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Stupidity Confessions

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I remember when I was in the 4th grade and my crush use to touch my leg during class. Since I was sooo fucking dumb, I let him to touch me. Till this day, I haven’t told anyone yet. But I guess you guys know now….

#stupidity   #dumb  

I feel I’m facing my death. I’m trying to go out swinging. My whole life I stood up for those who were targeted by bullies. Kept me in constant trouble.
I can’t physically do much anymore, so I use the written word.
I once fought a bunch of athletes to save a disabled person. Led to fights after fights. Finally the coach got me expelled.
But I’m at it again. I saw a tiny person being ran over. So I’m swinging way above my weight again. That’s my nature. Someone once told me I’d walk into hell and fight the devil to save someone. I don’t think I’m that courageous. I’m fact I see myself as a loser. But someone has to care about those no one else seems to love. Someone has to fight for them. I’d rather it be someone stronger and better than me. If I’m all you have your in deep. But I’ll jump in.

#stupidity   #stubborn   #honor   #love  

Turns out that if you put a blanket on a heater, it'll catch fire.

#fire   #stupidity   #burn  

Ever since an anerism I get confused. I used to be smart; but now I realize I’m just a fool. During the pandemic I’ve tried to help people; but my ideas are mostly stupid.
It’s hard to accept the truth about myself. I’m a person no one ever actually wanted except one woman & my kids. She stopped wanting me. They just got stuck with me.

#stupidity   #foolish   #moron  

I just hate all of my friends they all act like they are something big but they just go quiet in public they hide better than my feelings and they do whatever they want they dont thing abt anyone's feelings but themselves i always try to get out but i like just cannnt they are very toxic i cant do this anymore i wish i can just leave and never look back but i will see them every single day the hell.

#cofessing   #stupidity   #friends  

I must admit, I’m a university student studying management majoring accounting or finance. I just recently had a reading break which means no school for a week. I also have 4 midterms right after the break. As a management student, the courses are kinda tough and need to studied to get a passing grade. I used to be stoner (4 bowls a day) so I took the break as a holiday for me to hit the bong big time. I decided to take a few days during the reading break to get baked as fuck on weed, and the other days to study hardcore. The reading week is now over and I’m still smoking weed and I haven’t even studied one bit for the midterms. I have a midterm this afternoon and I’m panicking the fuck out. I’m simply confessing that I’m addicted to weed and as long as I have the supply, I will not stop smoking unless it’s finished. Wish me good luck on the midterms! 🤤

#stupidity   #weed   #addiction   #university  

I was at the laser tag arena and i was with a friend and i went to give her a kiss on the cheek and she kissed me i didn’t tell her i was mad but i was. i’m ashamed of myself

#accident   #kiss   #stupidity   #lasertag  

It started when I was 14, I was being bullied, and abused by my boyfriend, and not knowing who to turn to, or how to even explain what people were doing to me, I looked for a release. I found it in self-harming. For months no one knew what I was doing, then my boyfriend caught me. He began to abuse me even further. It progressed from one time a week, to every day, to 2-3 times a day. This went on for nearly 8 months when my boyfriend then committed suicide.
I took it for the worse and tried to OD. I got help but 2 months later I relapsed, then another 4 months after than I did again. This went on until I met my now boyfriend. To this day, two years later I still self-harm when I breakdown. But for now I have been 3 months free.

#suicide   #overdose   #abuse   #stupidity   #violence  

My idiot sister in law got drunk at a party in June at her other sisters up in Pennsylvania. We were staying there for the weekend too for their daughters high school graduation and was flirting with her husband all night telling him that she was "gonna get you tonight!" when they went to bed later.
She got so drunk that she went in the wrong guestroom and gave me a blowjob,I had laid down because my back hurt and I was tired from the long drive, before she passed out drunk.
She's pretty, slim but is a drunk and at 33 she is starting to look older from all the boozing most likely.
She was calling me "Bill", her husbands name, and gave a helluva blowjob I have to admit.
I came in her mouth.
I didn't fuck her because she passed out but I probably would've if she'd stayed awake.
I doubt she even remembers giving the blowjob she was so drunk.
I never told my wife.

#adultery   #stupidity   #oral   #blowjob  

Its been about 3 years since I admitted to my self that I was depressed. I have always been the one to do stupid things but after those things happen, feelings start to seep in the voices start to get to my head, you are a stupid girl, a brat not worth anything, why don't you just leave it would save them all this trouble. You wouldn't be I missed, you are worh nothing, all you cause is heart ache...ect. These tpes of things always ran threw my mind, and soon and still I believe it. All it seems I can do well is suck money from my parents and pain for my friends and family and the people around me. It seems like no matter what I do , it wont stop. I cut sometimes when I get it deep and I also beat myself over it. I feel like no mstter what even my mom hstes me and my dad to. Sometimes I think of running away, or just kill myself, or just ask my parents to put me up for
adoption. But I am to selfish to do that. I just want to be set free and live with god and the ones that I cant hurt anymore. That would make them happy....

That was me then but now its starting to change I now understand if I do those things I would hurt them even more, I am now starting to open up even more about my feeings but I still keep some of them hidden but it is getting better I found the light at the end of the tunnel and now I am following it and chasing it it will get etter, but I still got a ways to go. No matter what just look for that light no matter how dim it is and go grab it,. It will be worth it!

#stupidity   #depression  

Pray and roll the dice for #stupidity

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