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We'd sit with a big bowl of popcorn, wrapped together in a queen-size blanket, and would escape to a place where magic was ours for the taking, where men rescued the people they loved instead of abandoning them. A place where, no matter how bad things looked at that moment, there would always be a happy ending.

Jodi Picoult


MacKensie, much as men don't like to share this fact, we rarely die from not getting off.

Cherise Sinclair

#erotica #the-dom-s-dungeon #men

C'était et je voudrais ne pas m'en souvenir c'était au déclin de la beauté...

Guillaume Apollinaire


Neither Goyl nor men lived long enough to understand that yesterday was born of tomorrow, just as tomorrow was born of yesterday.

Cornelia Funke

#reckless #men

He was prepared to die for it, as one of Baudelaire's dandies might have been prepared to kill himself in order to preserve himself in the condition of a work of art, for he wanted to make this experience a masterpiece of experience which absolutely transcended the everyday. And this would annihilate the effects of the cruel drug, boredom, to which he was addicted although, perhaps, the element of boredom which is implicit in an affair so isolated from the real world was its principle appeal for him.

Angela Carter

#baudelaire #boredom #love #art

No, I'm happy doing this. Five sweaters and a pair of dirty pants, you can make pretty good money.

McLean Stevenson

#doing #five #good #happy #i

Did you see my ninja move?That was fast, right?" "You are not a ninja, Shane." "I've watched all the movies. I just haven't gotten the certificate from the correspondence course yet.

Rachel Caine

#shane-and-claire #movies

I wanted to tell her not to entertain despair like this. Despaire wasn't a guest, you didn't play its favorite music, find it a comfortable chair. Despair was the enemy." -white oleander

Janet Fitch

#claire #despair #music

Hembry," he said, not lifting his gaze from Juliana's. "We will retire to the music room. Lady Juliana wishes to play with me." She laughed at his outrageous statement as the butler disappeared to light the lamps in the music room. "Play for you, you rouge. Music. Nothing else." "Hmmm...," he enigmatically replied. Sinclair allowed her to put her own interpretation on his intentions as they entered the house.

Alexandra Hawkins

#lords-of-vice #sinclair #music

Bosch had never liked Las Vegas, though he came often on cases. It shared a kinship with Los Angeles; both were places desperate people ran to. Often, when they ran from Los Angeles, they came here. It was the only place left.

Michael Connelly

#desperation #escape #las-vegas #los-angeles #nevada

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