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Exgirlfriend Confessions

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My college girlfriend and I had broken up. She wanted to get married and I was not ready. She met another guy and they set their date. He went golfing for a week with his buddies in South Carolina for his bachelor party. She was upset that he left her for that long.She gave me a call to see their new house. I went over and we fucked all night. We broke their bed. Our last fuck together.

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Im a 21 yr old male in a relationship. I love my girlfriend. But i sometimes fantasize about my ex while my current girlfriend and i have sex. She was beautiful and i cant get over her.

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When my ex girlfriend got a new boyfriend, the thought of them together realy turned me on.
I wished I could have seen her suck him off and orgasm on his cock.
I ended up being friends with both of them and did some stuff but never got her all the way there.

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I got a recommendation from Instagram to follow my ex gfs new profile and because I don't care about my mental health I stalked her whole profile and became severely depressed thinking about how much I miss her and still love her. I had a breakdown, cut myself, and cried on the phone to my friend. I'm worried I may never move on from her because I truly feel like she was the only love of my life.

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