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Afterward, Isabel drove me home and I shut myself in the study with Rilke, and I read and I wanted. And leaving you (there arent words to untangle it) Your life, fearful and immense and blossoming, So that, sometimes frustrated, and sometimes understanding Your life is sometimes a stone in you, and then, a star I was beginning to undertand poetry.

Maggie Stiefvater

#rilke #sam-roth #life

Creativity is contagious. And so is banality. Criticism is an art in itself. Don’t let the dullness around destroy the creativity within. T.S. Eliot said, “honest criticism and sensitive appreciation is directed not upon the poet but upon the poetry.” Good to remember…

Elif Shafak

#creativity #art

I would definitely say the Oakland Raiders are the punk rock band of football.

Billie Joe Armstrong

#definitely #football #i #oakland #punk

What I knew for sure was that he had a quick temper, a cocky attitude, and a southern accent... Apparently he also has a pet cougar.

Stacy Mantle

#heroes #humor #urban-fantasy #attitude

Love me or hate me I promise that it will never make or break me...<3

Tyra Banks

#break #hate #inspirational #love #make

To gain your heart's desire you have to lose some part of your old life, your old self. To do that you have to have courage; without it, you can't make the leap. And if you don't make the leap you have only three choices: You can hate yourself for not taking the chance, you can hate the person from whom you've sacrificed your happiness, or you can hate the one who offered you happiness, and blame them for your lack of courage, convince yourself it wasn't real.

Laurell K. Hamilton

#hit-list #laurell-hamilton #laurell-k-hamilton #life-lesson #urban-fantasy

Nerd love. It's a beautiful thing, while also being an object of mockery and hilarity for those of us who are more sophisticated.

Cassandra Clare


Beautiful people don't need coats. They've got their auras to keep them warm.

Jennifer Donnelly

#jennifer-donnelly #revolution #urban #beauty

Yes, but I view Frank's music as fully composed. In other words, the arrangements can work for any idiom such as a rock band or an orchestra. Frank was a brilliant arranger and could make his music work in any context. He proved that tour after tour and album after album.

Dweezil Zappa

#album #any #arrangements #arranger #band

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