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Police Confessions

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I'm so sorry, I have sinned.
All of my friends are drug addict, all BUT ME.
And now listen: I reported you all to the police!!
You dumb addicts!

#heartless   #sin   #friends   #drugs   #police  

Im 15 gay and boy. I made a fake facebook as a girl texting this boy in school that isnt gay and is one of those who gets bullied and i hate him.but as the girl i said wank off that guy called (my real name) in the changing rooms. His mum comes to my house and tells my parents, school questions me about the situation and i deny everything saying i dont know anything and everyone believes me it has been gone the police know aswell but in scared someone will find out and expose me i dont know what i was thinking at the time but i feel bad someone help me get rid of this guilt

#guilty   #online   #policeknow   #parentsknow   #schoolknow   #imnervous   #someonehelp  

I was caught by the police while I was dancing around a bonfire naked at night in the woods.
According to the protocol I asked them to dance with me because I would take the queen's child the next day.
After that I changed my antidepressants. Thank god the police gave me back all of the photos they took and I now live in another city.

You can trust me: Don't mix meds with alcohol!

#rumpelstilzchen   #police   #bonfire   #dancing   #naked   #antidepressants   #meds   #alcohol  

I was shopping the other day looking for some cute shoes for my new dress. I even found some shoes, brown ones with closers on the right sight. Like you can imagine those shoes were SO EXPENSIVE, I could never ever in my life afford them. I just put them on, left my old sneakers behind and walked out of the store. 2 policemen were standing in front of the building, I nicely said hello and went on.

#shopping   #dress   #shoes   #closer   #sneaker   #thief   #police   #confess  

I (m/19) broke into the apartment of my neighbour. I live in a big complex with a lot of apartments and this particular neighbour lives right next to me. He's always listening to his fucking death metal the whole night and that so loud that you can't understand your own word. He's so fucking annoying. When he's not listening to music, he's talking louding to himself or his pet snakes or something. He can't keep quiet and that's just fucking annoying. So, I broke into his apartment and destroyed his stereo system and all his electronic devices he can use to play music on. He already called the police but he's got nothing on me. I think as soon as he renews his stuff I am going to break in again and destroy everything once more.

#destroying   #neighbour   #apartment   #loud   #annoying   #confession   #breakingandentering   #police  

I blew the whistle on my former drug dealer cause I wanted to get clean somehow and I didn't know what to do. So now he has to go to prison and A LOT of people are mad cause he was the only one around to sell drugs. Thank god, no one knows that I told the police about him!

#clean   #police  

I live in a multi story building with many foreign families and a lot of them have some kind of trouble with the police, distrainors, lawyers and other creditors. When I'm at home, I often hear that there's someone who keeps ringing the door bell, to talk to one of those families. Apart from me, almost no one of these people work, they are sitting at home all day and watch TV and therefore they know who's standing in front of the door and therefore don't open it. But I'm a helpful person so I let them in by pressing the buzzer for the front door down stairs. It's funny to watch the police while they are trying to get entrance to the flat.

#building   #foreign   #families   #funny   #police   #lawyers   #confession  

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