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Worthless Confessions

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I'm secretly a sissy slut to all my friends my girlfriend gets me sissified and takes me to her friends house and let's all her big dicked men fuck my sissy hole relentlessly while she makes fun of my sissy clitty(that's what she calls my little dick )

#slut   #whore   #sissy   #worthless  

This girl I'm talking to was raped by her dad when she was 13 then abandoned on the side of the street. This seriously fucked her up mentally and now all she craves is cock. She's opened up to me quite a bit since we started talking and she's shared all of her sexual fantasies and desires. One of her main kinks is incest. It's hot as fuck for me to see someone who was raped by their own dad want incest so bad and the shameless bastard that I am keeps pushing for her to reconnect with her father in the hopes that I'll eventually get to see 100% real and raw incest fucking. She's so cock crazy that she probably doesn't remember but one time I told her why I push the issue so much and she told me that if it was for me and I would enjoy it she'd let her dad rape her all over again, as many times as I wanted, as long as I fucked her and pissed all over her face when he finished.

#rape   #incest   #abusive   #whore   #pissing  

I miss my ddlg relationship so much I don’t think I can love anymore else again but every time I’m with him I hate myself because of things he brings up whenever we weren’t even together.

#daddy   #imy   #heartache   #worthless   #little  

That feeling after a horrible fantasy trip and then you cum and everything doesn't seem to matter anymore and you wanna take back the shit you planned out

#worthless   #stupid   #who   #cares   #fuck  

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