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Swimming Confessions

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My mum still makes me swim topless and only let’s me own training bras. It’s part of our culture that a girl doesn’t have bras or bikini tops until her body is “of full maturity” but I’m supposed to go swimming with my male friend soon and I’m freaking out about not owning bikini tops.

#embarrasment   #teengirl   #swimming   #naked   #bikini  

I'd like to confess that I pee in swimming pools. It's just such a relief to pee wherever you are standing. My dad and I do that for 15 years now and it's fun.

#fun   #pee   #swimming   #pool   #gross   #dad   #confess  

i admit that i always pee in the public swimming pool or in lakes because i either think the public toilets are really disgusting or because i just dont want to go that far

#pee   #public   #toilet   #lake  

I always have the desire to do something stupid to make myself look brave. I don't know how that started, but I soon noticed that I got the attention I need by doing something reckless and stupid. Last week, I jumped in front of a moving car to save a small frog and I was almost hit. The driver of the car couldn't believe how stupid I acted because I didn't want to apologize for it. Two months ago, I jumped into a lake near my hometown, even though I can't swim. I just need the adrenaline and I need the attention.It's like an addiction and I know, someday, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, I going to die because of it. 

#audacity   #bravery   #stupid   #die   #confession   #offmychest   #swimming  

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