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My ex treated me like crap so I broke up with him but now I’m scared to let someone close to me again, I’m scared to open up again, but I’m also terrified to go back to one night stands because I use to do it so much and I don’t think I can stop once I begin again.

#terrified   #lonely   #idk   #what   #to   #do  

I want someone to be obsessed with me, like the though of someone thinking of me 24/7 sounds so good and that they would do almost everything for you, and that they would be possessive about you.

#obsession   #obsessed   #idk   #why  

I treated all my freinds like trash, and when i was called out i ignored them. I thought I was hot shit. And then i was left with nothing but one freind and tears. and now I finally realize how bad i was doing. I'm sorry.


I've been chatting with this guy for like 3 years. Well not everyday, like a few times every year. But the chat is like so intense and we talk all day long or late up all night about really interesting things.Even when he had a girlfriend, he would talk to me all day. (But not everyday) The 'HEART' emoji on snapchat would often appear next to our names( which indicates that both of us chat with each other the most among all the others). He laughs a lot at my jokes or stories. I think both of us enjoy whatever this chat-relationship we have. He was my senior in school. Since he has a
girlfriend and Also I kinda think he's not interested in me that way, I've never brought up anything that involves romance in our chats. Every time after our chat, I would feel different about him. I'd wonder if I like him. He keeps praising me a lot in many ways. But it's never really a sign...I think. Three days ago I chatted with him all night long again,and it went really well. This time I feel this crush stronger than ever. But if I do anything at all about it, I'll definitely loose whatever I have with him. I don't think I should. For one, I'm moving out of the country. Second, idk him that well, i just know he's sweet and I like him mainly cz he laughs at my jokes and praises me, We've never spoken face to face(we might have in school. I share my most embarrassing and funny stories with him. He said he even praised me among his friends saying that my social media feed is the realest. But I still don't think he's interested in me. But I'm really unable to get over him. Idk if he's still with his girlfriend. i can't ask him that cz that will give him the idea that I'm interested in him and that is why i wanna know if he's single.

#crush   #idk   #affection  

I have a boyfriend but I went to my friends house for the night and we made out😰😰I feel rly bad now what do I

#stupid   #mistake   #idk  

I like my best friend and before I could tell her not like I was gonna cause that’s awkward if they don’t accept anyway’s she said she was asexual and didn’t want it be in a relationship to everyone I didn’t even tell her yet I lost all hope now we’re just best friends, what do I do? But then at the same time I don’t love her but I do I don’t know, I can’t tell if I really love her.

#idk   #whattoput  

I couldnt really find the right category but im 15 years old rn and so is my gf we have had sex once and had a few "play times" (great but) But she is almost constanly horny and she has told me some things like one time she called someone she barely knew to fuck cuz she was that horny (but she never did)

But my problem is here that we really have a deep connection, And i think that with her being so "Active" could lead to her cheating on me or even just needing more than what i can offer

This just worries me and sorry this is my first time on a confess site

#teen   #cheat   #idk  

In first grade I was held down by some older kids and forced to kiss one of them. I don't really remember a lot of it but I remember someones hand on my mouth and not being able to breath so I could then be forced to open my mouth to kiss him. I remember being held down and feeling helpless and unable to get up. I get flash backs almost daily and it won't leave my fucking mind, for so long I forgot about it, but for the past year its been haunting me almost daily and it still fucks me up. Its almost like I have PTSD like symptoms, but I doubt I have PTSD, I'm probably just a fucking pussy. I should have screamed or yelled or something, but I didn't, I didn't know what to do. I still feel so nauseous every time I get memories of it. I've never really talked to anyone about it, it was so long ago, I don't even know what I would say.

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