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Grandma Confessions

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My grandma gave me 150 bucks some days ago, for Christmas, so that I would be able to buy presents and stuff.
I spent all the money on computer games like battlefield and assassin's creed.

#grandma   #money   #christmas   #games   #confession   #secret  

I am a 15 year old boy who wants to have sec really badly. It doesn't really help that I've got a really attractive grandma. I have masturbared over a picture of her in the past and while fantasising about her. At the point I don't really don't care who I have sex with as long as it's a women. My nan is 64 years old but doesn't look a day over 45. She's got really long legs and short blonde hair. I have even been in her bra and panties draw and wanked over them.
A couple of weeks ago she came over to drop off tea and she was in a white low cut top which made the pattern of the bra stand out and she some cleavage. I instantly got a boner. I was wearing some tight shorts which made it stand out. But I tried to make it more obvious to see what would happen. My penis was really hard at this point and it was really obvious. She walked into the living room which is wear I was standing with a boner. She stood there and stared at it for a bit then looked into my eyes. Nothing came to the situation but she knows u have feelings for her.
I don't how to get her to know that I feel for her. How do I get to have sex with her if her husband is around? Any ideas?

#grandma   #sex  

I had to bury my dad in November 2013, he had cancer. I haven't managed to get over it yet and it's very hard for me to even think about him.
January 2014, my grandmother died, too. And this isn't hard for me to tell. She's dead for a month now and I don't miss her anymore. I moarn about the death of my dad more than the death of my granny.
I feel bad about it. I loved my granny so much.
Please, forgive me.

#bury   #dad   #death   #cancer   #grandma   #dead   #confess  

The last time I called my grandma was about 7 months ago. I just don't have the nerves to talk to her because she's really annoying and very exhausting. She is a knows-it-all and a total brick.
I don't feel bad that I broke ties, she's just so annoying.

#grandma   #annoy   #exhausting  

when i was younger, around 7 years old, i was talking to my grandma. i wanted mcdonald's, but she said she couldn't get mcdonald's since she was in a motorized wheelchair, so i pushed her down the stairs and she died. i told my parents that she just accidentally fell and they believed me. i killed my poor grandma. i have sinned, please forgive me jesus christ almighty lord.

#grandma   #stairs   #murder   #mcdonalds  

As a young kid I always sucked the thumb. Even in preschool and later in elementary school, I had to suck my thumb to fall asleep. Because I was afraid the other kids could find out about that, I decided to stop. But it was really hard, I often woke up in the morning with my thumb in my mouth.
I then had, what I thought, was a brilliant idea. My grandma loves to knit, so there's wool everywhere in the house. I tied myself to the bed to avoid thumb sucking.
Since then, I'm kind of into this bondage and tie up thing.

#bondage   #fetish   #preschool   #dumb   #sucking   #grandma   #wool  

I hate my grandmother!! I don't know why, but I think I am the only grandchild on earth who does not call his grandma and who loves the grandmother of his girlfriend more than his own.

#grandma   #grandmother   #hate   #earth   #world  

Me and my mom were best friends when I was growing up. She was always there for me and we had great fun together.I really thought I could tell her everything. One day, I borrowed some jewelry from her for school. It was a very old, pretty ugly necklace and I thought this would not be a problem. I never saw her wearing it and I really wanted to return it right after school.On this day, and I didn't think about it, we had PE in the last two periods. I left the necklace with my other stuff in the locker room.And it was gone when I came back! I looked everywhere, but I just couldn't find it. Someone else must have stolen it. I was so terrified of my mom and that she maybe didn't love me anymore because of this. I was so scared that I would lose my best friend.So, I lied. A few days after I lost it, my mom was looking everything for this stupid necklace.And, as I found out, it was the necklace of her grandmother, (my great-grandmother)...I never told her that I lost it and I lied and helped her look for it for months.I am so sorry about that!

#confessions   #necklace   #grandma   #mom   #school   #gym   #stolen   #lie  

I'm malel, 21 years old and I love my family.
I was raised by my grandparents and I always had great respect of them, but at this moment I can't "not respond" to the provocations of my grandmother.
All she tells me annoys me and I answer her badley, because I just lost my stepfather for about a month ago and she now wants to control everything that is happening here at home: (that hours we enter, that hours we left, where we go, what we do...) We currently need privacy and let us do our "grieving", but she is always on top of things happening.
Everyone tells me that I have to give her a "discount" because of her age, but I can not, but right after I answer her badly, I regret.

#family   #grandma   #stepfather   #dead   #bad   #confession  

My Grandmother is slowly starving her dog to death. She thought he was cute at first but after he grew larger than a cup, she kept him outside. He flinches when she shouts at him and he looks so depressed and sad. Everytime I bring him toys, my Grandmother will throw them away, saying they are too loud and one, a little stuffed teddy bear, she washed and kept for herself. She said he couldn't appreciate such a beautiful toy.
With no human interaction, naturally he has become more aggressive. Her excuse for feeding him once a day was that he was getting fat. Now she is saying she can't cope and will pay a vet, to have him put to sleep. Right now we have heavy snow and he's outside. Outside in a shed and I can't tell you how long it has been since she bathed him. Today I've spent 7 hours phoning various dog homes but nobody wants a senior dog with no house training. I trained him to know the basic commands and he is good with children. He doesn't deserve to die because he isn't wanted. I would take him but I'm concerned about the aggression and I'm never at home. I've never cried so much in my life.

#starvingthedog   #evil   #hate   #confession   #grandma  

As I was a kid, around 14 years old, I stole cigarettes from my grandma. I smoked them with some of my friends on the playground.
Now I'm 25 and I'm grateful to my grams that she gave me the opportunity to smoke. I think smoking is fun and cool.

#cigarette   #smoking   #theft   #grandma   #cool  

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