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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #engineering

We may simply not be wise enough to do some of the kinds of engineering things that people are talking about doing.

Leon Kass

#doing #engineering #enough #kinds #may

I was in school studying civil engineering. A guy approached me on the street and said that I had a interesting look-very exotic. He told me I should try to be in the industry.

Thuy Trang

#civil #engineering #exotic #guy #had

Some of modern engineering is necessary to good art. But I think of myself is a cultural artist.

Larry Wall

#artist #cultural #engineering #good #good art

I worked with such concentration and focus and I had hundreds of obscure engineering or programming things in my head. I was just real exceptional in that way.

Steve Wozniak

#engineering #exceptional #focus #had #head

There was no room for dust devils in the laws of physics, as least in the rigid form in which they were usually taught. There is a kind of unspoken collusion going on in mainstream science education: you get your competent but bored, insecure and hence stodgy teacher talking to an audience divided between engineering students, who are going to be responsible for making bridges that won’t fall down or airplanes that won’t suddenly plunge vertically into the ground at six hundred miles an hour, and who by definition get sweaty palms and vindictive attitudes when their teacher suddenly veers off track and begins raving about wild and completely nonintuitive phenomena; and physics students, who derive much of their self-esteem from knowing that they are smarter and morally purer than the engineering students, and who by definition don’t want to hear about anything that makes no fucking sense. This collusion results in the professor saying: (something along the lines of) dust is heavier than air, therefore it falls until it hits the ground. That’s all there is to know about dust. The engineers love it because they like their issues dead and crucified like butterflies under glass. The physicists love it because they want to think they understand everything. No one asks difficult questions. And outside the windows, the dust devils continue to gambol across the campus.

Neal Stephenson

#engineering #physics #school #attitude

Electrol Specialties Company (ESC) is a small private diversified company having five different but related business groups within the company, they are: 1. Hygienic Equipment Group providing design and build services to Biotech, Pharma and food industries for custom equipment often to address automated cleaning of production equipment. In some cases ESC would design and build some of the production equipment as well. Some equipment requires software and programming which ESC provides as well. Final testing to equipment is done at ESC, referred to as a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). 2. Custom Spray Devices Group designs and builds custom spray devices used in the cleaning of equipment; these are almost exclusively used by Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries. 3. Process Consulting Group provides process design for facilities to effectively integrate cleaning into the production process to assure effective results that will meet government regulations and industry standards. 4. Electrical Assembly Group provides build to print electrical and electronic assembly primarily directed to the aviation industry for test stands and ground support equipment. 5. Water Jet Cutting Services. Our Cutting Edge Waterjet Group sells the service of cutting two dimensional shapes using high pressure water. The group services the internal needs as well as a significant outside customer base covering many industries from aerospace to defense. It has one of the largest cutting tables in the Midwest and has customers across the nation. It has its own website. ESC started this business 14 years ago.

John Franks

#cip-skids #cop-skids #filtration-skids #mixing-skids #pasteurizing-skids

Dr. Blockhead's mocking face was solemn for once. 'Modern science is wiping out deviant strains of the human form,' he said. 'In the twenty-first century, genetic engineering will do more than merely eliminate Siamese twins and alligator-skinned people. It will make it hard to find a person with even a slight overbite or a large nose. I can see that future and it makes me shudder. The future looks like- him' Dr. Blockhead pointed at Mulder. 'Imagine going through your whole life looking like that,' said Dr. Blockhead. Mulder shrugged. 'It's a tough job- but someone has to do it.

Les Martin

#genetic-engineering #mulder #scully #x-files #imagination

It is impossible to work in information technology without also engaging in social engineering.

Jaron Lanier

#engaging #engineering #impossible #information #information technology

In fact when you combine stem cell technology with the technology known as tissue engineering you can actually grow up entire organs, so as you suggest that sometime in the future you get in an auto accident and lose your kidney, we'd simply take a few skin cells and grow you up a new kidney. In fact this has already been done.

Robert Lanza

#actually #already #auto #been #cell

Scientists at MIT and engineering schools all across America say that they could improve the fuel economy standards for the existing set of vehicles by 10 miles per gallon using existing technology, without compromising safety or comfort at all.

Ed Markey

#america #comfort #compromising #could #economy

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