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Strong Confessions

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The other night I (F13) was at my friend's house, let's call him Tim. Well I am pretty confident in my lifting ability so I asked him to wrap his arm around my neck so that I could pick him up princess style. Well I successfully picked him up, but farted really loudly in the process. There were two other people there and everyone blamed it on someone else. I have been spared for now.

#strong   #embarrassment   #fart  

I don't like men who think they have to act like they are super sensitive.
Please guys, do me a favour and be strong, sexy men again!!

#sensitive   #men   #favour   #strong   #sexy  

At my boyfriend's, I changed into my swimsuit in the pool bathroom and left my clothes there. When I returned to get dressed, my underwear were gone so I dressed without them and moved on. My boyfriend was with me, so the horny widower stole them. I gave him a smirk and imagined him sniffing and jacking off on them. I got excited and wanted him to look up my shorts to see I had no panties. Maybe he could see how smoothly I had just shaven. I felt so nasty, horny, and wet. I was inventing what I could do on my next visit. I was so involved, I forgot my boyfriend. I will surely masturbate tonight. With tonights event on mind, masturbation would be more enjoyble than sex with my boyfriend. His father might be 18 years older but is more attractive, more manley and handsome with lots of confidence and surely longing for young sex.

#older   #stronger   #manley   #sexy   #panties   #dirty   #horny   #young   #18   #shaved   #wet   #confidence   #attractive   #masturbation   #boyfriend   #father  

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