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Dark Confessions

Read the best #dark confession stories

I wasnt exactly normal I always had lots of sexual imagination ranging darker and darker , but the thing is it was uncontrollable the desire was eating my brain and heart i felt like half human , But the thing is i decided to do something about it ,the sexual fantasies the depression after orgasm the dark and disgusting shit , i did the nofap program , itll be hard but its fucking healing mate, and trust me this dark energy is useful the desire to ravish and rape can be connected to the hear then i know this sounds wierd but give it a fucking try overcome your desires your addiction your past, remember dont look back youre not going that way

I (female, 32 years old) am afraid of the dark. I'm scared of ghosts, monsters, aliens, burglars.
When my boyfriend's not home I sleep with a night light.
I confess that I totally act like a wimp.


As I approach darkness. I feel this disease is finally winning. But I’ll keep swinging till I’m dust.
I see you staring at my ass. I know I’m sexy. I know I’m beautiful. I know you want to touch me.
But the world never saw the me inside. I’m a large bull. A stud. But inside I’m just a nice person. It’s too late now, but the world missed out when it pushed me away.


I really am fascinated by blood, is that weird? Sometimes I bite the base of my tongue and press until I taste blood. I’m not saying I love the taste of blood, because I don’t. This is just a repetitive habit, and other times I have liked the feeling when I pierce my thumb with the edge of a steak knife and the blood just drips and drips. Am I too dark? Is this too bad?

Then last week I made a mild slit on my nigh wrist since the knife was incredibly blunt, and I actually really like the way those scars look. And it didn’t hurt at all. I don’t know what I am.

#blood   #pain   #masochism   #hurt   #anger   #vampire   #dark   #help  

I love feeling long orgasms with marijuana smoke everywhere in room in cold winter. Feeling crazy with this fancy idea. Do share your experience with crazy naughty moments of love making.

#sex   #smoke   #lust   #love   #bisexuality   #lesbian  

I want to be a therapist. I want to help anyone on here who needs someone to talk to.

#help   #therapist   #therapy   #dark  

I want to seduce a married woman. (M/35)This woman will come visit me this weekend. She lives in a rather unhappy marriage. 2 kids, stay at home mom, she only cooks, cleans, cares for the kids and let's her husband have his way twice a week with her.She's been to my apartment before to talk and we noticed rather quickly that we like each other. She said she wants to get out of the house for a little bit, talk, watch a movie, maybe cuddle a little bit. But she also told me that she wants to see my pride and joy (aka big dick) some time. She also sent me a really really cute braless pic of her. Ok darling, what's started will be finished.My confession is as follows: I want to seduce her and make her fall in love with me. But I am not willing to start a relationship with this woman.I want the adventure of the forbidden. I know she's forbidden fruit (as she's married) and that's why I want her even more. And she has kids. I don't want kids. So forget it.The world's cruel, dirty and dark. So I am, too.

#dark   #dirty   #sex   #married   #woman   #fuck   #confession   #sin  

I practice magic for quite a long time now and lately I got a really big interest in dark magic.

My boss at work is such an asshole I would rip his heart out if I could. I found some spells to curse him and I did it. Lets wait and see what happens when I get to work on monday.

#magic   #confession   #sin   #asshole   #spell   #curse  

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