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I have been battling with pornography ..i am a virgin but i get horny a lot of times.

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I don’t Understand what is going with me but I really wanna get fucked like so fucking bad I don’t want to be a virgin anymore but I don’t want to have sex with a random dude.But I’m so horny all the time and masturbating dosent Help the urge to have something fuck the living shit out of me.I keep fantasising abt getting railed so hard and having tones of hickys on me because they turn me on so much.

#virgin   #sex   #gettingrailed   #horny   #masturbating  

I am 37 years old, female, I am very fat, and not attractive to men at all. When younger I knew I couldn't get a guy to date me unless I let him have sex, that was just a fact. When I was in my late 20's I even tried lesbian relationships but only found even fatter, very butch lesbians who wanted to dominate me and stretch me and do all kinds of things to me. I know I'm fat, I know I'm basically ugly.
I asked a guy I know to get me pregnant for $ 3000.00 He moved in and is fucking only me, only in my vagina, though he can put it in my mouth or asshole, but he must cum in my vagina. He will do this for 3 weeks with what I hope is my fertile time in the middle. He uses me to put his sperm in about 2 sometimes 3 times a day. If I'm not pregnant then I'll try two more times. I have enough money for that.
I just want a baby, and know that to guys, I'm only good as the last girl at the bar to fuck. I've been nothing but a cum receptacle my whole life. So I want a baby and think this is the way to do it. The guy has no responsibility for the baby, so he's agreed to fuck me and me only during this time. He actually moved in here so he can fuck whenever he wants. He's very young so he fucks a lot and is a really big cummer.

#getting   #pregnant   #fat   #bbw   #ugly  

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