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Its Confessions

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Jerked on my gf armpits.


When we go out my wife wears as little as possible just sandals, a loose fitting floaty top and tiny skirt with no knickers. See loves people seeing her. Shoe shopping she’ll get a male assistant to help so he’s eye level with her pussy and always bending over so everyone can see her tiny tits. I love mens reactions

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I haven't technically sinned. One of my bosses at work (who is excessively rich BTW) has been talking to me for a while And in between that he confessed on liking me. Now he's a total playboy because he's been making advances on another colleague too. At first I shut him out since he's not my type, also he's married and a good 20-25 years older... But I've been feeling attracted to him not emotionally but I keep having dirty thoughts about him and I just want to have a no strings attached benefits kind of short fling with him. Every time I think about him I just want to slide in his lap, feel his cock and kiss him. I haven't acted on this weird urge to fuck him or given him any green signals but I don't know how long I can keep myself from doing something I will eventually regret.

#sex   #boss   #adultery   #teacher   #masturbation   #friendswithbenefits   #horny  

I am in my 50's now, and have had plenty of women of all sizes, shapes, and from decent looking to outrageously beautiful. I've even had my share of men, and a couple of trannies as well (I'm very partial to fucking asses, female preferably - but any port in a storm). I am a leg/ass man, always have been, prefer darker haired women, black hair is the best. However; I can't stop thinking about an old girlfriend in college. She was doing her Masters program and was quite a bit older than me, 6 years. She graduated, taught for 4 years, then came back for her MA. We talked a lot after classes, hung out a bit and for some reason I was asking her out. She a dark brown haired brunette, good looking and had incredible legs, and a nice bubble ass. I was already hooked on ass fucking by then, but figured we'd better go slow. Then at dinner one night she announces that she is still a virgin. I can't believe that there are any 27 year old virgins anywhere, much less in a college, in a mid sized city. So I went slow, we started kissing and making out, she had a great body but was a little light in the tit department. She had full A cups at best. My two girlfriends (that I had together in those days) were both A cups, my main girl not even a full A, so I didn't care. I was kissing her, had her pants off, her panties down and was fingering her super bushy, thick thick haired pussy, I still to this day haven't seen a girl with that thick a batch of hair on her pussy. She kept not letting me move my hand up her blouse, so I kept it outside her blouse when squeezing her tits. I figured I was fingering a virgin pussy, eating a virgin pussy - I finally while eating her got to see her hymen, and was even fingering her asshole which was incredibly tight, and I'd have some virgin ass before. Eventually I get her to agree, and we go to a motel I turn off the lights at her request, and at my insistence I leave the TV on for some light as I wanted to see her face when I plunged my cock into her pussy and break that hymen. I get her bottoms off, then her blouse, and you can tell that she wants to keep the bra on, and I just reach over and pull it up over her tits. Except there were no tits. NONE. She was flatter than I was, she was like 12 year old boy flat. All she had was nickel size brown areolae and pencil eraser nipples on a totally flat chest.

I took off her bra and the tissue in it, and laid her down. Seeing that forest of pussy hair, I plunged in and took her cherry. She bled a little, gasped a bit, then put up with my pumping her until I shot my load without a rubber on at all. We fucked for about a year, she got very relaxed about her lack of tits with me, and didn't care anymore, I could suck them tweak them do anything to any part of her. Once in a car I was getting a suck from her and told her I needed to come and she wouldn't let up, so I shot in her mouth. She said I was the first she'd ever sucked, but I figure she was lying. To last 27 years without getting your pussy popped she had to be giving her dates something. Then another time in a car again I had her pants down and went to fuck her from behind. I was fucking her and went to rub her clit and realized I'd just taken her asshole. I was fucking her in the ass and she never said a word, then I inserted my finger in her cunt and moved both around till I shot my load up her asshole.

So after that I had a three hole bitch, with no tits, who felt grateful that I wasn't that into big tits. We kept up fucking for a while, then I left school (I was done, she was still playing around) and I went to work and traveled a lot. I hadn't seen her for over 6 months, only called her three time or so, and one of those made her get me off on the phone. I went to the university and we talked, she realized it was over. She married an older grad student, who was pretty darn fat, but I guess he liked anyone who would let him fuck her.

For some reason for the last couple of years, I'm super attracted to titless women, and can't help thinking about her. That totally flat chest and that super thick bush still stick in my mind. I've wanted to go to the small town she lives in and taught in, just to see if I can see her again. But I know better, what you see after this many years never turns out well.


My wife's 17 year old nephew came to visit with us for two weeks , he loves his aunt and always

hugs and kisses her when he gets the chance.I always thought he was overdoing the love the

family song and dance and told Mary that he is just trying to cop a feel of her tits.

She always dismissed my theories as nonsense , she however always enjoys any attentions she

gets.I have tons of photos of her in the nude ,sucking ,fucking ,masturbating even some clips

when we have had threesome and foursomes with our close friends. We are open minded and Mary is

always the first to loose her clothes.
I have a laptop in my workshop at home and use these photos as my screen saver as no one really

goes in there except close friend etc. the evening before he arrived Mary said to me that she

would have to wear a brassiere and less revealing tops and blouses while he visits , I tried to

convince her to her to be her natural self and give the lad a bit of eyeful now and then , at

first I thought she would ignore my suggestion and turn into the prudish aunt for the sake of


When he arrived the next evening I noticed Mary had not put her bra back on which she took off

after work ,normal work blouse but her large nipples poked through and her 36 C tits swayed

nicely when she moved.Trevor hugged Mary as normal but I could see he noticed the free swinging

tits immediately and like him I kept looking at her tits as she moved around preparing the

evening meal.When she passed me in the passage she smiled at me and asked if i was enjoying the

view, I said we both were and that she looks great.I did not say anything further about the

matter as I wanted to see if she would continue to behave normal during his stay.

I decided that I would show him his aunt as he has never seen her before ,I set up the laptop on

work bench so that you would have to move the mouse to get to any of the spares on the workbench

, it is set up so when you move the mouse the preset photos would scroll on the screen

,obviously I selected the most daring photos of Mary engaged in all kinds of sexual acts. The

next evening I set up a bogus little project on the dining room table that would require a few

trips to my workshop for tools ,spares etc.

That evening Mary wore nothing special and stayed in work attire until after dinner , and then

after her shower she remained pretty much covered up.

On the third day I decided to shake things up a little before Mary returned from work ,whilst

'working' on my project at the table I asked Trevor to please fetch me a diode from the workshop

, I showed him what I was looking for and went to the workshop ,he returned a few minutes later

with the part I required and I could see my plan worked perfectly , a few minutes later I send

him back again for some silver solder and a pair of needle pliers which he would have to hunt

for in the workshop , these items were in plain few but if he had to "really" look for them it

would afford a few extra minutes to watch his aunt on the laptop screen.He took his time this

time round.

When Mary arrived home she got a real good long hug from her nephew as he told her how much he

missed her today ,again Mary wore nothing special that evening and I thought the fun might might

be over.

When we got to bed I got her real hot and told her that I have been naughty and have a secret to

share ,while pumping two fingers in and out off her pussy I told her what I have done and that

Trevor has now seen her pussy with cum dripping from it.She went very still for a few seconds

and called me a fucker for doing that,she said she wondered why Trevor gave her such a welcome

when she came home. I could feel that this was actually turning her on more as she wanted to

know which photos I loaded,she just groaned when I informed her of the content loaded.

We had great sex and she told me afterward that I was correct in statement that he was always

trying to accidentally feel her up when a saw a opportunity and that she had let have handful of

tits every now and then.

Seeing as she was on board now I told her that in the morning before we leave I would setup one

of our miniature video cameras in the workshop to record what ever happens in there during the


Before leaving for work I asked Trevor to move my project to the workshop as we were having

friends over for dinner and would eat at the dinner table ,the whole day I had such a hard on

thinking about Trevor watching the clips of his aunt fucking and sucking cock.

Mary and myself arrived at home at the same time and had little time to prepare the meal as we

planned a early dinner with two of our friends. Mary told me that she was actually turned on by

just thinking that Trevor was looking at photos of his shameless aunt , and she was going to

give him a little peek at the real deal during the evening.

She wore an amazing top that really showed a tits beautifully ,when Peter and Maggie arrived

they both commented on sexy she looked ,she told Maggie that she now has to dress up as she did

not want Trevor to think that his aunt is an old hag , Trevor blushed and said that does not

think his aunt is old at all.

The evening ended early as planned ,after our guests left Mary went to change ,she removed her

bra and now you could clearly see her dark nipples as her tits swayed freely underneath her

blouse ,she changed into a pair of shorts ,she looked so fuckable and she knew exactly how to

move to show off her attributes.Trevor helped her in the scullery to clean the dishes while I

"had' to pop out to the Kmart for some milk.

On my way out I removed the disk connected to the spy-cam in my workshop , I took my time in

getting the milk ,when I walked they had just finished with the dishes,Mary said she is going

to have a shower as she is very hot,she asked me to bring her a fresh towel as wanted to wash

her hair , I new exactly what her plan was as we have done this little routine before when

showing her off to new guy or to someone she liked.She simply would leave the door open a few

inches while she would face the door and pretend to wash her hair with her eyes closed.After 2

min or so after she turned on the shower I asked Trevor to take a towel and leave at the door

for is aunt as I walked out to my workshop.

I returned after a few minutes,Trevor looked very happy as he said goodnight ,I could see why as

Mary had left the door open more than a few inches ,she she felt like a sixteen year old and

really needed to fuck right now, I plugged the drive into my tablet and showed her the videos

clips as Trevor went the workshop while we were at work , he watched for a few minutes then took

out his cock and wanked as he watched the pictures of Mary on the laptop screen,Mary was so

exited as she watched Trevor cum in his hand ,the next clip showed him connecting his phone to

the laptop ,he was copying the the photos and clips of Mary ,now I did not expect him to do


Mary got up from the bed and opened our bedroom door ,she asked me to fuck her and she wanted

him to hear us having sex , she was very loud and verbal ,he most certainly new his aunt was

being fucked and that she enjoyed it.

The next morning I woke to Mary bringing me breakfast in bed , she had her summer gown on that

left nothing to the imagination and the top half was so loose that you could see her whole tit

from the side.She said that she and Trevor made a special breakfast and had some quality time

together as he was leaving for home later in the day.

Soon it was time for him for him to leave ,he asked if he could visit again in two weeks time and

if it would be alright if he brought a friend with him ,he was looking at Mary when asking the

question ,she said that she would really enjoy that and gave him a very long special hug.

When he left Mary turned to me and said you are going to let them fuck me are you not , she most

certainly knew the answer to that question.

#wife   #nephew  

I'm a driving instructor and get many of my pupils from the country club where I work out, sons daughters nephews etc.
One older lady who I'd been flirting with over the years, (purely because she had huge tits,) was thrilled when her grand daughter passed under my tutelage.
She couldn't stop thanking me, it was incessant.
One day I was relaxing in the sauna and she came in after me. She said she wanted to thank me "properly". At this, she opened her swim suit to let me feel her big tits, then reached into my shorts and jacked me off!!! In the damn sauna! I sprayed a load everywhere and to this day I can't believe we weren't caught out.

#sauna   #lust  

I've noticed a man in our apartment block who like to watch me through my bedroom window.

I'm not bad, in fact I never close my curtains, even when I'm naked after my shower. I'm sure he loves watching my towel off my pert, wet tits as he watches. I think I even caught him touching himself.

I find in funny and I'm flattered that he wants me.

#pervert   #spying   #naked   #voyeur   #tits  

I really want an older woman like 20-35 to have sex with me because I think that having an older woman command me around and tease me is sexy. I want her to get a strap on and talk about how big her dick is and how I'm too young for her. I'm a 16 year old male and I just would love this experience please

#older   #sex   #mother   #dominace   #seduction  

I think I'm prettier than all of my friends.

#narcissism   #vanity   #its   #true   #though  

I love pulling my nipples and putting rubberbands around them

#fetish   #nipples   #bigtits  

I have developed a fetish for seeing girls and women in embarrassing outfits whether they get embarrassed or not is beside the point but as long as they are wearing a ridiculous costume or outfit like the villainesses from the Power Ranger series as an example. Anything that makes them look foolish, stupid, helpless, and/or whorish really gets my motor running and if they are forced to wear and outfit and get embarrassed because of it ooooh baby! And if they are oblivious to how stupid they look even better that really gets me there but sadly I haven't found too much for this fetish usually the things I find are missing one or two elements from the equation but oh my imagination is a very powerful thing ;)

#embarrassed   #whore   #forced   #stupid  

Im a 31 year old bi-sexual girl. And i must admit i do like my body. Wide hips, big ass, nice stomach, and avarage size boobs, and a cute face with sexy lips. Hazel eyes and long dirty blonde hair. I do have an odd fetish. Every morning as soon as i wake up before i go to the bathroom i walk to my glass patio door and slowly lean myself against it. As soon as my sensitive body parts hit the coolness i exhale hard and fog the glass. I slowly press everything hard against the glass while completely naked. Usually my body is pritty sticky and sweaty in the morning so i smear up the glass pritty good
: ). I stand as close as i can get my body to the glass and keep my legs touching eachother. Then i bend my knees forward untill they hit the window, then i lean the rest of my body inward and press everything hard against the cool surface. My knees, upper legs, thighs, hips, especially vagina, stomach, and tits get smashed flat against the window then i open my mouth wide and exhale hard but slow so my morning breath steams the glass up all around my face wich i duno why but loveeee doing. I can just stand there flat against the abused glass naked and breath heavy with my nose and lips slightly touching the cool glass and just watch the steam build up for hours and hours, and sometimes i actually have done it for hours. I can pass out from the bad smell comming from my morning breath as i make the glass smell grose. Hehe. I usually draw things in my breath like harts and all kinds of things, after a while i will start kissing the glass and perk my pritty pink sleepy lips up and smash them flat against the window with my botton nose pressed against it too. Thats when my puffy vagina starts to get real wet as well as im straining to keep it pressed hard against the glass. As i kiss the glass a couple times ill then lean just my face back a little bit and look at my kiss prints, uhhh they look so sexy as I turn myself on so i slide my finger over one of my lip smears as i get more and more horny and open my mouth to exhale heavy as i fog the glass up over and over i then start to grind my hips and thighs hard against the glass. Just thinking about what im doing fells amazing down there as i actually began to have long hard passionate sex with the glass door in my bedroom. My nipples feel like they can really cut glass there so hard and how im keeping them so flat and ferm against it. As i start breathing heavier i start panting on the window and kissing and sucking the glass. Uhh im so horny. My eyes are closed and im in feel good land were nothing else matters and all i can think about is me and the glass. I thrust myself hard against the glass, so hard i can actually feel the glass bending outward im fucking it so hard but it feels to good to care. Im after smashing mirrors before by having sex with them too hard, and once i lid one down on the floor and sat on it indian style with my legs and bum pressed so hard to it i smashed it into pieces. I only got a little cut on my left leg just under my ass cheek. But this glass door is stronger and thicker, Its ben putting up with me rapeing it for over five years now just about every morning and sometimes after i work out and i didnt smash it yet. So i keep rapeing the glass thrusting my vagina hard against it fucking it hard but slow so i can feel every grind. I reach down and open my pussy lips a little more and smash my soping wet sex organ flat on the glass again as i feel the inside of it flexing and spazing against the wet hot window im rapeing. I feel so sexy. I keep kissing and sucking hard as my mouth makes sounds. I picture watching myself on the other side looking at my wide hips bucking while flat. my sexy legs flat to the window leaving thick leg prints. my stomach expanding and contracting against the glass as i inhale and exhale, my tits flat as well while my nipples look like there gonna come through, my nose and lips smearing the glass so bad i can bearly see myself and my breath condinsation now beeding and dripping down the window and sooking my breast with my mouth open breathing heavy and moaning so loud i can hear myself clearly through the window. My pussy pressed so hard against it sliding up and down and leaving a trail of lust juice sliding down the glass, as i look close i can see the inside of my vagina twiching while flat cause of the sensation im getting from the smooth feeling of the glass. And i can clearly see the liquid oozing out the center while flat on glass. That section of glass is so lucky. My pussy has ben exploading life alternating orgasms while open wide and smashed on it almost every morning sence i lived here, sometimes twice a day feeling it spaz outta control and sucking it while flat as if it was trying to make it suffer. My naked body owns the glass for its my passion, my sex, my slave. while flat to glass my whole body feels so good. It feels like im taking it from the glass through my pussy and into my body, i just wanna press every inch of myself flat against the glass and rape it. As my pritty mouth keeps sucking and making a mess as well i start my orgasm and i really cannot explain the sensation. Its like i forget who i am for a bit and just become one with the glass as my whole body contorts and shakes. The only things i can feel is my extacy orgasm that no guy or girl ever gave me going into my pussy and through my body even to my toes. And my pussy felling like its a running tap. I cant handle it and i yell so loud if anyone is outside they would here me no problem, if not for the fact im plasterd to the glass with my sticky sweaty flesh i would colapse in orgasm. Im pritty sure i keep thrusting my hips while going through this. Thats how i smashed some of my mirrors. My sex was to much for it during orgasm i bucked to hard and never realized it. A part of me wants to smash the glass door into pieces too while in orgasm. Im surprized the feeling i get while in extacy doesnt come out my hot vagina and smash it as well, or even the wait of my naked body making it bow and bend. Its really really the best feeling in the world... And my friends wounder why i dont keep dates long. Its because the feeling i get is nothing compared to glassex. And the fact that i know ppl watch me is sexy too. There is a girl in the other wing of my building but her glass door is only like 20 feet or so from mine and every morning like clock work shes there leaning her legs and hips on the glass in her underwear watching me rape the glass, uhhh i loveeee it. But i think shes fully strait, which is to bad but i know i make her horny, she even leans in and kisses the glass sometimes when she knows im looking.

... True story : ) xo

#glassex   #glass   #sex   #window   #legs   #orgasm   #lips   #hips   #sexy   #female   #hot   #naked   #door   #ectacy   #tits   #nipples   #nose  

I still have contact to my ex boyfriend... It's not really my ex BOYFRIEND... we had some kind of friends with benefits relationship and it didn't take long until I fell in love with him or crushed on him quite hard... he didn't return the feelings and that almost destroyed me but I couldn't stop seeing him. I lied to him and said that I also only want the sex and the friendship, nothing more...
After a while we saw each other less and less which was terrible because I wanted to see him every day... He started to become more distant and then I found out that he met someone else and tried to woo her.
At the beginning he didn't even tell me about it and just told me new excuses why we couldn't meet.
I was so heartbroken... And I told my best friend about it. She said I need to block him, ghost him and never talk to him again. But I was just so infatuated and I didn't wanna lose him.
Then I met my now boyfriend and the situation got easier. I wasn't that heartbroken anymore and we still texted from time to time.
I am still jealous when I think about him and his new girlfriend, but it's not like I want him more than my boyfriend.
I couldn't tell my best friend that I am still in contact with him. She already thinks I am stupid for keeping up with him for so long... so now I am keeping it a secret that I still text and maybe meet up with him some time.
I just want to be friends with him again. Not anything sexual. I love my boyfriend but I also do not want to lose my friend...

#liar   #boyfriend   #sex   #friends   #friendswithbenefits   #love   #crush   #heartbroken   #lie   #bestfriend  

My name is Fiona I'm 40yr brunette nurse in London. I was pregnant while still working and caring for patients in hospital. My job in the morning was to change a patient who had broken his leg, he was a tall attractive guy in his mid 30's. He would sometime try flirt with me and I would play it off but secret love it. One morning I came into his room to change him and he was alseep, but had a huge erection in his underwear. Now at this time I was 4 months pregnant and really horny all the time, and my breasts that are normally a D cup and swollen even bigger. I started to change him but would rub my hand into his cock for a second and then pull it away. I did this about three times and on the fourth he was up, I jumped and didn't know what to do. He just gave a little smile and said "you can carry on if you like". So I started giving him a handjob, he cock must of been at least 8 inches. I then started sucking it and could only get then half way it was that big. He played with my swollen breasts and sucked my nipple's which was so good. After about 5-6mins came into mouth, which no one had ever done not even my husband. He was moved the next day to go to the rehabilitation unit and didn't see him again. But will remember that for a good while.

#nurse   #adult   #confession   #pregnant   #horny   #handjob   #tits   #breasts   #cum   #cheating  

My mom has a new friend and he is so cute I want to have sex with him. Mom was upstairs getting dressed and he was downstairs watching TV. I quickly got in and out of the shower, wraped my hair in a towel, and walked nude to the laundry room pretending not to notice him. I returned only with panties and bra in hand. And wow there he was. We were looking at one another. I jumped and exclaimed, oh! and threw my arm accross my tits. I asked, when did you get here and continued to my room. Now everytime I see him, he pretends not to look as his eyes survey my landscape. It's arousing to watch him lust for me and knowing I exposed myself to him. I will tease again when the time and sitution are right. Poor Tim knows I am too young to touch. Besides, he visits to see my mom and not me. I get horny and masturbate thinking he is watching. I hope he is still around when I turn 18. Maybe sooner if? Stranger things have happened.

#nude   #shower   #tease   #lust   #masturbation   #sex   #arousal   #exhibitionist   #sexy   #panties   #tits   #cute   #teen   #young   #horny  

I have been battling with pornography ..i am a virgin but i get horny a lot of times.

#i   #am   #a   #virgin   #but   #get   #horny   #lot   #of   #have   #been   #battling   #with   #pornography   #and   #its   #getting   #the   #best   #ofmyself  

I’m not aloud to show my boobs off to anyone after my boob job. Who wants to see them? They’re my tits so my husband can get over it.

#sex   #fetish   #bigtits   #bigboobs   #boobjob   #sexy  

I'm 17 yr old female and I love lesbian porn. I masturbate to it frequently then tell my friend about it the next day. He and I are strictly friends and still sext each other. He jerks off to pictures of my pussy all the time and we watch porn together. We have intentions of doing other sexual things while only being friends.


After reading pantie stories I thought about stealing a pair from my stepdaughter and doing wrong. I confess my evil thoughts.

#evil   #firm   #lucious   #ripe   #panties   #wet  

Summer fun when my niece uses our pool. There's this perfect delectable teenage body in a small thin bikini that barely covers her tight little cute ass and perky round tits with a nice bounce. When wet you get a hint of her areolas and shaved pussy with gathered cloth wedged up her cracks showing a fat cameltoe and luscious ass. I watched and swammed with her the entire time. So horny I uncontrollably pushed my hard cock against when hugging goodbye. Come back soon my wife yelled from the kitchen.

#luscious   #teen   #sexy   #niece   #aerolas   #ass   #tits   #cameltoe   #pussy   #swim  

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