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Will has always been the brighter burning star, the one to catch attention — but Jem is a steady flame, unwavering and honest. He could make you happy.

Cassandra Clare

#jem-carstairs #will-herondale #happy

A sort of good-bye without saying good-bye," he said. "It is a reference to a passage in the Bible. 'And Mizpah, for he said, the Lord watch between me and thee when we are absent one from another.

Cassandra Clare

#clockwork-angel #infernal-devices #jem-carstairs #mizpah #bible

And Jessamine-Jessamine was gazing at her in abject horror, like someone who has seen a vision of their own ghost. For a moment Tessa felt a stab of guilt. It lasted only a moment, though. Slowly Jessamine lowered her hand from her mouth, her face still very pale. "Goodness, my nose is enormous," she exclaimed. "Why didn't anyone tell me?

Cassandra Clare

#clockwork-angel #jessamine #vision

Blue does not go with everything," Will told her. "It does not go with red, for instance." "I have a red and blue striped waistcoat," Henry interjected, reaching for the peas. "And if that isn't proof that those two colors should never be seen together under Heaven, I don't know what is.

Cassandra Clare


Tessa touched his wrist lightly with her hand. "Be brave," she said. "It's not a duck, is it?

Cassandra Clare

#bravery #clockwork-princess #ducks #tessa-gray #william-herondale

I shall see you on Blackfriars Bridge, Tessa.

Cassandra Clare

#jem-carstairs #tessa-gray #tessa-gray

Come back to me, Tessa. Henry said that perhaps, since you had touched the soul of an angel, that you dream of Heaven now, of fields of angels and flowers of fire. Perhaps you are happy in those dreams. But I ask this out of pure selfishness. Come back to me. For I cannot bear to lose all my heart.

Cassandra Clare

#clockwork-princess #heaven #page- #dreams

I think there is hope for you yet, Will Herondale. I will try to learn how to have it, without you to show me. Tessa, Jem said. She knows despair, and hope as well. you can teach each other. Find her, Will, and tell her that I loved her always. My blessings, for all that it is worth, is on you both.

Cassandra Clare

#clockwork-princess #jem-carstairs #page- #love

Always when Will did something to protect Tessa, Jem thought it was for his sake, not for Will's. Always Will wished Jem could be entirely right. Each needle prick had it own name. Guilt. Shame. Love.

Cassandra Clare

#page- #love

One can love two children. But your heart can be given romantic love to only a single other, said Woolsey.

Cassandra Clare

#clockwork-princess #page- #love

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