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Im Confessions

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I am a straight young virgin girl learning the art of masturbation. I like to experiment and try different methods I read about. My newest thing is spreading in front of a mirror and seeing how big I can get my clit. I saw some really big ones and want to compare mine. I think I am becoming an addict to masturbation. The process usually starts as being curious and wanting to learn. So I search and read. This is how I found this site. Then the next thing I end up watching different porn. I went to lesbian with the intent of learning my own body better. I try most categories, but I find the lesbian style gets me going the strongest. Women's sex parts are the same but they can look so different in shape, size, color, etc. It opens my imagination and I wonder how my body will change. My boobs are just starting, but I hear they will end up being like my mother's. Now I have even been eating better because I don't want to get fat like her. I am straight, but confused why I get aroused looking at other girls. I confess I have even been looking at my friend differently and wanting to see her nude. We are the same age, but she is more developed and looks a couple of years older than me. I want to touch her and have her touch me. But I do not want to be a lesbian. Am I weird because thoughts of touching get me wet and horny?

#curious   #confession   #straight   #lesbian   #learning   #masturbation   #wet   #nude   #reading   #porn   #horny   #weird   #experimenting   #mirror   #clit  

Growing up I spent a lot of time with my Grandpa. He spoiled me rotten; the only problem was that I never realized that so I never really asked for aything. My mom or sisters would ask if I wanted pizza (which I always did) and when I'd say yes they tell me to ask Grandpa because they knew he would say yes to me. I never really got why he liked me more than my siblings, it's not like we talked much. Actually, most of the time we hung out I just laid beside him and we would listen to country music in his room. Nowadays I here classic country music and I think of him and I wished I talked to him more because now I st ruggle with remembering what his voice sounded like. I was an ignorant kid back then and I'm still ignorant now.

#grandpa   #countrymusic   #imisshim  

Although our time was brief, I know that I really liked you and I still wish that it could have worked out between us.
What hurts the most is not anything that you did but all that didn't happen.
I believed I would never find love in this life and that this was enough.
Meeting you has taught me that I want to love.
It was so easy to like you and easy to imagine and desire more.
However, in our time together it was inescapably evident to me that I am not the person you would love. Not now, not as I am now.
Would there have been a chance for us if this was another time in our lives?

#longing   #wistful   #heartache   #alone  

I had sex for the first time and didn't tell the guy it was my first. Blamed the bleeding on his big dick. He believed me


I have a major foot fetish. I just love sexy women's feet. Some of my family members and I went to visit family out of state. I slept on the living room couch one night and my female teen cousin on an air mattress next to me with her sexy soles right in front of me. OMFG! I tried sucking them at first. She denied me. But I think only because she was a bit shy and nervous. She already knew I loved her sexy feet. I woke up in the middle of the night. Her feet were exposed. My heart was racing but I couldn't resist. I went to town on those toes. I sucked them. Rubbed them and licked btwn her toes. They smelled so effing good. Her soles were so soft. And my dick was so hard and wet in the process. She looked to be asleep the whole time. But not sure if she woke and was secretly loving every second of it. I guess I'll never know. I wish I could have came on her feet and left it there. I want a foot job from her so bad. And I want to fuck her too and lick her butthole she's so sexy. I will remember that night for the rest of my life.

#feet   #toes   #rimjob  

The day I learned I was a lesbian was the same day I masturbated for the first time.

I got a smart phone for my 12th birthday. About two weeks later, in the middle of the night, I am unable to sleep. So I grab my new phone. I had looked up pictures of girls before, but never naked girls. I image searched naked girls and was astounded. After five minutes of scrolling, I realized I had been subconsciously rubbing my lady parts through my PJ bottoms. I took my pants and undies off and rubbed my pussy as gently as possible. It wasn't until half an hour later that I had started to lose control and pushed my finger inside myself. I had never realized touching my privates would feel so good. I kept at it, looking at dozens of beautiful nude girls until I reached my first orgasm. I kind of yelped when I climaxed, and I couldn't back to sleep for a whole hour because I was worried my parents might have heard.

I'm 16 now with a wonderful girlfriend. I want to masturbate with her someday.

#lesbian   #porn   #orgasm  

I willingly and eagerly gave away my virginity at 17.  I wanted it.  I was ready.     

It was after a dance.  We went to a nice hotel.  My dress was off as soon as the door closed.  We kissed and cuddled in underwear and then I got naked and lay on top of him wet kissing him.  Finally I lay on my back.  He got naked and we did it.  We went at it for quite a while.  It was really good.  He knew what he was doing. It was a great first time.

#sex   #virginity   #17   #premarital  

My husband leaves me unsatisfied. I am faithful, but I need more than he gives. So what to do? Most times after sex, he rolls over and I adventure to a spare room to finish what he starts. Curiosity and google put me on your site tonight. I am reading your stories to where I am so wet and so ready for the big O. Keep writing!

#masturbation   #unsatisfied   #horny   #more   #lust   #imagination   #wet   #curiousity  

This goes back 30 years. I went to New York City in Manhattan for business. I was stressed and tired and a little buzzed and drunk. I went to an oriental massage parlor that was located in one of the lesser hotels that populated Times Square at that time. There was a cute Japanese girl giving me a massage, I was totally naked. She started rubbing my balls and cock and I got hard. She asked if I wanted a happy ending and I said yes, and gave her the required $20 extra. Then I asked her to get naked and gave her $40 more. She did it. I was fondling this skinny Japanese girl with horizontal pussy hair, and for being so thin, she had at least D cup tits with dark nipples. I tried to stick my finger in her pussy and she backed up very quickly. We started talking more, I offered her $ 150 if I could fuck her. She said no and eventually said she was a virgin. I questioned her because she was jacking guys off for a living. But she insisted. I told her I'd give her $ 100 to look at her hymen. To this day it's the only hymen I've ever seen. Then she wanted to go back to my happy ending. While she was jacking me we talked a lot, I was trying to convince her to go out with me. Finally I had a date for the next evening, and for $1000 right then I fucked her virgin cunt. To this day I have the white panties I used to wipe her blood and some of my cum off her pussy and ass cheeks. We went on the date and I fucked her again for free. Each time I came in her super tight pussy. That date night before we went out I got her to suck me off, then went on the date and could spend plenty of time when it came to her pussy fucking.
I went back 6 months later and went to get a massage. She was working the counter instead of the back. She stood up and was pregnant. I told her I guessed she'd let other clients do it to her for money. She said no, she'd only had sex twice between her legs, and once in her mouth.
I made her book me with a really young girl, fucked that girl and let her know about it before I left.
Never saw her again.

#virgin   #oral   #sex   #prostitution   #massage  

My friends slumber party was with no place to sleep. I ended up in her father's bed. We had sex. Now everytime I visit, i want a repeat, but it is not possible.

#impossible   #again   #sex  

I married a beautiful much younger woman, and created a will, leaving everything to her, should I have a heart-attack, but not if the cause of death is anything different. I have an agreement with her that she can do ANYTHING she wants, other than drugs, to precipitate the heart attack, without fear of reprisal. I have given her waivers and signed statements exonerating her in the event of a catastrophe based on my obsession with total enclosure bondage, sensory deprivation, and erotic asphyxia.. If she can use these tools to inherit, well, I've always been a bit of a gambler, adrenaline junkie, risk-taker, and I'm betting that my very strong heart can stand about anything she can come up with. Meantime she lives in luxury anyway, and can have boyfriends, and pretty-much total freedom. I'm counting on her greed to motivate her into hurrying things along! And her efforts are so much fun!

#greed   #impatience   #married  

I had my first hookup last Friday night. I usually party with my friends every Friday or Saturday night. It's our only outlet for the stressful work week. First time I got completely drunk, off myself and went home with someone. I feel completely horrible about right after.


I met this Korean woman who was in her early 30's. Good looking, tight body, great legs and ass, and huge tits. She was very chatty, and eventually after becoming a bit of a regular asked me to come back at closing time. I came back and helped her close up and as we were turning the lights off she opened her blouse and kissed me. I grabbed those huge tits over her bra kissing her as I worked my hand under it to push the bra up over her tits. DD size tits that were very firm, with very little sagging and the most perfect dark brown areolae and nipples. Her areolae were about an inch and a half wide, with big meaty nipples that were a full half inch thick, and stood out without arousal about 1/2 inch at least. I kissed her nipples and sucked on them and they grew to 1 full inch in length. She unzipped me and pulled out my cock and I bit her nipples and hiked up her skirt to reveal no panties.
"I took them off about two hours ago" she said in that lovely accent.
She had the sideways growing pussy hair that a lot of oriental girls have and the most perfect beautiful pussy lips and ass I'd ever seen. She wanted to go to her place which was only a few blocks away. First I had to stop at my office next door and finish a few things. She went with me and in the elevator I told her to take off her blouse and bra. She didn't wince, didn't make a face or sound, she just did it. She started to put the blouse back on and button it up, I told her to leave it open. No one was in the building as it was very late. When the doors opened we walked into the hall and I pulled her skirt up. Getting into my office I did what I had to do one handed as I had one hand on her ass the whole time, and most of the time had one of those nipples in my mouth. I told her to lie down on my assistants desk and finger fuck herself while I put some papers away. Her moans were loud and deep. I mentioned that I'd love to fuck that ass and she said she'd never done it but had guys put their fingers in her butt and it hurt.
Back at her place totally naked, we showered, I had her open the blinds so people in the facing building could see her naked and getting fucked. I licked that sweet oriental pussy while making her tell me about her first time getting fucked. She was 17 and with a guy she liked and one of his friends on a camping trip next to a river. She wore a yellow bikini and the boy she liked came into the water and pulled aside her bottom and stuck his cock into her virgin slit, then moved her top so he could suck her tits while he fucked her in the water. After he was done they went on the shore and his friend took his turn. She got fucked the whole 4 days and nights by two guys. As I made my way up her body mashing her huge tits, I inserted my cock and started fucking her. I really didn't care about her I just wanted to fuck this pussy and cum in her. She came herself in less than 5 minutes and came twice more again before I shot my load. She said she normally only cums once with a guy if at all, but I believed her anyway.
I started fucking this little slut and got her to agree that she would do anything for me. I made her tell me the last time before me she'd gotten fucked. It was only two weeks, so I wrote SLUT across her tight belly, and FUN BAGS on her tits. I made her tell me the names of the guys who fucked her the first time and when it was, and wrote in inkpen their names and the date along with "virgin no more" above her cunt hair. She would indeed do anything. My wife wouldn't do things I wanted, no cumming in her mouth - I made the Korean slut do it anytime, anywhere, even once in the backseat while a female friend watched and drove around. Then we all went to dinner and on the way back to my sluts apartment, make her pull off her panties in the front seat next to her friend, and lift her dress up so I could play with her pussy. Then when we all went back to the apartment, the friend came up for coffee and I make my Korean whore get totally naked in front of us both.
My wife wouldn't swing with me, so I now had a swing partner. She sucked pussy, sucked cock (or both for other couples) and I had this neighborhood kid who was a virgin, and I let him lose his virginity in her cunt. I organized a gangbang for her. It was over 2 full days and nights, she'd gotten over 20 cocks multiple times, she was so sore her pussy was bruised. I'd been pushing to fuck her asshole for a long time and her girlfriend (the one who I humiliated her in front of) told her it wasn't that bad, she should try it. So with the last 6 or 8 guys from the gangbang there and her sore, bruised pussy I rolled her over and lubed her asshole up with sperm from her used up cunt, and let the guys watch me take her butt virginity. She grunted and groaned in a little pain, then the whore actually started bucking back at me begging me for it. They guys laughed like crazy at how much of a whore this slut was.
After about a year of having a total whore/slut at my service I grew tired of her. I gave her to a policeman that used to come into the bar a lot after duty. He loved fucking her, and I let them go at it. We met about 3 years after, she was tending bar at a different place, and she called for someone to come out and take her place. I took her to that same apartment, without lube, without kissing, and bent her over the back of her couch, pulled up her short skirt and ripped off her panties and fucked her ass again.
That was the last time I saw her. I hear she was fucking so many guys after I left her, she had turned total whore. She eventually got a gambling addiction, and found some skinny, ugly guy to marry her and pay her debt.

#korean   #oriental   #whore   #slut   #mf   #mmmmf   #gangbang  

i am not a writer so hang in there .. i 22yo from canada ..i have always thought about guys but never did anything about it i got off work i headed to the beer store pick up a 6 pack a very cute guy was talking to me ask me if i wanted to smoke a joint with him ... i said sure why not .. he got in my car we went to his place he was flirting with me . saying things like here you go sweetie toke on that .. i just flirted right back thanks baby .. we drank some beers . he finely said sweetie i have never done this before . what would you do if i kissed you . my heart doped . i said try and find out ... we kissed the sweetest kiss .. we made out i could feel his hard cock on my leg .. i reached my hand down and rubbed his cock .. oohh baby you got me hard . i said what should we do about that .. anything you want hun..
i led to the bed room i got on my knees i pulled down his shorts .. it sprang out it was right there .. this is it i thought going to finally suck and i did until he cum in my mouth i just licked and loved ever sec of it .. he got on the bed he gave me the best bj ... later when he got hard again i told him i want him inside me i went into a doggie and wow did it feel great .. he said thank you princesses i said i will be your princess anytime..... we are still together to this day he like to buy me sexy lingerie he likes it when i where it for him .. i just love getting bent over in a pretty nightie
true love at first site and i will be his princess forever

#gay   #love  

Back in school, my mom made me sandwiches which I could eat during break time. The problem was that they were so disgusting! I had to throw them away every time and buy me something to eat...
I haven't talk about it with my mom because I don't want her to be upset.

#school   #sandwiched   #break   #time   #problem   #mom   #lie  

When I was 17 my cousin caught me sniffing her used pantyhose in her room. She said that she wouldn't tell if I would do whatever she said. Not wanting to get in trouble, I said that I would. She told me to put her pantyhose on and bend over on her bed and spread my legs. I have to admit I was excited that she wanted me to put them on so I did right away got on the bed and spread my legs. She came over to me and put her nose right in my ass and inhaled smelling her filth and my sweaty ass. I could feel her tongue in my crack. She then stood up and ripped them open and rammed her tongue into my ass and rimmed it. I was moaning as she did as well. I really liked it when she rimmed my ass it felt amazing and she said it tasted amazing. She got fully naked and grabbed my cock as she rimmed me. I came all over her bed and she licked it up with her tongue.

#fetish   #rimming   #pantyhose  

I used the computer of my brother and accidentally deleted all of his movies (no porn!), music, images and photos. He doesn't know I used it because he's at work right now but when he comes home and he finds out about he, he's going to kill me! I turned the computer off and fled from the crime scene.
If he asks me, I was in my room all day. Pssst!

#computer   #brother   #movies   #music   #images   #deleted   #confession  

This is pure stupidity, back when I was a teenager 13-14 I had a weird thought, that one day a Jinn (fairy) will come to me and I will ask him to give me somehow the ultimate intelligence, I tried many times to imagine what could I do with it . I was obsessed with that idea for a year and a half till the day someone slapped me and woke me up from that stupid thought.

#teenage   #thoughts  

I know it's a good cause, and the there is a lot of actions that we as a white community did in the past and still do in this day and age that makes us need to atone for a lot, but for some reason I'm starting to feel some hatred towards people of others races, because of all this riots and times in which I am attacked by being a white guy, just because I can't have a saying. I know it's pitiful, I know it's a bigger problem on their side, but for some reason, because of what is happening, I'm starting to hate and become a racist myself, and I don't like that thought.
I feel that I'm letting anger take control of me.

#racism   #riots   #imracisttrash  

I confess to wasting my time getting caught up at this site. I read so many stories I can relate to. I want to comment but it is for members only. I get tense and want sexual gratification, I have to strip and rub myself to an orgasm. It can be more fulfilling than my husband; and almost always is. The adventures, if he only knew, would trouble him. And a few he would probably enjoy. GGB, and ... .

#ggb   #gratification   #nocomments   #imagination   #horny   #wet   #masturbation   #anothergirl   #2menatonce   #lesbian  

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