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Inside plum trees stood in a row, flowers lifted their pale throats to the moon and stars, a magnolia held its tight-closed buds like white candles in its green hands.

Marisa de los Santos

#personification #similes #simile

I can run a thousand miles and wait a million years for you if you love me.

M.F. Moonzajer

#millions #thousand-miles #love

Apologizing to me again, thought Miles miserably. For me. He keeps telling me I'm all right—and then apologizing. Inconsistent, Father.He shuffled back and forth across the room again, and his pain burst into speech. He flung his words against the deaf door, "I'll make you take back that apology! I am all right, damn it! I'll make you see it. I'll stuff you so full of pride in me there'll be no room left for your precious guilt! I swear by my word as Vorkosigan. I swear it, Father," his voice fell to a whisper, "Grandfather. Somehow, I don't know how . . .

Lois McMaster Bujold

#inspirational #miles #the-warrior-s-apperentice #vorkosigan #inspirational

The sun rose like a stripper, keeping its glory well covered by cloud till it seemed there'd be no show at all.

Clive Barker

#lulz #similes #humor

A true Vor, Miles told himself severely, does not bury his face in his liegewoman's breasts and cry--even if he is at a convenient height for it.

Lois McMaster Bujold

#miles #vorkosigan #humor

You were never born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Don't think that way. You were born with a diamond spoon in your palm. Carry it by your own hand. Now, feed yourself

Israelmore Ayivor

#best #carry #diamond #diamond-spoon #efforts

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