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Sauna Confessions

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Went to the next larger center for an equipment auction. Stayed overnight in a fancy hotel that has a sauna.
Asked chamber maids about it and got positive answers.
Went to skid row, bought cheap booze and two old whores. Had lots of non-fuck fun, more that i could have had with the MRS at home.
Did not penetrate either whore with tong or penis so my conscience does not plague me when I got home.
Managed to get a whole hand into one of them.
Had them massage my prostate and shot my load over their saggy boobs.
Money well spend, I dare say. Had to pretend they are my mother and aunt so I could get hard (not the same as if they where).

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I'm a driving instructor and get many of my pupils from the country club where I work out, sons daughters nephews etc.
One older lady who I'd been flirting with over the years, (purely because she had huge tits,) was thrilled when her grand daughter passed under my tutelage.
She couldn't stop thanking me, it was incessant.
One day I was relaxing in the sauna and she came in after me. She said she wanted to thank me "properly". At this, she opened her swim suit to let me feel her big tits, then reached into my shorts and jacked me off!!! In the damn sauna! I sprayed a load everywhere and to this day I can't believe we weren't caught out.

#sauna   #lust  

I am a woman who is 28 now. 6 years ago, my best friend(Let's call her Beth) invited me to go with her, her boyfriend and a few of her friends to a Sauna. Her dad installed a private one. I obviously accepted. I needed something to relax me from work. When we went to the Sauna, there was only 2 rooms that could fit 3 people. There was six of us so we easily split apart. I dressed into a towel. I was naked underneath. I was going with Beth and her boyfriend in the sauna. When we got in there, it was very soothing and relaxing. Beth had to go to the bathroom. When she left, her boyfriend(We'll call him Andrew) started talking to me. But it wasn't just a regular chat. He was flirting with me. He went up and sat next to me and complimented my tits. I covered them more with the towel. All of a sudden he grabbed my towel away and started rubbing my tits. I protested but I don't know why I didn't stop letting him touch me. Then he started fingering me and all the you know what. Apparently Beth got lost and couldn't find our sauna. And we were fucking for 45 minutes. We acted like nothing happened when she finally found our sauna. Andrew is still her boyfriend, but whenever we all get together, he still plays with my tits and fingers me. I also forgot to mention that I also had a boyfriend who had no idea about it. But that was 6 years ago. I just felt like I needed to bring this out. I'm sorry...

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