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Clean Confessions

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I blew the whistle on my former drug dealer cause I wanted to get clean somehow and I didn't know what to do. So now he has to go to prison and A LOT of people are mad cause he was the only one around to sell drugs. Thank god, no one knows that I told the police about him!

#clean   #police  

I confess that I hate my family. It's because of their tidiness, they don't have one. I showered some hours ago but first I had to remove the huge hair ball which was stuck in the waterpipe. Then I wanted to dry up but I had to find a clean towel first, one without sperm stains on it.
EVERYTHING in this shitty household is dirty, disgusting and gross! I hate it.

#hate   #unclean   #tidiness   #confess   #family   #household   #dirty  

I employ a 22yr old cleaner just to watch her tight little ass all day. She wears those micro thin stretch leggings in light grey and I can see her thong and her horny little camel toe through them.

Today she was cleaning the skirting while I pretended to work on my phone. In actual fact I was watching her ass and looking at her Facebook page with a hardon.


I've cleaned my razor with the toothbursh of my dad.

#toothbrush   #clean   #razor   #dad   #confession  

I've got dirt under my fingernails. I painted them black, so no one can see how dirty they are.
I am just too lazy to clean them.

#clean   #dirty   #fingernails   #black  

I almost never brush my teeth. I can go over a month without doing so and not even notice. I'm trying to get back into the act of brushing my teeth as my teeth look kinda yellow and I'm sure I have multiple cavities but I keep forgetting.

#gross   #unclean   #hygiene   #lazy  

I just licked over a toilet seat in the company I work for. Really don't know why I did it but I just did it.
I don't know how I should feel now.
That was weird.

#toilet   #seat   #lick   #tongue   #work   #company   #disgusting   #unclean   #confess  

One sunday morning I was alone at home, had just finished showering and realized that I had forgotten my towel on my bed.

As I was tip toeing out of the bathroom towards my bed, my room door swung open and the maid walked in. We both froze initially for a few seconds, and then I swung around to run back in. Unfortunately, I slipped and fell flat, hurting my left elbow quite badly and twisting my ankle.

The maid came running to help me. She put my right arm over her shoulder to help me on to the bed. I am 82 kilos and was soaking wet. After a little struggle, and falling a couple of times, I was finally on the bed. However, by then not only were her clothes and skin really wet, I had a huge erection. I had even fallen right on top of her once and got a good feel of her warm, but shivering body. In fact, as I was pushing myself up, while she was kneeling down next to me, my erect penis touched her face and neck a few times.

I think she took a good look too. She then covered me with the towel and went out. I dozed off and when I awoke about 45 min later, my towel had slipped and fallen to the floor. I could see that my room had been cleaned.

I don't know why, to this day, even 6-7 years later, whenever I think about it, I get a solid erection.

#maid   #cleaning  

I use the toothbrush of my room mate to clean the toilet. Tootbrushes are very qualitfied for cleaning a toilet, but please don't tell my buddy. Maybe that's why he always has bad breath.

#tootbrush   #toilet   #clean   #evil   #bad   #roommate   #confess  

I LOVE the smell of desinfectant spray. It smells so nice and clean, simply irresistible!
That's why I clean my apartment with that spray once a week. Especially my telefon, or door knobs, my computer and stuff I touch often. In the morning, I clean my hands with it because it smells so good.
My skin already cracks and it hurts, but I don't care, as long as I'm able to smell the desinfectant spray!

#smell   #clean   #apartment   #hands   #crack   #hurt  

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