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Fart Confessions

Read the best #fart confession stories

I farted loudly

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My girlfriend wanted to tie her to the bed and do everything I want with her. (she had seen this on the internet)
As you can imagine I tied her up really tight.
Then I farted in her face, got on my computer (which is in another room) and played Battlefield for 2 hours.
She was furious but it was worth it.

#tie   #bed   #girlfriend   #fart   #battlefield   #computer   #internet  

I few days back i was licking my bf's ass and he ripped a fart right on my tongue. I pretended to be angry and disgusted but i was so turned on. I hope he does it again.

#fart   #rimming  

I have a fart fetish and it is almost and obsession. I can not get enough. A few of my friends that are girls have farted around me and I nearly came in my pants when it happened however I could not tell them out of embarassment....


About two years ago I was at quite a big house party. I got drunk, but not wasted. Later in the evening when most people had left and the remaining ones were passed out I went to go to the bathroom. As I walked past one of the bedrooms I noticed a young woman sleeping on the bed. To this day I don't know what came over me but somehow I got the idea to do something pretty gross.
I went into the bedroom and rolled her onto her back. Then I pulled my pants down, pressed my anus to her nostrils, and cut the most vile fart I think I've ever produced. My cock went from flaccid to erect in about three seconds. When she didn't wake up I looked up her skirt, pulled her panties aside and took a good look at her tight bald cunt. I thought about putting my cock into her but decided against it. Instead I looked for an empty bedroom, and must've found the host's parent's room. It was empty. I looked through the drawers and found a pair of nice panties. I took them to the bathroom and had a furious wank into them. I considered leaving them on the girls face but decided to take them with me for future use.

#sick   #fart   #pussy   #panties  

One of the hottest things I have ever done is ask a prostitute to fart directly into my mouth. It got me so incredibly hard that all I needed to do to cum was jerk my cock a few times. I asked her if it was ok to blow my load on her asshole and she agreed. The whole situation was obscene. I often revisit it when I need help getting past the line while masturbating or during sex.

#prostitute   #fart   #wank  

I planned to take this to my grave and so this is as far as I'm willing to go with telling anyone what happened. So, I'm pretty sure it was near the end of 6th grade. My stomach had been bothering me all morning long but I kept ignoring it because I thought it would go away eventually. Unfortunately, that's not what happened. I was in my 3rd period class, sitting in the back row (about 5 rows) in front of the windows. I felt a fart coming on and I sat there for a few moments before deciding it felt like a silent one. Then I let it go. Before I continue, I would just like to emphasize how much I regret this decision. I would actually kill for a chance to go back in time and stop myself from doing this. I'm not even joking. Anyways...So, a few seconds passed and there was no smell or sound and I almost sighed in relief. But then it happened. The smell came. My teacher froze for a moment, quickly raising a hand to plug his nose. My TEACHER of all people. All around me other students began sputtering (not as a joke, they were serious.) and choking. I wanted to die. I considered stabbing myself in the heart with my pencil. Deciding that would only show I was the culprit, I suffered through minutes of other students accusing everyone else of doing it while half the class raised their hands to ask if they could leave the classroom. The room was filled with the foul, putrid smell. I can't do the smell justice. Imagine being in a room with someone who wasn't showered in 30 years and then amplify that by 50. It was like 100 skunks had just sprayed the room and then died. It was a corrupt, rancid, rotten smell. Back to the class though.. Someone finally went "It started in the back row!" and that was it. I was done for. I was sure I would be caught as the one who did it. I was starting to wonder how I would explain to my mom why I needed to change schools and change my name. But the world must have spared mercy on my soul, because at the time everyone in my school believed the "girls can't fart" thing. I was the only girl in the back row, and no one batted an eye at me. Then, my teacher finally spoke up and told us we were going to go outside for awhile. Classmates who I had never seen run before (we had recess at my middle school everyday) bolted for the fresh, pure air of the outside world. We spent 20 minutes outside before going back inside. At the end of class, my teacher laughed and said, "I feel really bad for the person who committed the crime. They'll never live that down." He was right. I'll never live that down. I'm in high school now (same school) and sometimes someone will bring it up in class and either laugh or grimace. There is no in between. You either remember it with a smile and laugh or cold dead eyes and a pained look. My friends will sometimes ask me about if I know who it was(they were in the class) and I just laugh and say "I'm not entirely sure any human could make something that awful. I'm pretty sure something died outside the window." but inside I am dying every time I say that. That was the worst day of my entire life, and I've had toilets overflow on me in public, my swimsuit come off in a pool, fall on my face after dropping from a 20 foot zipline into water, and accidentally stolen food worth 40$. Now that I list that stuff off, they seem so small in comparison to what happened on that bedeviled, cursed day. I will never forget this. Ever.

#embarrassing   #farts  

I'm female, 21 years old and I often have to fart when I'm sleeping.
The problem is that my boyfriends loves to cuddle and we always sleep like spoons. I am the small one, so I am sleeping with my back to his face. I always wait until he falls asleep before I keep doing my business. ;-)
Sorry honey!

#fart   #farting   #sleep   #boyfriend   #face  

My ex and I broke up 4 years ago, because I behaved like a total dick most of the time. Yes ok, it as not ONLY my fault, she was also at fault, but MOSTLY, my behaviour was the reason we broke up. Back then, we still were in the same group of friends, so I knew that she still had feelings for me after the break-up. We were long distance, so we did not see each other anymore.
When I was back home a few weeks later, I went to a friend's party and she was there, too. We talked for hours about our relationship and she let it slip that she still had feelings for me and wanted to reconcile. She cried a lot and I reassured her that I would come back to her place after the party. I actually wanted to get laid, but I was so fucking drunk I hardly could sit straight...
So, then we decided to leave the party and I walked her home.

In front of her door, the moment came.. to kiss or not to kiss.. I was about to put my hands on her hips when I let one rip and I mean the most disgusting, but silent fart anyone in the history of mankind ever let out. It took about 2 seconds before the most foul and awful smell hit us and she actually gagged and pulled away.
It was so disgusting and I was really embarrassed, so I said my goodbye and walked away rather abruptly. I never saw her again.

So, I confess and plead for forgiveness. I somehow managed it to scare off the love of my life when I actually tried to win her back.
I will never mix beer and kebab again!

#fart   #horrendous   #ex   #embarrassing   #love   #damn   #confess   #forgive   #beer   #disgusting   #smelly  

If I fart I blame it on the dog. I’m not kidding. I really do. They get mad at the dog. I feel bad but keep doing it. Is that wrong?

#fart   #dog  

My wife is all prim & proper. I used to take my kids to stores & malls. I’d squeeze a fart toy & they’d say dad you pooted. Lots of looks. Now I see a dude making money doing that. I could have been rich. The pooter.
Fast forward. I tell kids about online videos. Son & friends decide to prank at school. Spray water on each other’s pants acted like peed their pants. Led to a kid with no parents pulling a prank. School suspended them all. Huh.
We pulled pranks when I was a kid. I just cleaned erasers & got paddled. I told the principal she was a joke. Put my kid in private school. Then the pandemic hit & every kid got suspended. Did my fake farts cause a pandemic?


I confess that I fart more than the above average person

#the   #fart   #machine  

One day me and my husband where getting really kinky while the kids where away and he told me to eat his ass so I said sure why not. Right when I start to eat his ass he let out the biggest fart and it was wet. I throw up and after two days I can still smell and taste it.

#wtf   #kinky   #fart  

My name is claudia and I fart at work all the time I always excuse myself it gets loud

#fart   #work   #loud  

I fart in my closed hand and inhalte my scent afterwards. I like it and I won't stop doing that.

#farts   #scent   #confession  

The other night I (F13) was at my friend's house, let's call him Tim. Well I am pretty confident in my lifting ability so I asked him to wrap his arm around my neck so that I could pick him up princess style. Well I successfully picked him up, but farted really loudly in the process. There were two other people there and everyone blamed it on someone else. I have been spared for now.

#strong   #embarrassment   #fart  

As a teen girl (14), this has to be the most embarrassing fart story ever. This happened during school. Our class had a fan/air conditioner thing that sucked in air from below and shot it out form the top, making the whole room cooler. This day was hot, so the air conditioner was on. I still don't know what exactly, but throughout the whole day, i had the worst stomach pain from holding in gas. I also knew that it was going to smell really bad from the searing pain. During the last period, i was the only one sitting in the back row, directly under the air-con. Towards the end of class, the pain became too much and i lent over to my left and let the fart out. Luckily for me, it was silent. However, the smell was so bad it nearly made my eyes water, and made me gag. What i didn't realise is that the air-con was sucking my fart up and spreading it around the whole class. After around 2 minutes, I had managed to clear out the class and we had a early finish for that day :D

#farts   #deadly  

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