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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #christianity

The world is equally shocked at hearing Christianity criticized and seeing it practiced.

D. Elton Trueblood

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That's the big difference between Christianity and other religions. The difference between Works and Grace or Do and Done.

Rick Warren

#big #big difference #christianity #difference #done

When I speak in Christian terms or Buddhist terms I'm simply selecting for the moment a dialect. Christian words for me represent the comforting vocabulary of the place I came from hometown voices saying more than the language itself can convey about how welcome and safe I am what the expectations are and where to find food. Buddhist words come from another dialect from the people over the mountain. I've become pretty fluent in Buddhist it helps me to see my home country differently but it will never be speech I can feel completely at home in.

Mary Rose O'Reilley

#christianity #language #food

One important aspect of justice, Jose Miranda reminds us, involves the restoration of what has been stolen. Giving food to the hungry or clothing to the naked is not a charitable handout but an exercise in simple justice - restoring to the poor what is rightfully theirs, what has been taken from them unjustly.

Robert McAfee Brown

#christianity #inspirational #justice #food

Life is an adventure in forgiveness

Norman Cousins

#forgiveness #forgiveness

Is it not the great end of religion, and, in particular, the glory of Christianity, to extinguish the malignant passions; to curb the violence, to control the appetites, and to smooth the asperities of man; to make us compassionate and kind, and forgiving one to another; to make us good husbands, good fathers, good friends; and to render us active and useful in the discharge of the relative social and civil duties?

William Wilberforce

#relationships #forgiveness

The question of why evil exists is not a theological question, for it assumes that it is possible to go behind the existence forced upon us as sinners. If we could answer it then we would not be sinners. We could make something else responsible...The theological question does not arise about the origin of evil but about the real overcoming of evil on the Cross; it ask for the forgiveness of guilt, for the reconciliation of the fallen world

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

#creation #temptation #forgiveness

Judgement is the forbidden objectivization of the other person which destroys single-minded love. I am not forbidden to have my own thoughts about the other person, to realize his shortcomings, but only to the extent that it offers to me an occasion for forgiveness and unconditional love, as Jesus proves to me.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

#discipleship #sermon-on-the-mount #forgiveness

Christianity is part of the common law.

James Wilson

#common #common law #law #part

Among the many reasons assignable for the sad decay of true Christianity, perhaps the neglecting to assemble ourselves together, in religious societies, may not be one of the least.

George Whitefield

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