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I hacked a Dutch bank last month and earned several thousands of dollars with it. To ease my conscience, I donated most of the money though...

#money   #bank   #dutch   #donation   #confession  

we were 12-13 and at a sleep over, he and I at another guys house. We had a few beers and we're watching tv. We had been talking about sex all day and how we had felt up girls and fingered them. The host had dozed off in front of the tv and my friend started asking about feeling a girl up. He pit his hand on my thigh and asked if that was how you started, I was wearing briefs. I was under a blanket and he had his hand under there. He rubbed my thigh a little and in a whisper asked if he was doing right. I just said yes that's right. He didn't stop and he was now inches away from my crotch. I was getting hard and didn't know what to do, I just froze as he slid up and began feeling my dick and balls. He immediately remarked that I must like that and all I said was it feels good. Last I remember is him saying it will feel better if I go in your underwear. His hand went down and his touch was driving me crazy, he had gripped my cock and was stroking it. As I really started getting excited our host woke and rolled looking at us asking if we were still watching the show. I'll never forget how it felt answering him while my other friend had a hold of my dick. I said, you can turn it off. As I rolled away from my friend he let go. The next day he asked me up to his room and it all unfolded. I had been thinking all day how good it felt and how wrong it was, the good won out. We quickly had our pants and underwear down and he was playing with mine and I was looking at his. I finally gave in and reached over and played with his. We were up there for more than an hour, we had no idea that we were edging each other, it came natural. We would stop the other when we got to close to coming. He suggested we try and come at the same time. We laid on our sides then face to face and teased away on one another. We were rubbing them together and looking down watching was putting me very close. I told him and he just responded that he he was going to "shoot off" as we said back then. He started shooting on to me and immediately used his semen on me and I started coming. I never felt anything like that before, I had jerked off but this was different. I wanted to stop doing it with him but didn't. We must have done it 30 times that summer, we did it ever time we could be alone. At 15 I had a girlfriend I was fooling around with and I stopped with him until 17-18. We were alone for some reason and drinking, I think another friend was with us and someone drove by and he got in the car with them. We parked in a secluded spot and were drinking beer when his questions about sex with girls started. I knew where he was going and didn't really want to but was a little drunk and horny. His hand came over and went at my crotch and when I didn't stop him he went for my zipper and had my jeans down in a minute. I was so hoping he would suck me. After a while I felt guilty about no touching him so I reached over, he immediately dropped his pants and I could see his cock. It had gotten so much bigger, bigger than mine by two inches and really thick. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I was very impressed with it and told him so. We held them together and he was noticeably larger and his turned down a little, while mine turned up. I was a little shy of six inches and mine was really skinny back then. He was well into seven inches I would say and so fing thick. The urge to suck him became unbearable after a while, I couldn't believe I wanted to so badly. Once I went down on him I realized I was going to finish him as well. He was surprised and made me stop after about two minutes so he could suck me, which I enjoyed but all I could think about was getting back on him. We were both very turned on and I said something like let me finish you as I went back down. He gave me two warnings but I never slowed, I took all of him and probably kept sucking him for two minutes after he finished. I remember his shaking as sucked and tongued his sensitive head. As we switched positions he asked me what I did with it, I just said its gone. You swallowed it? Yes. As soon as he took, me in his mouth I was coming. I must have let go ten or more ropes and he couldn't take it all. It was all over us. He was so happy after we finished, he was holding on to me and kissing me, that's when I realized he was fully gay. We kept it up till we were 23 and he found a lover. I was never emotionally attached and never will be to a guy. But that was still some of the best sex I've ever had, only two encounters do I remember so well, that one and when my wife and I had a three way with another guy. It's like those moments are on video in my mind thirty plus years later.

Dangerous dog used as football. Animals are not humans. I had a neighbor who loved his dog more than humans. The previous owners gave it to him after it but someone. It was Uber aggressive.
One day it bit me. I was going to call animal control & have it put down as a danger to society but my wife begged me not to. I told her you have a small child. Your endangering your child’s life by letting it lived. It’s just a violent animal. It needs to be put down. She cried & pleaded. So like a fool I let it go.
I went and complained to the neighbor politely. He threatened me. Acted like it was his child. So I told him next time I’ll kick it’s butt. We have leash laws.
It harassed other neighbors. Like my wife they didn’t want to deal with it. It’s just a dog. Don’t hurt it. What about the humans? In the mountains we kill deadly aggressive animals. City people try to put human emotions in animals.
Well one day I’m walking my small children. It comes running down the road and tries to attack one.
I used to play football and soccer. I grabbed that thing and punted it like a football. Just a natural reaction. It was trying to attack my child. Nothing hurts my babies.
That dog sailed off like an NFL kick. Nice distance and hang time.
Well the neighbor came up threatening me and my children. I got very aggressive and he got scared. Some male neighbors had ran down and threatened to kick his butt. He ran to his home. Behind every mean dog is a mean human.
We wanted to call the city and have it euthanized. My wife begged us not to.
It tried to attack our small children. One was a newborn in a stroller. What it is with women? Leave dealing with animals to men.
Well no one called. So fast forward. I come home from the store one day and she’s in the house crying. She’s bleeding. Bite marks and scratches all over her arms and legs. What happened?
Oh she heard a scream. The dog had gotten out without a leash again. It ran a child on a bike down. Attacked the boy. Several woman had to run out to help the mom drag it off the boy. It attacked all of them too. No man was around to deal with the dog. Finally a man arrived and dealt with it. People including the boy were gone for stitches to a hospital. Some very angry husbands and one very angry dad were wanting a piece of the owner. He’d took off. The city had the dog. Uh huh. You don’t say. But it’s just a dog. It has feelings. It’s owner loves it like a child. Well it’s not a child. It’s a violent animal.
Well now my wife agreed. She looked at our children. Realized had she not helped it would have killed our neighbors child. She also realized that without that man showing up one of the women may have been killed.

#dog   #attack  

I'm a guy and when I was 15, out of sheer curiosity, I shoved my mom's dildo which I found in her drawer cause I was damn stupid. It hurt and it was painful af :( lesson today kids is, don't do stupid shit no matter how horny you are

#dildo   #horny   #young   #stupid  

When my dad's dog died I was actually happy at first. He was old and no longer able to control his bowels while also being more demanding than usual. He was always a bit of a nuisance due to my parents not training him at all and in age became worse through no real fault of his own. He was clearly suffering since his legs had failed entirely. He got put down after vomiting blood.

After a few days I began to remember his puppyhood and felt emotional. He was a trouble maker but never malicious. He wasn't a bad dog, maybe he could had been trained better but he was not bad.

He seemed so scared when he was in his final days of existence. I want to know his pain has ended and he is in Heaven not some eerie plane of non-existence.

I gave him a bath and cooked chicken with a tasty sauce for the dog in his sunset hours. I didn't actually know he was going to be put down that day.

I wish I had cared for him more in his life. Now I feel a void. He was a nice dog. He didn't deserve to die and it hurt to watch him suffering. I feel like a shit person.

#dog   #death   #grief   #guilt  

I have had a addiction to sex
When I was about 6 or 7
I don't know why and how I learn it but ever since then I been have dirty thought and started watching porn when I was 10.
It when all the way to masturbation
I started massaging my breasts
And putting pens and anything that can be used into my vagina
I do this almost every day
And dream about getting fucked by a fake anime character (which I lied that I was dating, to my friends) even a dog!
I don't know why I do it
But I still do it to this her day
I am ashamed

#fantasy   #masturbation   #porn  

In 3 hours, I should get a gastroscopy. Do you know how this works?
You have to be totally sober and empty if you get one. So your stomach and your intestine have to be completely empty. To get them empty, you have to drink some really disgusting and ugly mixture of I don't wanna know.

I confess that I don't drink that because it's nasty. About half an hour ago I was at KFC's and ate a lot.
I wonder how the doctor will react when he notices that I'm not empty.

#gastroscopy   #stomach   #intestine   #kfc   #doctor  

I am a boy, late teens. I am not too big, not a jock, and girls never notice me. I finally got a girlfriend who is great for me. She is a bit of a fatty, not too big but about 5ft. 8in and weighs about 185. She was quite experienced in sex already, in fact very very experienced but I don't mind. I get to have sex in all ways, places and do everything I wanted and even more. She has red hair, and is 3 years older than me. She is pretty kinky in sex and I do whatever she wants so I can keep having sex. I rather like some of the kinky stuff. She has made me be the submissive one in our relations, she is definitely dominant. She has even taken me to a public beach wearing a girls bikini bottom and a collar with a leash. When we were walking back to the parking lot she moved me behind some trees and bushes and we had great sex then left. She even did it with another girl and let me be in bed with them, then insisted I do it to the girl too. The other girl was really totally lesbian and didn't want a guy at all, but my girlfriend made her do it, and made me do it to her.
About 4 days ago, she took me over her lap while I was naked and started spanking me, she spanked with her hand and then a hair brush for about 20 minutes I was in a lot of pain, my butt was red as a Crayola crayon. She then rubbed some lotion on my butt to soothe it a bit, and started sticking her fingers in my hole. After three fingers were in, she started fucking me with her fingers, I objected and she pushed me down and told me if I ever want to feel her ass, mouth or pussy again I'll just lay there and take it. She fucked me with three fingers for about 10 minutes all the while talking nasty and calling me names, saying I was gay and liked getting it up the butt. Then she stuck in one of her vibrators, and turned it on. Then she called me all kinds of names because my cock got hard. She fucked me with that vibe for about 30 minutes, then let me up, made me clean up "my" vibe, and put it in a special drawer. About two hours later she let me fuck her and I again had to lay across her lap endure an endless spanking, and a 30 minute fuck with the vibe. She then stuck in a plug. I had to go home, and she told me to leave it in until I came back, to take it out only when I had to sit on the toilet. I did it and the next day didn't see her until about 5 or 6 o'clock, by then the vibe was quite loose in my backside. We sat on the couch and were kissing, I was playing with her very big titties and sucking her nipples. As I reached under her skirt I felt something strange. I pulled up her skirt and there was a cock in her pants, she also was wearing a pair of my underpants. She stood up, pulled off her dress and then the bra and had me pull down the male underpants. She had a strapon cock and was wearing it. "Start sucking bitch" she almost snarled, "or get a real spanking not just one of those love paddles I've been giving you".
I was on my knees and started sucking the very large artificial cock. She made me suck for a while, then we went to the bedroom and she had some stockings and lingerie for me to wear. I didn't want to, but she kept reminding me of how much I liked sticking my "little wussy cock" into her pussy, mouth and asshole. As I got on all fours on the bed after dressing for her, she pulled out my plug and stuck the very lubed, very large strapon up my shithole. She didn't give me anytime to get used to it, just started fucking me, very rough, very hard.
This has become our normal sex now, she fucked me dressed up like a girl, and I jack off while she does it. She even had that lesbian girl who she made me fuck, come to watch, and she was wearing her own cock and fucked me too. The lesbian also took me home to clean her house, all the while, even riding in the car I had on the lingerie and just a robe to cover but it didn't cover my stocking'd legs and high heels. While there she spanked me and tied up my cock and balls very painfully because she said I raped her. My girlfriend says next week we're going to the beach with me wearing both halves of the tiny girls bikini.

#bd   #nc   #crossdress   #strapon  

Being the horny teenager I am, I often have thoughts of sex. I have a male lab that's 6 I think. Fat dog. He's been neutered. I'm not gay, but sometimes when I get horny I want to fuck him so bad. And I'm more and more like to every time I'm alone. I tried to and I want him to fuck me. I want to suck my boxer (hasn't been neutered) dick. Hmm I want to do it so badly

#dog   #horny  

My girlfriend went to the hairdresser's and got this awful hairstyle like really short. They are at shoulder length now and she had those beautiful long long hair before that and I liked to pull them while we had sex. Now I cant do that anymore.
And she looks so different and I am not so sure that I find her attractive right now. We are invited to a birthday party tonight and I really do not want to bring her. Is that rude? It's the first time that she's meeting some of my friends and I wanted her to make a good first impression. Maybe I am overreacting but I dont know what to do. She cut it and what's done is done. But I guess I have to get drunk tonight to get through it...

#hair   #girlfriend   #short   #dontlike   #birthday   #confess  

I was attacked in an outdoor rock concert by bunch of rowdy guys tearing off my clothes and groping me. I remember my tits hanging out, the sound my skirt and panties ripped off and panicking about being naked in a public place. Felt hands grabbing my tits, legs being forced apart. and sodomized with a beer bottle. I remember flashing lights, loud music and hearing guys saying '" fuck that pussy" Don't know how I managed to get away from them. I remember pushing through the crowd, covering myself with a piece of skirt I had picked off the ground and running into portable bathroom. If it wouldn't have been for the girls that were in there that rushed my into their car, I would most probably gotten gang rapped in some dark corner with people not even noticing it. I was so scared and upset I was way past feeling humiliated.

#harrassed   #stripped   #sodomized  

I purposely freeze because I wanna lose weight. I keep my window open no matter if it's day or night. And when my mom asks my if I am cold I lie to her and say no.

#lie   #confession   #freeze   #window   #mom  

From the time I was 11-14 my pedophile neighbor gave me gifts and money to have sex, or dress up as a girl and stay over at his house. He was busted recently that is the only good news. The part that is killing me is that some perv tracked me down and is gonna blackmail me. My career was finally in a good place.

#blackmail   #disgust   #pedophile  

I am not sure I love my girlfriend anymore. Or if I even loved here in the first place.
I met her when I was in a rather shitty place mentally. I was still in love with my "fuck buddy", but she did not love me and started a relationship with someone else. That hurt. Like deeply.
So, I got together with this chick and she's really wonderful. Sweet, considerate, funny... But I can't get over my "ex". She's in my head 24/7.
We sporadically still text with each other and she always says that she wants to stay friends, but I don't think that I will ever see her again. And that destroys me.
And I am still with this other girl, who sould be THE ONE for me... but she isn't. And I am annoyed when I am around her, I am angry, I am heartbroken... But I can't tell her all those things. We stopped having sex and I think that is my fault.
I don't know what to do. Should I stay with this girl? I am not sure that I truly love her or if I am just with her because my "ex" does not want me?!

I am torn.

#love   #confused   #heartbroken   #whattodo   #fuck  

I threw several slugs through the window of my totally dumb, ugly and neurotic neighbour.
And I'm proud of it!

#slug   #window   #dumb   #ugly   #neighbour  

I am jealous of the royals. The British royals. I want to be famous as well. I want to be adored and idolized.

#idol   #royal   #hate   #famous   #jealous  

I wanted to say yes already but still I'm doubting, I don't know why. Maybe becaluse I'm afraid he would just take it for granted. I'm being skeptic ugghhh. #NBSBPROBLEM

#nbsb   #hesitant   #doubtful  

I posted pics and a video of a mexican mom I'm fucking, it turned me on the comments that guys and couples wanted to do to her.

#mexican   #mom   #latina   #anal   #dog  

I confess that I’m a trans female exhibitionist. I love to go commando and wearing buttplugs and I love playing with my naughty bits in public. I get turned on flashing my uncut tranny cock to strangers and I especially enjoy when a stranger wants to have some naughty fun with me. My ultimate fantasy is being fucked in an adults only store.

#trans   #mtf   #exhibitionism   #public   #naughty   #fun   #playing   #commando   #sexual  

I'll admit it: I'm human and I get so envious of others and how much is going on in their lives and I hate myself for it. I hate that I even have these feelings in the first place because my life is my own and I have made the choices I have made that have led me to today. No one else made them for me and for the most part, my life really isn't that bad. I don't need to have the biggest and the best house, job, car, etc... I've got somewhere to live, a nice enough car, a cat, plenty of wine and a decent job. What more should I want for besides someone to share my life with and maybe some actual friends? I'm working on it!

In the end it just feels like it's not enough when my sister comes over and I get so angry at myself because normally I like my life and who I am and it's not her fault that she makes me feel jealous and stupid. I should be the bigger person and just let this go but she seems to be a like a storm: something that just comes along with all it's thunder and lightning and their's nothing you can do to halt it's approach. It's a cycle and by the time she leaves or I leave every time we get together, I almost feel like I'm in physical pain from the press of holding my emotions in check. I always end up balling like a pathetic idiot just to release some of the tension. Often I have trouble breathing. It's almost like a panic attack is induced or something and I just don't get it.

To give you some background, my sister is two years younger than me and 20 kilos lighter. I'd probably say I am the prettier of the two of us even if I am overweight although she has a nicer smile and definitely knows how to dress. We grew up in a small town and I was the only farm girl in my year group with the other 9 girls being town girls. It was just two different worlds. I grew up liking the outdoors and using my imagination but the townies liked sitting around and gossiping about boys and clothes, etc. My sister on the other hand, had four other girls her age who grew up on farms and they all became fast friends. I went through school going from friend to friend and as a result, my social skills are somewhat lacking. Don't worry, that's not the case so much these days but I just don't get people like she does and despite trying to be a laid back person, I just seem to be so sensitive. I can't handle it when people let me down or don't live up to my expectations. It also doesn't help that we have so many of the same interests. We worked for similar companies, we both like reading, writing, art, cooking and sewing. I feel like I can never be an individual and I am too embarrassed to show any of my artwork to my family who scorned the fact that I like(d) manga & anime when I was younger and still do. I am the black sheep of the family and if my own parents and siblings judge me for my tastes so much then other people outside the family certainly will. However she likes country music which is still in the 'safe' category. She gets teased for being into it but she doesn't get scorned whereas a lot of people in Western society see an anime episode and just see it as a cartoon when many animes can be very violent and for adults only. I don't like them for being cartoons alright. I like then because I like entertainment. I'll watch/read almost anything but I particularly like anime because it is not as constrained as Western stories/cartoons. It mixes my two favourite mediums together after all: stories and art. But no, apparently I am childish and immature when I'd probably say I am MORE mature simply because I have broadened my horizons and I am interested in all sorts of areas.

Moving along: she met her future husband when she was 19 and that was it. She's married a lovely man in a beautiful ceremony and now she's six weeks out from having her first child. Her life isn't perfect by any means but she couldn't have asked for a more wonderful start. She lives in a brand new, enormous house on a massive farm. She's rich and she has horses, dogs, a cat, a big garden and an amazing car and she's only 25. There's no doubt about it: she knows what she wants in life and she gets it. Not only that, she's really pretty and can flirt like there's no tomorrow. She is a great conversationalist and always the centre of attention. She's confident and self assured. Guys are always hitting on her. She even told me that a workman from a neighbouring farm hit on her last week and she's married and 7 1/2 months pregnant!!! What the heck?!

It's no wonder I feel fat, frumpy and tongue tied when she's around. Our conversation largely consists of her and her life and her calling me a dag because apparently I have an odd sense of humour. So what if I'm quirky? So what if I haven't had a boyfriend (and god knows if I ever will since my flirting skills suck so much - I'm shy alright! That doesn't mean I won't say yes if you ask me! Why should I have to ask? Not all girls have to be confident because surely not all guys find that sexy?) We talk about her all the time and how great her sex life is and how much of a pain it is to be pregnant. You know some of us are terrified that we're going to end up alone and never have any children of our own! And if I dare complain about it's the same old, "well you just need to be more confident and flirt. Nothing will come to you if you don't put yourself out there." Yeah well I don't want to simper and fawn! I want to meet someone who will talk with me and make me feel comfortable. I am shy and I don't want to be rushed into something and expected to have sex on the first date. I don't like touching someone as a form of flirting because frankly I'd be a little alarmed if some guy did that to me the first time we met and started talking. She never asks me what's going on in my life and she's constantly making me feel like an idiot because she always has such a tremendously strong opinion that you doubt yourself and start believing that maybe she is right.

I don't like her freakin friend okay! (Something we argue about more than anything else) And I am effin' entitled to my opinion! She's a horrible person who has upset all the other friends in their social circle and my sister still can't see it. This person didn't come to the hen's night and on the wedding night, after I had given my speech, she decided to upstage me by doing her own speech. She tried to make it look like she wasn't getting up on her soap box by making the other two bridemaids get up there with her - one of which was quite drunk and going through some horrible family issues and all three of them made terrible speeches. And then, my sister blames the drunk one and says how dare she do that on my sister's wedding night instead of caring about how much her friend is hurting. I mean, who does that? Yes, your wedding is a very special day and your friends should leave their problems at home but life happens and I can't believe she can be so on the side of one friend (who everyone else hates) and so mad at another who has been a far longer friend and had a lot of things going on in her life and was dragged into making a speech that she never should have had to make.

In the end it is so humiliating to be jealous of her and I am trying so hard to be me and improve in my own way and I should be grateful to have advice from her (or so everyone and my conscious keeps telling me) but you know what? I don't freakin' want any of it!!! I don't want these feelings and I just want to be me. I want to be able to see her and not have a complete meltdown. Is that too much to ask for? I want to have a few of my own wins in life and I want to freakin do it myself! I don't need advice from someone who's basically got lucky. Yeah I admit I thought and probably still think I am smarter and more widely read than her. I admit that I did better in school than her and thought that I was always better than her and I freakin hate that I even thought that in the first place because I never thought I was that type of person. I hate myself and I hate that I do that as well and that I am so freakin hard on myself. I just wish my chaotic thoughts would take a backseat for a change and leave me the alone because you know what? Life is meant to be enjoyed and not endured and right now I just can't figure out how to enjoy it at all. I don't want to feel like I am struggling because I want to feel like I am being challenged and I want to enjoy the journey instead of constantly feeling exhausted by my feelings.

#jealous   #sister   #friends   #sad   #upset   #panic   #attack   #meltdown   #envious   #envy   #my   #life   #hate   #myself  

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