacked on top of each other. We couldn't believe she stuck that thing inside her. I turned it on and rubbed it against his cock and balls and he got instantly hard. He did the same to me. In her nightstand I found some KY jelly.
"You know what this is for?" I asked
I explained that it's for anal sex mostly and it lets things slip in really easy. He took some on his finger and pushed his finger inside his ass while I watched. I put some on my finger and pulled his out, and stuck my finger in his ass and moved it back and forth, penetrating him fully the entire length of my middle finger.
"Goes in nice and smooth huh?" I said
"Really smooth" he muttered through his grunts and moans.
He laid down on the bed face down spreading his cheeks, and told me to put some on his butt. I did, pushing it in and around his hole.
"Now put some more on you, get it all over it" he said
I started putting more on my finger and he said no, that he meant to put it on my cock. I rubbed it all over my cock and took up his invitation, laying on top of him on his mother bed. I slowly but steadily pushed my thick 7 inches into his baby smooth butthole. I was in and stopped. He was moving his bottom around and asked if I was all the way in. I had about an inch left and he grunted as I pushed it all the way. He started rocking his ass in fucking motions and I asked if that was what he wanted me to move like. The reply was almost a pleading for me to do it. I started fucking him. It felt so good to be inside someone I didn't care that it wasn't a girl. I always dreamt of fucking a girls but his ass felt so good, so tight along my shaft. I could feel his warmth all the way with every stroke. Added to the great feeling, I was sniffing his moms panties and could smell her pussy. I couldn't hold out more and after about 4 or 5 minutes I started moaning and thrusting really fast and really hard.
"Do it, do it, fuck me, fuck me real hard" he kept saying over and over as I was shooting my sperm inside his butt.

After I was done I just laid there with my cock still inside him. Eventually it slipped out of him and we both got up and cleaned up. I'd finally fucked someone. Not what I'd imagined but at least I fucked and came inside someone.
We don't talk about it, but we went and bought our own KY so we wouldn't use up his moms. We even found some naked pictures of his mom. That evening we both slept in her bed, I had slept there the night before alone. This time I fucked him on his back. I even sucked his cock after fucking him once, one of the times he jacked off while getting fucked. I don't really want to suck him or to get fucked, I just want to fuck and get sucked. So it's Friday now, we have another weekend without his mom. We've stayed all week together. I fucked him 5 times that Saturday and Sunday and got sucked off once, and sucked him once. This week, we would fuck when we woke up in the morning, or he'd suck my cock and jack off while doing it. We always had some form of sex at least for me, if not him when we got home from school, and at night in bed we fuck like newlyweds.

I really want to fuck a womans pussy but I like this for a nice substitute for now.

#mm   #anal   #oral  

I come from a very religious family and I have always been told that I MUST remain a virgin until I get married. Listening to all my friends talking about how great sex is and how much they want to have sex with this guy or that guy was just to much for me. I placed an ad on Craigslist and met this guy is and had sex for the first time in my life. No one knows what I did over the weekend and everyone thinks I'm still a good little girl and virgin. I live in Guatemala City and I would love to have sex again without anyone knowing about it. Oh by the way I was 42 when I lost my virginity

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I am 18, female, and quite fat. I have floppy boobs I am 5ft. 5in tall and weight 265lbs. My legs and very thick my belly is big. All through high school the boys wouldn't touch me or even talk to me. I have in 3 weeks gone from virgin to feeling like a slut and whore. I met a man recently who wanted to see me naked he treated me really great. I let him have sex with me and we have it often. I like doing whatever he wants, I want to satisfy him very much. I've even let him finish himself in my mouth, and now he stuffs his cock into my butt. That hurts me a lot, and I know he only keeps seeing me because I let him do things that the skinny girls won't let him do. Our dates are pretty much just going by a fast food place and then going to his apartment and him telling me what to do.

I know I shouldn't do it but he's the only guy who has ever paid attention to me and I think he likes having sex with me, even if I am so fat. Last week we had just finished having sex and I was naked on the bed still and he let two of his friends in. I was in the bedroom but he told them to come into the bedroom and have sex with me. They came in one at a time, one after the other. I was very embarrassed because my boyfriend had written nasty things on my belly and my boobs. I let his two friends to it to me anyway, they just laughed at the writing, one took the marker and put his name across my pubic hair and the date with it. I think they enjoyed it, each one of them did it twice to me, one guy did his second time in my butthole. Then after they left my boyfriend put his in my mouth. He called me a slut and a whore, and said that I'd have to do anything he wanted if I wanted to keep seeing him.

I feel like I'm that slutty girl from high school, but I want to keep seeing him, and I will. In the past week the same two friends were over two more times, once together, the other separately, and my boyfriend has had 5 other friends have sex in me. I know in three weeks having 8 guys inside me makes me a slut but I'm still fat and my boyfriend still has sex with me and he enjoys it. So I'd rather be a fat slut, than a fat virgin staying at home every night.

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I was always so horny as a teenager. I wanted to be railed all the time. Needless to say, my neighbor was hot, but he was interested in someone else. One night I didn’t care. I was so horny it was driving me crazy. So I walked down my neighborhood 6 houses down to his house. He wasn’t home… but his dad was. He knew what he wanted and didn’t care, he invited me in. We were talking about his son funny enough, but an awkward silence ensued… he started looking me up and down. It wasn’t his fault I had on a skimpy dress, my tits we’re hanging out of it. I wear a triple D. He started caressing my thighs and slowly worked his way up to my vagina. So we started making out. He started grabbing me everywhere. I was so turned on. After about 5 minutes of that I lead him to his living room and pushed him down on his couch and strattled him. His dick was pressed against me, it made me want him even more. He started taking my dress straps off and then my tits were out for the world to see. He started grabbing them while still making out with me and then we stopped making out and he moved down to my tits, he started sucking and biting all over them. Then we made our way to his bedroom… I was grinding on him and then he took my dress off the rest of the way and I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his zipper of his jeans and pulled his pants off leaving him in his boxers, but I didn’t take his dick out, I teased him… I bounced up and down a little and started grinding up and down on him. Then I got off of him and walked out of his room. He came chasing after me, I’m guessing because I gave him blue balls. I was regretting my decision to not wait for his son, and doing it with him… but I said to hell with it, if his son and I ever happened I didn’t want it to be my first time. So I walked back to his bedroom and sat on the side of the bed until he came in, he walked up to me and grabbed my arms and pushed me down onto my back, he towered over me and started with a kiss on my mouth worked his way to my nipples, down my stomach and to my clit, he knew exactly what to do down there, 3 ex wives… I’d hope so. He made me completely unfold on his mouth. What can I say. I wasn’t going to be selfish. I stood up from the bed and pushed him onto it, the I climbed on top or him making out with him and grinding on him until I made sure he was rock hard again, and I got off the bed and pulled his boxers off. I teased him a little and started kissing his thigh, I could tell he wanted to force my mouth on him. But I kept teasing him, until he begged me to put it in my mouth. I did just that, and it was amazing. I finished him off twice. I didn’t think I’d be that good at it considering it was my first time. But it was almost like I knew exactly what to do. But I wanted more. I assume he did too, because after all of that he pulled me on top of him strattling him again and started kissing my neck. But I was thinking of something else… I lifted myself off of him just enough to slide his dick in me. Then we went crazy. I didn’t realize I could bend that way. Figured out the positions that I love and the ones I didn’t enjoy so much because they were uncomfortable. After we finished I put in my skimpy dress and walked back to my house.

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The day I learned I was a lesbian was the same day I masturbated for the first time.

I got a smart phone for my 12th birthday. About two weeks later, in the middle of the night, I am unable to sleep. So I grab my new phone. I had looked up pictures of girls before, but never naked girls. I image searched naked girls and was astounded. After five minutes of scrolling, I realized I had been subconsciously rubbing my lady parts through my PJ bottoms. I took my pants and undies off and rubbed my pussy as gently as possible. It wasn't until half an hour later that I had started to lose control and pushed my finger inside myself. I had never realized touching my privates would feel so good. I kept at it, looking at dozens of beautiful nude girls until I reached my first orgasm. I kind of yelped when I climaxed, and I couldn't back to sleep for a whole hour because I was worried my parents might have heard.

I'm 16 now with a wonderful girlfriend. I want to masturbate with her someday.

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I started cutting hair when I was 18yrs old. My boss' client at the time had a one year old and he was my first client. I have cut his hair for 32 years now. I've watched him grow up and his family has given me a lot of business and even helped me buy the salon from my boss when she was ready to retire. He could call me the day of and get an appointment. I just care for him that much. Yesterday he did just that. I didn't have any openings but told him he could come in at 7pm and I'd stay late for him. I stayed until 11. I cut his hair for 30 minutes and he used me like a sex doll for the rest of the time. He confessed that he and his wife were breaking up while I was cutting his hair. She had already moved some things back to her parents' house. I don't know what came over me but when I finished his cut, I just kissed him. We had the best sex I've had in 20 years. I'm so hopeful he texts or calls today to thank me because I'm off today and ready to repeat it.

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I have to admit that I am one of those men who pee in the sink. I think it's time saving, I also do it under the shower. You save time and water and it's much more comfortable.

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It's not as it sounds. I was quite good; very good; excellent. We are of no blood relation and only 33 years apart. Being pent up together for so long, we grew close and got intiment, had sex on a regular basis. Now that I am back to work, we miss the passion. Point is, age is only a number. I fuck my grandpa.

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My husband convinced me to have a threesome. He won't admit it, but he has the hots for this sexy neighbor. And I won't tell him I was curious. It was my first experience with another female. I expected one and done. Wow, she was/is awesome. Now just the two of us go at it when we can. If my husband only knew what he started. Girls, just try it once, you might be surprised. With that being said, I am now open to mmf, just once?

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Pray and roll the dice for #time

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