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spoof email

How to send fake email messages

What should I pay attention to when faking email sender address?

How does it work?

With our Spoof Email App you can set all email settings by your own. That includes to set any fake sender you want. Prank your friends and change the email sender address. They'll never know it was you!

Please be sure to

  1. Only use real existing domains as fake senders.
  2. Please check if you have entered a real existing recipient address


  1. Try to use another route we provide here.
  2. Disable HTML for your fake email.
  3. Use another fake sender

Is it safe to use?

All your spoofed emails and information will be sent encrypted over the secure HTTPS (SSL, Secure Sockets Layer) protocol.

Receive spoof emails

Unfortunately, you can only receive the answer from a fake email when you are the owner of it. However, you may want to take a look at out Trash Mobile tool.

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