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Hands Confessions

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I LOVE the smell of desinfectant spray. It smells so nice and clean, simply irresistible!
That's why I clean my apartment with that spray once a week. Especially my telefon, or door knobs, my computer and stuff I touch often. In the morning, I clean my hands with it because it smells so good.
My skin already cracks and it hurts, but I don't care, as long as I'm able to smell the desinfectant spray!

#smell   #clean   #apartment   #hands   #crack   #hurt  

I never wash my hands after I used the bathroom.

#bathroom   #hands   #wash   #confession  

I have to confess that I'm a very arrogant person and that I love to make fun of others.
It gets me going to make fun of the weak, I feel strong and confident when I do it. I think I'm better than 90 % of my fellow men, I even say that to some of them. I guess it's not that bad because I am able to be the way I am. I am good-looking, handsome and just amazing!

#amazing   #handsome   #goodlooking   #fun   #confess   #confident  

I never wash my hands after visiting the toilet.

#wash   #hands   #toilet   #disgusting   #confession  

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