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Decision Confessions

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Still not sure what the best course of action is. I am kind of lost and I do not know anything.

#lost   #lonely   #decision   #hard   #bad   #desperate  

So excited my boyfriend proposed. What 18 yo girl could say no? A few months later I knew I could not live with him. I made a mistake and needed out of this dud of a boy. I tried to talked to so many but I was told how wrong it would be to not follow through. I ended up finding someone with empathy, his dad. His father was also engaged so maybe it made the talks more relaxed. Somehow the two of us ended up in a secret relationship. Now we are in love looking for a way to move on without our deadbeat wanna be mates. Nothing to confess, just wanted let be known I should not feel guilty for improving my relationship. I could use advice on how to break the news.

#love   #relations   #guilt   #baddecision   #pregnant   #sex   #father   #fiance   #advice  

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