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Laziness Confessions

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I am so sorry for I have sinned.
There are 4 different types of plants on my window sill and I did not water them enough. They are all totally dried up now and I feel so guilty. Friends of mine addressed it a few days ago and since then I feel like a murderer. I saw that they needed water, but I did not give it to them. But I am also too lazy now to throw them away.

#laziness   #plants   #friends   #deadnow   #confession  

Ok I know this is terrible but, I admit it.
when I make cereal...

....I pour the milk and then add Cereal.🤦🏾‍♀️
and on top of that I put the finished milk back in the fridge. please forgive me.

#laziness   #milk   #cereal   #embarrassing   #fridge  

For days now, I sit in front of my notebook because I am too lazy to do something else. I even slept in front of my computer the other night, only because I didn't want to walk to my desk the next day.

#laziness   #lazy   #notebook   #computer  

For his birthday, I gave my boyfriend a poem I wrote two years ago. This poem wass supposed to be for my ex boyfriend.

#laziness   #birthday   #confession   #poem   #boyfriend   #secret  

I have very long hair but I am just too lazy to wash them.

#laziness   #hair   #long   #wash  

I confess I haven't brushed my teeth in 2 weeks.

#teeth   #brush   #laziness   #confession  

I'm unemployed and because I am lazy I cancelled college. Now I live at home again, my parents pay for me and I just spend their money on useless stuff or booze. I party almost every weekend, I get drunk and pay drinks for the ladies.
I beg for money and lend money from my friends. But I don't think about giving it back, occasionally they'll forget.
Well the biggest problem is not the begging and the laziness, it's simply that I can't care for myself... that bothers me.

#laziness   #unemployed   #money   #parents   #begging   #lending   #friends   #egoist  

A few weeks ago I had to go shopping and stuff. In front of one of the shops was a wheelchair ramp and a guy who tried to wheel up the ramp (in a wheelchair of course). I stood behind him and waited until he was up the ramp. I noticed that he had troubles getting up that ramp but I didn't help him. I had no intension to do so. I just watched him.
An old lady came by and watched the scence as well and decided to help him.
I won't, ever, forget the look on her face. She looked at me with such a disgusted and mean glare.

I have to confess that I didn't want to help the guy because I was just too lazy.

#help   #lady   #disgusted   #laziness  

I skip school a lot, just laziness.

#school   #lazy   #laziness   #confession  

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