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Machine Confessions

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My wife of 14 years is a fat cow. She's about 5ft. 6in, weighs about 220lbs. She has F cup tits and a big, loose, hairy pussy. I force her to do sex things she doesn't want because she turned so fat and ugly. When she was young and hot I did anything she wanted, now it's her turn. When she disobeys me I make her take her punishment. She must put her hands behind her back and lean over at the waist. I then punch her tits from side to side really hard, full force with my fists. They get bruised and I usually end by fucking her from behind.

I have now bought an old cow milker, and hook up her udders to it and make her get milked by the machine for 30 minutes every day. Her nipples have gotten huge, her clit is next.

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I’m sexy; good looking; well endowed; great at sex; and had wild sex with a lot of beautiful women before marriage; probably over 200, sometimes with several in one night.
I wish I hadn’t. But I did.

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I am only able to fulfill my manly act if my girlfriend calls me "the machine".

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I confess that I fart more than the above average person

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