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Loud Confessions

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My name is claudia and I fart at work all the time I always excuse myself it gets loud

#fart   #work   #loud  

I farted loudly

#i   #farted   #loudly  

I (m/19) broke into the apartment of my neighbour. I live in a big complex with a lot of apartments and this particular neighbour lives right next to me. He's always listening to his fucking death metal the whole night and that so loud that you can't understand your own word. He's so fucking annoying. When he's not listening to music, he's talking louding to himself or his pet snakes or something. He can't keep quiet and that's just fucking annoying. So, I broke into his apartment and destroyed his stereo system and all his electronic devices he can use to play music on. He already called the police but he's got nothing on me. I think as soon as he renews his stuff I am going to break in again and destroy everything once more.

#destroying   #neighbour   #apartment   #loud   #annoying   #confession   #breakingandentering   #police  

I'm up high af, and my parents will be up in 2 hours.

#meth   #horny   #pnp   #blowclouds  

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